Trundle Beds – Benefits & Types

trundle beds
trundle beds

Sometimes regular beds aren’t enough to accommodate overnight guests. This is where beds with trundle  come in handy. Trundle beds are bed frames composed of a regular bed with another one underneath which can pulled out or kept in when needed. The extra bed is set on a frame of wood or metal and usually has a set of wheels to make moving the bed easier and faster. Trundle beds are both space-making and space-saving inventions which will be great additions to any guest or spare bedroom.

Trundle beds also come in a variety of styles, so there’s no need to sacrifice your spare rooms design scheme just to save on space. You can find a range of selections from something as simple as a panel trundle bed frame to elegant sleigh-type designs and many more options. You can even have a bunk or loft bed with trundle! What more, you’ll also find beds in different colors and finishes which makes matching the bed to the room easier. You can find wood trundle beds finished in colors like white, black and wooden colors as well to fit a classic and minimalist look. Meanwhile, some beds come with additional storage as well. The lower beds in these setups are usually a bit more elevated to make room for a number of convenient drawers where your guests can keep their personal belongings.

Trundle beds come in various sizes which will be useful for different contexts and needs. Lower beds frames are usually twin or full-sized beds which are sufficient for a single occupant preferably a child. This makes them perfect for sleepovers and slumber parties. Beds with trundle also come in other standard bed sizes like extra long twin, California King, queen-sized and king-sized bed frames. Just remember that trundle beds would require thinner mattresses to be able to fit the lower bed back in its compartment.

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