Best beds frames with storage – How to make up for lesser space in style

Buying the Best Bed Frames with Storage
Bed Frames With Storage: Bed with drawers underneath (right) and lift up storage bed

Storage beds are platform beds that come with inbuilt storage section under the mattress. This kind of beds is built to provide user with more space for storing important stuff. You can get a lift up storage bed mechanism, a storage bed with doors, drawers, and also with bookcase headboard if you want. The modern furniture designers have introduced some very innovative storage bed designs that not only looks appealing but are also highly useful when you have a small bedroom with no closet.

Best bed frames with storage – How to get the most out of compact beds

Smaller living spaces are increasingly becoming common in cities. Additionally many users are choosing compact and dual purpose furniture to make space for other objects. Bed frames with storage, are making a comeback with more and more home owners finding it to be a great option. Stunning designs blend appeal with interesting functionality in beds. Imagine having to reach out for a headphone that you sparingly use – rather than walk up to a cabinet, you can reach for it on the drawer beneath your bed in a second. You could also use a drawer as a medicine cabinet enjoying ease of access. There are three different types of bed frames with storage, and this review gives you the lowdown about the best models from all three categories.


This is a convenient model, where you access the storage space by lifting the bed and the mattress. This offers you maximum storage space beneath the bed and you can store objects of any size under the bed. As the storage space does not have any compartments, you get the liberty of arranging articles as per your convenience. The lift mechanism is supported, which means that you will not have to put in much effort for lifting or lowering the bed. Depending on the size of the bed and the height from the floor to the foundation, you will have ample space for storage.

DHP “Cambridge” Lift Up Storage Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support

This model with under bed storage offers not only saves space but does not require any effort in lifting and lowering the bed. It comes with a gas supported mechanism which means that your effort is minimal. The dimensions of the bed are 56.5″L x 79.5″W x 42.5″H making it spacious enough despite the compact and space saving nature of the concept. It comes with a neat headboard and footboard. The extra storage space will be of great use in a home where space is limited. One of the best features of this model is the slat which ensures that the life of the mattress is extended with the right kind of support, dispensing with the need for additional foundation.

GREATIME Eastern King Leatherette Storage Bed

This king size bed with Gas-lift storage offers you the advantage of additional storage space in a compact design. You get as much as 7.5″ depth of storage space and the absence of compartments makes it easy for you to place large sized or different sized objects underneath your bed. The access is simple and takes seconds to reach for objects. This combines with the stylish headboard that sports a tufted design. The slats ensure that your mattresses are in good shape for long. This model requires installation and is ideally completed by technicians. The leatherette bed measures 85″(L) x 79″(W) x 40″(H). The high quality upholstery and finish make this appealing and will add more style to your bedroom in addition to the functionality.


Beds with storage drawers offer instant access to the objects stored underneath the bed. You do not have to even get out of bed to pull out the drawers. The advantage of drawers is the ability to segregate and store objects. You can easily access the different types of objects stored in the drawers. The drawers work on smooth moving guides, this means that the movement is steady and without friction. You need not have to wake up your partner to access the items below the bed. You can choose drawers of custom sizes to meet your specific needs. For instance, you can choose a bed with more number of small drawers, or you can choose a bed with lesser number of large drawers.

DHP “Maven” Upholstered Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage

This is a full size bed with slat support that keeps your mattress in ship shape for long. You will experience the comfort of your mattress for long, as the bentwood slat system offers support and ventilation. The exquisite linen upholstery and low profile makes this a visually attractive option. This compact concept offers the advantage of adequate under bed storage in a stunning and trendy design. The dimensions of the storage area underneath the bed are 33”x21.5”x6”, and the easy accessibility of the objects in the storage area makes this convenient. Also available in Twin, and Queen sizes, the Full bed version measures 75”W x 54”D x 11”H in dimensions.

