Storage Beds: Types and Benefits

storage beds

What Type of Storage Bed You Should Buy for Your Bedroom?

storage beds

New furniture designs are simply remarkable. You not only get furniture that looks stylish but also comes with features to resolve all the space availability issues. One of the biggest confusion customers face nowadays is whether they should buy a normal bed or bed with storage. Although limited space is not an issue for every customer, people still take a look at storage beds to reveal their feature and benefits.

A huge range of storage beds is available in the market today. There are so many great options and you simply cannot ignore this type of bed when planning to set new furniture in your bedroom. The main benefit of storage beds is their ability to improve the space in your bedroom. Perhaps, it is not the only benefit.

  • You don’t need additional space for storing cushions and bed sheets:

People usually keep additional bed sheets and cushions in their closet or cupboard to use when replacing the old ones. That space can be saved when you have a storage bed. Storage beds offer a large space to store such things and you can also put additional things such as seasonal clothes and other things.

  • No need to buy additional wardrobe:

Wardrobes and cupboards can cost an expensive amount of money. The cost of such furniture is getting expensive and you can save that money if you buy a storage bed. As mentioned earlier, a storage bed can easily reduce additional wardrobe demands and provide ample amount of space for storage.

  • Better utilization of available space:

Storage beds help you in keeping your bedrooms clean and clutter free. You will not need wardrobe and additional storage. Thus, there will be enough free space to add new decorative elements in the bedroom.

Popular types of storage beds:

Four types of storage beds are widely chosen by the customers across the globe, which are as follows:

  • Ottoman beds:

The ottoman bed is equipped with gas-lift hydraulics. That hydraulics mechanism is used to lift the base up to reveal storage space underneath the mattress. If you compare ottoman beds with normal storage beds with drawers and other features, you will find more space and easy opening feature. These features make ottoman beds perfect for people, who want larger free space for storing all kinds of things. Ottoman beds should be your first choice if you have limited space in your bedroom.

  • Divan beds:

Divan beds are more stylish than ottoman beds. The manufacturers use highly durable wood to prepare the bed frame and then cover it with fabric. Hence divan beds weigh a lot, you can find some divan beds with casters to make them more movable. There will be drawers and headboard for storage in a divan bed. Look for premium quality divan beds if you seek comfortable mattress. You will not be lifting the mattress time-and-again to access the storage and that particular feature makes this type of bed an ideal choice.

  • Bed with drawers:

A storage bed with drawers features many different designs. It is not a type of bed, but still it drawer equipped beds got popular among the bachelors, families, and people who seek extra space in their bedrooms. Beds with drawers can feature drawers on the both sides of the bed frame. Thus, you get multiple drawers for storing clothes, footwear, bed sheets, documents, and many other things. Essentially, it becomes your personal storage with a lot of space for different things you use in your daily life.

  • Bed with storage headboards:

Furniture designers think very creatively. They try to create unique bed designs but without compromising with the primary function of the bed. Beds with headboard look very luxurious. You can get the same furniture in which headboards with storage drawers will add more storage space. Thus, you can have drawers underneath the mattress and drawers right behind your head to store things. You can easily find a bed with headboard storage in the market that features sturdy construction and costs a budget-friendly price.

So, pick your favorite type of storage bed now to use the additional space it offers. Increasing storage space is primary USP of the storage beds, but their stylish design and sturdy construction also makes them perfect for families.

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