Bed Frames with Headboards

bed frame with headboard

Beds with Headboard Buying Guide

bed frame with headboard

Bed frames can be wooden or metal, covered in fabric or faux leather, designed for single or double bed sizes – either way, they are crucial in ensuring you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Headboards and built-in drawers can help you save space and keep important items handy. You can buy bed frames with integrated headboards, or if you have already purchased a simple bed frame, you can get the headboard separately; the choice is yours.

Types of bed frames

Metal Bed Frame

A metal bed frame is so versatile that it can infuse any bedroom with either a classic or a modern look, or you may be tempted to create a minimalist or industrial feel. While it is typically meant for guest and kids’ rooms, don’t be afraid to use a metal frame in your main bedroom as long as it suits your decor.

Sturdy and durable, this type of bed frame is often the easiest to assemble and the most affordable, but it typically lacks a built-in headboard, although you can get one separately and have it installed above the bed.

Murphy Bed Frame

Murphy beds with headboards make a great choice for guest rooms, but also for the main bedroom in small apartments. Thanks to the Murphy bed frame you can use the room as a home office during the day, while the headboard can help you save even more space, as well as improve your comfort at night.

Ottoman Bed Frame

Ottoman bed frames are a truly stylish choice for any bedroom, and come in a variety of finishes and textures. Contemporary and charming, these beds offer a high level of comfort and relaxation, without sacrificing the practical side. Thus, you can get an Ottoman bed frame with a base that lifts up to make room for valuable underbed storage space.

Depending on the model, the frame can be upholstered in rich faux leather for a contemporary look, or in soft fabric with button detailing for an enhanced texture effect. An Ottoman bed frame with a boxed base and a tall, arched spindle headboard can infuse the whole bedroom with a country feel.

Types of headboards

Modern or traditional, rustic or romantic, headboards are the perfect way to declutter your bedroom. You can use the headboard to store spare bedding, books and magazines, phone chargers, reading glasses and anything else that you might need close by at night.

Finding the perfect headboard is important, as you can begin creating your entire bedroom design off of it, or enhance the style that you already have.

Wooden headboards are a classic choice; rattan in particular gets a beautiful, unique effect as it ages. Metal headboards provide a striking effect to your bedroom, despite their apparent simplicity. Curved metal models will add a contemporary finish to your bedroom when you pick neutral tones, whereas metal headboards with brass details make for a vintage look.

Upholstered headboards give off that luxurious feel and are so comfortable to lean against whenever you watch TV in bed. Some manufacturers even offer fabric headboards that are environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials or from cotton that requires less water and pesticides to grow.

Benefits of bed frames with headboards

A bed frame with an attached headboard provides good value for money and can be a nice way to spruce up your bedroom decor.

The right bed frame can provide extra storage as an additional perk. For example, if you get a simple metal frame that obviously lacks in-built storage, you can easily attach a headboard to the wall or slide boxes underneath for that extra space.

However, there are bed frames that do come with a headboard and/ or drawers for additional storage space above or under the bed. You can even get a headboard with storage on the side, so that you don’t have to get out of bed to pick up a magazine or an extra pillow.

Some headboards feature a built-in bedside table, often covered in soft padding to protect the surface from scratches and to muffle the sounds made when placing a glass of water, for example. The added perk of a headboard with a bedside table is that if you have drawers beneath the bed, you can pull them out easily as the table won’t get in the way.

Moreover, if the shelf has holes at the back, you can use them to hide any cables and enhance the clean look of your bedroom even further. A grooved headboard is great for sliding the bedside table and the shelf as needed.

To make the most out of your new bed, be sure to get the right headboard size for your type of bed frame, namely single, double or kingsize. Although this means shopping for the two items separately, the good news is that you get to decide how high you want your headboard to be since you will have to mount it to the wall.

Finally, you can combine several headboards to create a single, very tall or very wide headboard. This way you can cover an entire wall and get even more extra space for your bedroom.

Factors to consider when buying the bed with headboard


Proper shipping and on-time delivery will help ensure that there are no parts missing from your order, so that you can start putting the frame and headboard together right away and at no extra costs caused by you having to order the missing pieces separately.


As with any product that requires assembling, clear instructions are very important. Bed frames are usually easy to put together, especially metal ones, but it is still recommended that two people install the frame. Also, make sure you have someone else to help you out when attaching the headboard to the bed frame.

Some, such as the Ottoman frame, require plenty of room to make sure you have the space it takes before you start building the bed. As a general rule, the more intricate the design, the more difficult the installation becomes, but it can still be done quite easily.

The mattress:

Once assembled, the bed needs to be comfortable enough to allow you to rest and relax. The right mattress plays a big part here, be it a memory foam or a firm one. Sturdy mattresses are great for restless sleepers who move around a lot, while memory foam mattresses can fully support your body and lower the pressure on your back. If you think you will use mattresses of different thicknesses, then a bed frame with adjustable bed sides is what you may need.

On the other hand, a topper can be the best choice if your budget doesn’t allow for a new mattress just yet.


Most bed frames with headboards can handle a maximum weight of 100 to 220 kg. The layered slats in some of the bed frames can make the mattress more supple to better accommodate your body weight.


Check out the space that will be left between the floor and the underside of the bed; taking this into account, as well as the thickness of the mattress will give you an idea of the overall height of the bed once installed.

The more storage space underneath the bed, the higher the frame will be, so if you need a lower bed to slip into, then it might be best to get one with headboard storage rather than under-the-mattress storage.

Lifting the bed:

Frames that also come with under-the-bed storage can be quite difficult to lift up, usually because of the heavy mattress. If you can’t lift it up, you won’t be able to make much use of that storage space; one clever way to go around this would be to get a bed frame fitted with a gas lift mechanism; this easily lifts the mattress for you to access the space underneath.

If you plan to place your bed against the wall, make sure the mechanism lifts the mattress from the end so that you can still put things in unhindered.


When it comes to picking up a new bed frame with headboards, there are many options available. From the classic look of metal beds to the luxurious appeal of upholstered frames, some models even come with space saving underbed drawers for storing your electric blankets and spare pillows.

And to top it all off, you can buy your bed frame with an integrated headboard. Headboards come in various beautiful finishes and effects to complement any bedroom design. They not only add a whole new level of comfort when you spend an evening watching TV or reading a book in bed, but headboards can also help you save valuable space.

Whether you choose models with side storage or headboards with attached shelves and bedside tables, this is a great way of keeping your bedroom clutter-free while having those important little things close at hand.

Both the bed frame and the headboard are usually fairly easy to assemble, especially if there is at least one more person to help you out.