DHP “Rose” Storage Queen Upholstered Bed

This is another one of the models from the stable of DHP, and comes with exquisite grey velvet finish upholstery and button tufted headboard detailing. The standard bentwood slat support system offers ventilation and robust support to the mattress, dispensing with the need for a Bunkie board or a box spring. The four drawers in this model offer adequate storage space and measure 35″L x 23. 5″W x 6. 5″H. This model is easy to assemble and is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. The reviewed Queen size measures 86″L x 64. 5″W x 38″H and supports a maximum weight of 500 lbs, making this suitable for all occupants.

DHP “Dakota” Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

This low profile model comes with an elegant white faux leather finish. The headboard and the foot of the bed has classic button tufted designs. The model comes with four large drawers beneath the bed, offering easy access to stored objects. The large size of the drawers means that you can store large objects in the drawers, and also combine objects of different sizes on the bed. The sturdy frame and the slat support increase the durability of the frame and the mattress. The side railing, made of metals and the metal legs combine to offer full stability and support to the bed and the drawers.

Coaster “Hillary” Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers

This is the ultimate classic design, and the colors combine beautifully with the concept to create a warm and luxurious feel to the bed. This Queen size bed with headboard offers and slats offers six storage drawers beneath the bed. Made of maple wood, with an exotic warm finish, the bed offers complete support to the mattresses, ensuring that you enjoy the comfort and the luxury of the mattress for long. You will also get to enjoy additional storage options on the two headboard drawers to stow important and regular use objects. Measuring 93 x 63 x 56 inches in dimensions, this Queen size bed is the perfect example of convenience and luxury in a single product.

Prepac King Platform Bed with 4 drawers

This four post platform bed offers storage in four large size drawers underneath the bed. The king size bed comes with a slat system that makes this a mattress ready bed, in addition to offering sturdy support and complete ventilation to the mattress. The finish is exotic and extremely detailed in gray laminate. This can e paired with the headboard for additional storage and comfort. The slat is a twin section model, which means that occupants of the king size mattresses will enjoy greater comfort. The large storage space measuring 38” x 5.5” x 23 “ offers you the convenience of stowing away big objects – across length, breath and height dimensions. The overall dimensions of 83 x 79 x 16 inches of the bed offers you comfort in a compact model.

Baxton Studio “Ainge” Contemporary Storage Bed with Drawers

This king size bed with 2 storage drawers comes with a classic button tufted design. The contemporary design of the platform bed, made from hardwood and plyfood frame has slats in it that do away with the need for a separate bunkie bed or box spring. The dark brown color of the wooden legs combines with the light beige color upholstery to give you the ultimate luxurious appeal. Measuring 87.8 x 97.8 x 48.2 inches in dimensions, the Ainge platform bed with headboard featuring a button tufted design is ultra stylish, with two large storage drawers. You can put in a lot of material in the drawers and not have to worry about the size of objects. You can quickly access the objects without having to step off the bed.

Novogratz “Kelly” Bed with Storage

This king size bed is a modern design concept combining dark grey linen upholstery with a classic frame design. Four large drawers underneath the bed offer you ample storage space for objects of varying sizes. This comes with the famous Brentwood slat support, which does away with the need for a separate box spring. The bed has been built with safety and durability in mind – it has center legs and side railings made of metal to offer additional support and stability. The dimensions of the bed – 83.5″L x 78.5″W x 39″H, makes this comfortable enough for a couple. The beautifully designed bed will add a touch of class to your bedrooms.

Coaster Home Furnishings Upholstered Bed

This King size bed comes in a contemporary design and adds great appeal to bedrooms. It is truly stunning and it combines the advantage of superior upholstery design with great convenience. The four drawers beneath the bed allow you to stow objects and retrieve the same without having to get off the comfort of the bed. The size of the drawers makes this ideal to store your linen in it, and free up the space on your cupboards. The overall dimensions of the bed – 87.5″ length x 94.5″ width x 38.75″ height, makes this king size concept, creative as well as fully comfortable.

