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Deciding On The Best Ottoman Storage Beds – Top Rated Beds & Complete Buying Guide

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While it’s safe to assume that we all know of the standard platform beds, there’s also a large market for ottoman platform beds (and storage sleepers), bringing the sleek design of a standard platform bed, but joining it with the space saving genius of ‘stash aways’, ‘hideaways’ and just general ‘wow factor’ that a storage ottoman has.

Let’s jump right into it! We’ve got three main types of Ottoman platform beds:

  • A mattress that comes out of a small space (IE: Ottoman sofa beds)
  • A full bed that opens from the side, giving you access to all your storage
  • A full bed that opens from the bottom/foot of the bed, giving you full access to your storage

Ottoman sofa beds are great for quick naps, overnight guests, or a small living space.

Ottoman platform beds (whether it opens from the side or the bottom of the bed) great for maximizing all the space you can in your room.

Alright, so now that you know of the fun, practical magic that is the Ottoman platform bed, let’s give you some basics on finding your own bed. What to look for, and how to discern quality built pieces from quantity built pieces. To do that, we really just have to break down what a bed is, what we use it for, and then use general knowledge to understand that we’re going to want

  • a solid foundation that holds the weight of anyone sleeping on the bed.
  • Comfortable construction, giving you an even, level mattress to lay atop.
  • Metal framing for durability.
  • Eased lift-up assembly that makes accessing your storage that much easier.
  • SAFE lift-up assembly, locking into place so the bed stays up when you’re shuffling around your things.
  • Of course, you’re also going to want something that fits your room space, and your style.

Great beds are made with a super solid foundation, ensuring you don’t fall into your storage, crushing it or injuring yourself. This starts with a solid metal frame construction, which also aids in the hydraulics while lifting the mattress. With that, you want to ensure that your mattress sits on a good platform, either lined with many wooden (sturdy) slats to support the bed size, a canvas like fabric stretched and fastened to the frame itself (much like the science behind a good trampoline, for a taught – no sag experience), or even additional metal work that allows the mattress to sit perfectly on top of the frame without large gaps between the metal bars.

Starting with such a base is a great step in the right direction. You’re also going to want to decide whether or not you want head and/or foot boards, as well as the design and function of the four walls that will hold your items. While you can dress up any framing you go with, you want to ensure (just like with the platform portion) that the construction within these four walls has had care and planning. You’ll want durable wood, plywood, or MDF construction (for example). Stay away from stacked or compressed cardboard, as this will ruin with standard wear and tear.

Spring for Gas Lift arms, whenever possible, this will just make your life easier. Gas lift arms on an ottoman bed make the lifting part easier, putting most of the weight on the frame of the bed, and allowing ease of lift with just a hand. For extra security, you’ll also always want to find the standard locking arms for safety from the mattress falling while you’re accessing the storage portion.

Once you have the ‘meat’ of the bed (or the construction of the bed) that you’re looking for, you want to now look at style. Ottoman beds can range from very elegant faux-fabric wrapped pieces, to manly man-cave robust leather pieces, and everything in between. You should have no problems finding versatility in the looks department.

The last thing to do is pick your size, and then set your new bed up! We’ve researched ottoman beds quite a bit in the recent months, and found these top beds that we highly recommend, given they pass our stress tests, and general ‘must haves’ check-boxes for sturdy and durable pieces. If you have one of these particular beds, we’d love to hear your experience!

Top 5 Best Ottoman Beds on the Market

A new bed is not just a purchase for your new bedroom, but an investment. Think about it – you will most likely spend a decade or two on it. While you might change the mattress every eight to 12 years, the actual bed should keep you going for ages. From this point of view, finding the best ottoman beds can be quite challenging. It might be tempting to choose the least expensive option and save some money. After all, how bad can it be? On the other hand, buying the most expensive one will also ensure a higher quality. But do you really need any of these options?

There are certain things you have to consider in the process. For example, think about the bedroom size and your available space. What about the storage? How much do you require? Any other features that could make your life better? At the same time, most experts recommend going with a reputable product. It will not be cheap, but it will not be expensive either. In fact, even the best ottomans beds are just slightly more expensive than traditional beds. Look at the rating too – if thousands of people go with a certain model, there must be something good about it.

You got the point. Now, what are the best rated products in commerce? What makes them so special? And then, what exactly should you look for before making a final decision? Read on for a more elaborate approach.

There are plenty of options out there, yet some of them can certainly stand out in the crowd. They come with great value for money, but they also make a good middle choice in terms of budgeting and available features.

Unmatchable Fabric Double Ottoman Storage Bed Frame

Rated as one of Unmatchable’s best ottomans bed frames, this model is available in three different designs – silver velvet, silver chenille and charcoal chenille. It can also be found in a few other sizes, yet the double one is the top seller. The double bed measures 80.3×59.3×36.6 inches. The height covers the entire bed, including the headboard. You can order the bed with or without an expert assembly. However, having an expert do it for you will imply some extra fees.

