Headboards add a great finish to an already beautiful bed frame. They can also make or break your bedroom design scheme as they serve both an aesthetic and practical function. Good thing, we can offer you plenty of choices and designs to complete your bedroom according to your style and comfort preferences.

Wooden Headboards

Add a classic and timeless touch to your bedroom by opting with a wooden headboard. These headboards are a popular choice among people for the longest time as they go well with almost all bed frame materials may they be wood or iron. They’re hardness can also function as support for your head while sleeping and back while sitting.

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards make for great statement pieces. Usually made out of velvet, leather or fabric, they can easily lend a modern look to any bedroom. Not to mention, they’re also comfortable to sleep your head against as compared to wooden headboards.

Tufted Headboards

If comfort is your primary concern, tufted headboards might be your best choice. What more,

tufted headboards just look elegant and stylish on their own. They come in a variety of colors but muted tones such as light greys and browns are always a good choice as they’re easy to design around.

Bookcase Headboards

Bookworms would be happy to know that there are headboards with built-in bookshelves. Keep your favorite books within arm’s reach for those sleepless nights with this functional headboard type. Most bookcase headboards are made out of wood and finished with paint that complements the room and the bed frame.

Metal Headboards

Usually paired with iron bed frames, metal headboards lend a modern and elegant look to any room with their curving ornate designs and minimalist look. Like iron beds, they come in a variety of finishes and colors you can choose from.

California King Headboards

Top 20 Cal King Size Headboards – Our Picks

For most of us, California King Size bed is the best and the ultimate choice. The dimensions are 72 in × 84 inches which make it superb and the best in the terms of comfort. This size of beds is popular and available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and in New Zealand. They are the most desirable size as well. One, an added benefit is being able to ...
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headboards with storage

Best Bookcase Headboards With Storage

Beds are the focal point of your bedroom when it comes to aesthetics and design. Therefore, it stands to reason that you want have your bed to have a modern and captivating look. When it comes to the design of beds, by far the most important factor is the headboard of the bed. Traditionally, headboards were designed to protect against cold drafts. The headboard would block incoming air from passing ...
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bed frame with headboard

Bed Frames with Headboards

Beds with Headboard Buying Guide Bed frames can be wooden or metal, covered in fabric or faux leather, designed for single or double bed sizes – either way, they are crucial in ensuring you get a comfortable night’s sleep. Headboards and built-in drawers can help you save space and keep important items handy. You can buy bed frames with integrated headboards, or if you have already purchased a simple bed ...
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Wall Mounted Headboards

Wall Mounted Headboards – Top Picks & Buying Guide

Wall Mounted Headboards Top 9 Best Wall Mounted Headboards to Look Out For Headboards are know to be the piece of furnitures that attached itself to the head of your bed. Why headboards? They make your bed look decorated and sophisticated as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Your bed and headboard should go perfectly well with each other. For instance, if your bed is a fireplace, ...
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tufted bed headboards

Best Tufted Headboards Buyers Guide

Factors to Consider for Having the Most Appealing One Tufted Headboards A royal bed in a palace or a deluxe bed in a hotel usually has a tufted headboard whose charm never fails to mesmerize you. You can introduce the same glamor and elegance without spending lavishly on your overall bed embellishment. This is because tufted headboards are now easily as well as economically available. Available in different styles and ...
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