Sauder Platform Bed With 2 Drawers

This is a twin size bed in a contemporary finish that adds more appeal to the under bed storage model bed. Measuring 76.3 x 41 x 13.4 inches in dimensions, this design is bound to refresh your interiors. The twin storage drawers are large enough to accommodate your bed linen or other objects of various sizes. The cinnamon cherry finish and detailing increase the appeal of this model, apart from the functional convenience of storage space under the bed. The low profile of the bed makes it modern and stylish while the double handles on the drawers give you greater control over the smooth and gliding movement of the drawers.

Memomad “Bali” Storage Platform Bed with Drawers

This design stands out as one of the most eye catching and useful Queen size beds with storage. Made out of solid pine wood, the design is a masterpiece combining wood and synthetic leather. The rounded edges are intended to elevate the safety of occupants, while the storage space is convenient offering multiple options for users – you get six drawers, two compartments, in addition to four shelves and two pullout shelves. There seems to be enough space in this concept for everything. The slatted base also offers storage options beneath, helping you to get the most out of this compact stylish design.


Storage beds for kids are the ultimate utilitarian beds that create an exciting atmosphere in kids bedrooms. The different levels of drawers, the combination of different sizes and the easy access to books make storage beds for kids a great choice. The height of the beds and the combination of the beds with study tables and reading lights can turn any bedroom into a comfy and convenient room with the right kind of furniture. Different types of storage beds for kids include a system of drawers on low beds that make it easy for smaller kids to get on and off the bed.

Prepac Twin Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers

This bed comes with three storage drawers and is of a dimension that accommodates twin sized mattresses. The drawers glide across the metal runners smoothly and are designed to stop at pre-determined locations. The drawers have options that permit you to easily pull the drawers out. The bed has slats that offer you maximum comfort without affecting the cushioning effect of the mattresses. You get three deep drawers of 18” that can be fixed on both sides of the bed. The luxurious finish is safe, manufactured from non-toxic material. It is easy to assemble and comes with a limited warranty for five years. The overall dimensions of the bed are 41″W x 18. 75″H x 76. 5″D. You get six drawers on this model.

South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Twin Storage Platform Bed

This three drawer platform bed offers ample storage space through three 22.5” x 14.25” x 4.5” drawers. The designs are utilitarian and you can put the drawers on both sides of the bed. Made with reinforced bottoms, the drawers are sturdy. Exquisite detailing makes this bed offer a fabulous appeal to your bedrooms. The excellent concept design manufactured from laminated particle panels that are eco friendly. The bed is extremely durable, requires basic assembly and comes with a with 5 year limited warranty. The twin size bed measures 40.5” (W) x 76.5” (D) x 14.75” (H), and the dimensions offer adequate comfort and luxury for occupants.

Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed

This six drawer solid pine daybed has unique features that make it a great choice. You get additional concealed storage at the end of the bed. The headboard offers storage space apart from the six drawers that glide on smooth guides with convenient stops. The quality of the materials are superior and meet certification standards, which make this a reliable and durable bed. The included slat kit means that you need not opt for additional purchase of box springs or Bunkie boards. The slat kit extends the durability of the mattress while offering you ultimate comfort levels. Another interesting feature of this bed is the channels that help you to manage the cables that you may need for the headboard. The concealed cable management option makes this a compact and appealing design.

Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains Bed

This is another six drawer model twin bed made from solid pine wood. The model has concealed storage space in addition to the regular storage area in the drawers and the headboard. The headboard offers adequate storage space, and you will find that the combined storage space is not only convenient but adequate for meeting most needs. The compact and elegantly finished model is the perfect example of style with utility. The construction and materials conform to the highest standards, and meet all certifications. This is a mattress ready bed – in other words you need not hunt for a bunkie board for the mattress. The assembled unit reduces the effort required for setting up at your home and the design also permits you to have the drawers on any side of the bed.