The bed frame is made of solid wood and designed to last. It is not too exposed anyway, as the entire frame is covered in fabric – the primary material used in its composition. It is perfectly fitted on the frame and can take some beating without uncovering the wood. The headboard is tall and padded for a more comfortable use. In terms of design, the headboard comes with diamond crystal details for a more luxurious look.

The base comes with a lower foot end for extra convenience, as well as a posture sprung slatted mechanism. Lifting the bed to access full storage is fairly simple, regardless of your fitness level. The mechanism is safe when up, so there are no risks involved when under it. The mattress is not included in the package, so it must be purchased separately.


·         Easy to assemble

·         Luxurious style and appearance

·         Available in multiple designs

·         Well organized storage

·         Great value for money


·         No solid base under the storage, so you cannot store heavy stuff

·         Must be assembled if you want to save money

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Right Deals UK Caspian White Double Ottoman Storage Bed

Right Deals UK’s top rated ottoman bed comes in multiple sizes and three beautiful designs – white, black and brown. Ordering it without a professional installation will save you about 75% of its value and it is actually worth it – the manual of instructions is crystal clear and the operation makes a great DIY project. The double bed is the most common model and measures 80.7×57.8 inches.

The footboard is 11.9 inches in height. If you count the headboard too, the whole unit will be 33 inches in height. The unit is upholstered in faux leather. It is soft and likely to face the test of time. The construction also involves sprung wooden slats, as well as a thoroughly stitched headboard. It can take a classic double mattress, yet you will have to purchase separately.

The storage space is impressive and makes this unit one of the best ottoman storage beds out there. You have twin gas lift pistons and the possibility to have the bed stay up while you do your work – hands free operation. As for the beautiful designs coming from Right Deals UK, the header is just a bit wider than the footboard, which means you should have a more comfortable experience.


·         Comes in beautiful designs

·         Easy to put together

·         Detailed manual of instructions

·         Lots of storage

·         Simple and straightforward operation


·         You might need a second person for the assembly

·         Some people might find it heavy to lift up and access the storage

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Seattle Single Ottoman Bed Side Lift

Available in brown, white and black and a few different sizing standards, this could be one of the best ottoman beds in terms of reliability. Most importantly, you will love the gas lift opening mechanism. The unit has multiple opening methods. For maximum efficiency, the manufacturer recommends fitting it to open from a side – you can always switch to the other side though. Convenience goes even further – once up, it will stay upright by itself due to the fitted system. You will not have to hold it, so you gain full access to the storage area – hands free operation.

The unit is based on solid wood, but it is upholstered in beautiful faux leather. It is soft and perfectly imitates real leather. It is also durable and less likely to peel. It is not glued, but stitched for even more durability. The storage area is the size of the bed. The single model is wide enough to accommodate two people and measures 79.5×41.7 inches. The headboard is 33.4 inches in height, while the storage area is 11.8 inches in depth.

The bed is flat packed and must be assembled. All the fixings required are in the package, as well as a detailed manual of instructions. A woven cloth is also included – it goes on the floor, so you do not store your stuff directly on the floor.


·         Can be set to flip open from any side

·         Comes with a woven cloth

·         Durable and luxurious faux leather

·         Available in more colors and sizes

·         Good value for money


·         Assembling it may require another person

·         Manual of instructions lacks some hints, so use your intuition

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HappyBeds Grey Ottoman Storage Bed

This model from HappyBeds is among the best ottoman beds in terms of construction and build. It is entirely made of solid rubberwood – a tropical variety of wood colored in a light nuance. It is a hardwood, so it is likely to last for ages. Furthermore, it is considered to be environmentally friendly, as it is usually grown on plantations that have already served a proper function. Given the design, it is obviously a bit heavier than other units in this range – just over 187 pounds.

The bed is available in multiple sizes, yet the double version is the best selling one. It measures 53.1×74.8 inches. It comes in a few different colors – white, oak, stone gray and pearl gray. The opening mechanism targets the end of the bed, so make sure you have enough room to lift it up. The opening mechanism is gas assisted. Other than that, the base is sprung slatted. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also feels like it has a natural bounce. The bottom comes with some adjustable dividers for a better organization. They do not stuck to the frame at all, so they can be moved based on your needs.

Just like you have probably guessed already, the bed requires assembly. Fortunately, it was built as a DIY project, so you will not need a professional installation. The manual of instructions tells you what to do – one step at a time.


·         Durable construction

·         Solid hardwood build

·         Available in more colors and sizes

·         Easy to assemble

·         Adjustable dividers


·         Screws in the headboard do not match the style

·         Should be assembled by two people

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Kelsey Stores Fabric Ottoman Bed King Size

Designed to look expensive and luxurious but without emptying your wallet, this ottoman bed from Kelsey Stores is likely to impress you with its stylish design. It comes in a few different sizes, with the king standard being the best selling one. As for colors and designs, it is only available in one model – white and gray. The opening mechanism goes on the bottom part of the bed, opposite the headboard. You should allow at least one foot of extra space in order to open and close it as desired.

The bottom side of the bed comes with a woven fabric base. Your stuff will be on the fabric, rather than on the floor. It adds to safer storage. The end is low padded for more comfortable use, while the headboard is heavily padded. Even if you want to sit instead of laying down, you will feel comfortable with all the padding behind your back. The extra comfort is also given by the posture sprung slats in the base – ideal for a peaceful night sleep.

When it comes to storage, the lifting mechanism is based on a couple of hydraulic pistons. Lifting it up is a piece of cake. Storage spreads over the entire surface of the bed. Once up, the frame will stay in that position without you having to hold it up, so you can do whatever you need with both hands. Other than that, the unit needs assembly.


·         Hands free operation when the bed is lifted

·         Comes in multiple sizes

·         Padded end

·         Heavily padded headboard

·         Easy to lift and put down


·         Manual of instructions can be a bit confusing

·         Professional assembly requests are expensive

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This article rounds out our absolute top 5 ottoman style beds, paying attention to the sizing and spacing needs most of us have. These finalists have matched up, or overshot our standards when it comes to a comfortable, restful sleep – and these beds stand on their own where storage is concerned! We’re confident that you’ll find any of these beds in your top 5 as well!

What to Look for in the Best Ottoman Storage Beds

Just like with any other type of bed or frame, finding the best ottoman beds implies looking for quality and value for money. Common sense always prevails – if you see lots of plastic tabs, flimsy connections or glue instead of screws, simply keep looking. An ottoman bed must be built with quality and durability in mind. Why? Easy! They imply lifting 60 to 150 pounds in weight whenever you need access to the storage. It obviously depends on how heavy the mattress is. However, if it cannot lift this kind of weight, it will collapse within days only.

Making Sure the Ottoman Bed Is Well Built

There are certain considerations that indicate how well made an ottoman bed is. For example, corner jointed boxes must be extremely solid. It depends on the size, but normally you need one box for anything under the king size and two boxes for anything bigger than that. The material is just as important. Hardwood is good, but so is MDF, which is quite durable because of the construction layer.

What is it lined with? A random splinter catching your clothes or bedsheets when stored under the mattress is the last thing you want. Thin plastic should be overlooked because it will not last for too long. As a minimal requirement, opt for thick woven coating. However, a more qualitative item might come with hessian – more breathable and durable.

Boarded Mattress Base Versus Sprung Slatted Base

A boarded mattress base could be the perfect option for most people due to the increased durability. Moreover, such a base aims to provide more support for the actual mattress.

On the other hand, sprung slated bases are not to be overlooked either. They are more diversified though, so you will have to research deeper as quality standards vary from one product to another. They are also durable, but for a different reason – they are not so heavy on the purse strings.

Boarded mattress bases are more expensive because of the extra strength. While there are exceptions, they are normally made of better materials. The overall design does make the difference, as some sprung slatted bases come with more support and bars for stability. They can take some beating, but they are also rigid and supportive.

Internal Storage Capacity

The actual storage is one of the elements responsible for the varying prices of ottoman beds. The same rule applies to its construction. For example, many beds do not come with actual flooring, but a woven linen. Your stuff will be on the floor, but not directly. Other beds come with nothing – your stuff is exposed to dust then.

Some high end models come with floating floors. Your items are enclosed, as well as off the floor. But then, you are limited in the actual weight, since you obviously cannot exceed the main recommendations. Bed sheets or pillows might be alright, but storing books or other heavy stuff could be a problem.

Piston Strength

Most people overlook the piston strength when hunting the best ottoman beds on the market. However, gas lift pistons are directly responsible for how easy it is to lift the unit. Moreover, they also determine the maximum weight for the mattress. If you opt for a double ottoman bed, you should get at least 900n on the pistons, 1100n for kingsize beds or 500n on a side lift bed. You will find plenty of beds under these standards. While they are not bad, they will certainly limit you when it comes to the mattress.

Design and Fabrics

Your options are countless in terms of designs and fabrics. Some models come in a series of different colors and styles – after all, the fabric is the element responsible for a major change. While this is not a general rule, plenty of ottoman beds come in gray, white and black combinations. They are simplistic and look luxurious, but they can also match most decors. Obviously, lighter or more colorful options are also available.

Available Budget

Finally, just like for everything else in life, your budget will dictate the final choice. The good news is that ottoman beds are not that pricey – a bit more expensive than regular frames due to the storage capability. They will not empty your wallet – not even the top rated models from prestigious manufacturers.

In order to set an available budget, you would have to research the market a bit.


As a short final conclusion, browsing the best ottoman beds out there will give you some valuable hints about what to expect from this market. A high end unit will not make you happier than a regular product, yet it is important to go with a top selling product. Thousands of people simply cannot go wrong.​