Prepac Tall Sonoma Platform Storage Bed

This is a tall model twin bed that comes with 6 drawers. The exotic finish of the bed makes this appealing, and the drawers are extremely durable, gliding smoothly on metal guides. Each drawer that offers 18” of storage space can be used on either side of the bed. The compact bed comes with slat support, dispensing with the need for a box spring or a Bunkie bed. The slat also extends the life of your mattress in addition to giving you ultimate comfort. The storage space is ideal for stowing away most objects. It comes with a limited warranty for five years and is easy to assemble.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Storage Bed Frame

Buyers want to keep important items out of their sight always choose storage bed frames. This post is going to reveal many important facts and details about this kind of beds. It will help you in making a wise decision if you are planning to buy a new bed for your bedroom.

Types of storage bed frames:

Storage beds have been in use for many years. Although many people use these beds only store pillows, bedding, and other such items, the modern storage bed frames designs are more versatile and useful for storing a variety of things. Check the below listed types of beds to pick the best one for your needs.

Divan beds

A divan bed mainly comprises a divan base along with mattress. The frame of divan bed remains in the same dimensions as the width of the mattress. It is particularly helpful for the users who have limited space for bed in their bedroom and want to maximize the available space.

You can get some great choices in storage when buying a divan bed. You can get it with ottoman storage, drawers, and also with both kinds of storage. Divan beds also come in several different shapes and types. You should check the types of divan beds to make the best choice when buying it.

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Ottoman Lift Up beds

If you are looking for a more stylish design, you should probably consider buying ottoman beds. This type of lift up storage bed frames are designed to be more stylish and impressive with a sturdy frame. It comes with spacious hidden storage. This type of beds with storage is suitable for all kinds of bedrooms. It means you can consider buying it whether you have a large bedroom or a small one.

One feature that makes ottoman beds more unique is that the whole space underneath the bed will be available as secured storage. Some ottoman beds come with gas-lift hydraulics which makes it easier for the user to open the storage section. There will be no additional storage sections like drawers, so it is an important thing to consider while considering ottoman beds.

The gas-lift hydraulics will keep the storage section open until you want and you will have to push the doors when you want to close it. This kind of bed can either open from the mid section of the bed or from the foot-side. You should consider all these features while buying an ottoman bed.

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Bed frames with storage drawers

If you are not going to store large items inside the storage section of your bed, you should consider buying storage bed with drawers in it. You will get a trendy bed frame with an ample amount of storage for storing clothes and other precious items. This kind of beds offers drawers on both sides of the bed. Thus, you can access the storage area from either side of the bed.

Many people do not know that this type of beds was mainly designed to be installed on onboard ships. These are also known as the Captain’s bed because the wooden boxes were installed underneath the mattress. The furniture designers introduced such designs to common people and they happily bought it to get more storage. Here one thing is important to know that drawers can offer a limited space for storing your stuff. So, consider the drawer size before buying the bed.

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Why should you buy bed frame with storage?

The cost of beds with storage totally depends on the material furniture manufacturer has used to prepare it and on its size. These beds can cost more expensive price than normal bed frames. If you want to reveal some more specific reasons for buying a bed frame storage, consider the below explained things.

  • Better use of space underneath the bed:

When you choose a normal bed, it comes with a base and mattress set above it. The space underneath it is not used for any purpose which is quite sad. You can utilize the whole space if you decide to get a bed frame with storage. This space can be utilized for several different purposes. If you get a divan bed, it will offer large space for storing bed sheets, bedding, and other large stuffs that you do not need on a daily basis. You can also use this space for storing documents and other expensive products which you want to keep under your eyes.

Every individual owns things that he does not to store within a common storage. The storage beds with drawer or divans provide the best storage solution for such needs. That’s why you need one.

  • Offer a better way of optimizing small space:

Even though large size beds are available in the market, every individual does not buy it. The space is the main issue because all the bedrooms are not equal in size. It can be quite daunting to find an apartment in a metropolitan area which has large size bedrooms. You will have to pay quite an expensive amount of money as rent if you want to live there.

Many people choose to live in small apartments because of expensive rentals and also because they want to live inside the city. The bed frames with storage offer a better way of optimizing small space. So, if you have got a small bedroom, you can buy a storage bed and the demands for additional closet will be over. You can store everything you need inside the drawers and storage section below the mattress. Read about space-saving hideaway beds.

  • Great for growing kids:

Every home needs to switch beds when the kids turn into teenagers. If you have kids at home and they are growing faster, it is the time for you to replace their beds with storage beds. Beds with storage are great for teenagers. They keep a lot of things in their bedroom. It might be difficult to provide ample storage if there is not much space in your kids’ bedrooms. Equip your kids’ bedroom with a storage bed and they will get enough storage to keep their toys, books, and other things. Read our article about beds For kids.

  • A perfect bed for the guest room in your house:

If you have a guest room in your house or apartment, you should set a storage bed. It will be pretty useful in a guest room because you can use the drawer to store bed sheets, pillows. You can also store a whole mattress if you buy a divan bed. When there will be guests in your home, they can easily access the bed sheets and other things stored inside the storage section of the bed.

Beds with storage do not cost as expensive price as mattresses that comes with spring foundation and expensive mattresses. Your guests will feel comfy and at the same time they will get great space for temporarily storing their stuff.

Many people have already replaced their old beds with storage beds because all the listed reasons. Now it is your turn to do the same because you can get it online. Read our article about guest beds ideas.

Things to consider before buying a bed with storage:

Buying the best bed frame with storage may seem like a daunting task if you it is your first storage bed. Hence it is quite different from simple platform beds, you will have to put more thoughts into buying it. Consider the following things when buying a bed with storage.

  • The size of the bed:

One size does not fit to all when it comes to buying a bed with storage. You should first consider the space available in your bedroom and the space available for fitting a new bed. Consider the right size of the bed according to overall space of the bedroom. It will give you a rough estimation on the size of the bed. There must be enough room left for setting other furniture and equipment you need in your bedroom.

The bed size can be a bit large if you are buying an ottoman style bed, but not when you are planning to buy a bed with drawers underneath it. The drawers will come out from both sides of the bed. So, there must be enough space for you to stand and open the drawers completely. That’s how you can pick the right size storage bed frame for the bedrooms in your home.

  • What are you going to store inside the bed?

People buy beds with storage because they want to keep their bedroom perfectly organized and clutter-free. It is an obvious benefit but the storage beds are designed to weigh a limited amount of weight. You must consider what you want to put inside the storage section before you buy the bed. A normal storage bed frame with medium storage capacity would be great if you want to store lightweight stuff like bedding, bed sheets, cloths, documents, and other things that you do not use quite often.

If your plan is to store something heavy, you should check the weight restriction before buying the bed. Ensure it is built to weigh the amount of weight you are going to put inside it. A furniture retailer who has been selling beds frame with storage for a long time can offer the best guidance regarding storage restrictions. You can contact the retailer online, express your demands and expectations, and get the best solution.

  • How often you are going to open the storage section?

A lot of buyers do not consider this thing and they buy a bed with storage. Later they realize that they have made a wrong choice when it comes to accessing the stored items from the bed. It should feel convenient when you access the storage section. It would be possible only if you know that you are going to need the stored items daily, weekly, or yearly.

Suppose you want to access the stored items daily, you must buy storage beds with drawers. It would be easier to pull out the drawers and pick the daily use things. In fact, you can better organize your daily use items by storing them in a drawer underneath your mattress. It would be easier to access and store.

If you are not going to need the stored items daily, you should prefer buying a bed with ottoman storage. It is not suitable for storing daily use stuff because you first need to remove the mattress and then open the doors of the storage section. Performing this task daily would seem pretty daunting and that’s why you should buy a bed with drawers for storing daily use stuff. The ottoman bed is the best for storing things like bedding, bed sheets, and other items that you rarely need every day.

In addition to the above listed things, you should also consider the material furniture manufacturer has used to build the bed. It should be sturdy and perfectly shaped.

Final thoughts:

Storage beds can be available in different designs and shapes. These two attributes decide their cost. You may also need to pay a bit more for choosing a storage bed frame built from a highly durable material. Take your time and consider everything before you place your order. There are some great options in online furniture stores which you can check now and buy the best bed with storage online.

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