Best Tufted Headboards Buyers Guide

tufted bed headboards

Factors to Consider for Having the Most Appealing One

tufted bed headboards

Tufted Headboards

A royal bed in a palace or a deluxe bed in a hotel usually has a tufted headboard whose charm never fails to mesmerize you. You can introduce the same glamor and elegance without spending lavishly on your overall bed embellishment.

This is because tufted headboards are now easily as well as economically available. Available in different styles and sizes, such headboards are sophisticated embellishments, which can easily match your room’s décor.

They are capable of positively influencing the overall sleeping space as well as its surrounding ambiance. So, it is obvious for a keen householder or property owner to choose the most elegant tufted headboard.

This guide is truly dedicated to these seekers! It introduces the benefits that specify why one should invest in these headboards, their types, and factors to consider while choosing the most appealing one.


Tufted headboards are usually upholstered with the help of a variety of patterns and fabrics, ranging from linen to leather. These boards are also padded well to ensure comfort while sitting on the bed to read a book.

The tufted effect is instilled using a set of buttons or strong stitches, which results in the desired depth and dimension. Tufted upholstery is perhaps a branch of textile weaving wherein layers of fabric is stitched to form a pattern that is subsequently procured at the ends using a ribbon, button, or a knot.

During this procedure, zeniths and bases are formed on the upholstery that attaches itself to the design’s supporting padding or cushion. The dense, uplifted clusters of fabric are called ‘tufts.’

While tufted patterns are often found in conventional designs, the drift is now toward entering into almost every modern design, ranging right from vintage to chic.

Benefits of Tufted Headboards: Why Choose One?

For any occasion, tufted furniture is perhaps one of the most preferable design elements. This is because of its creative touch, genuinely lasting look, and extreme comfort.

One of the aspects that make tufted headboards a great element to have is the right blend of customization and adaptability. These elements tend to fit with almost any style, color, pattern, or design theme.

In simple words, they match well with even the modern and contemporary beds to enjoy that much expected royal touch to space. This is a much appreciable characteristic, as only a few headboards are as adaptable as this one.

Tufted types also offer a practical benefit. Its surface is pretty soft as well as comfortable to relax while being on the bed to read, watch, and surf. The padding also uplifts the room’s décor as well as ambiance. At the same time, such a headboard adds texture to the room’s space.

Another key benefit is longevity. The overall pattern will sag at a decelerated speed due to the fabric secured within its tufts at a fixed interval of inches. Therefore, tufted bed headboards usually last longer than those that are not tufted.

Users also enjoy its comfort level. This is because of additional focus on the detail and stitching, which allow headboards to remain plush despite intermittent fluffing. The internal cushioning is also affixed strongly via stitching, which means it will not shift.

Tufting Types

You can choose a headboard with one of the following tufting styles:

  • Biscuit: Is perhaps more preferred than the conventional diamond tuft. In this style, stitches are done to make a strong square pattern using a deeper or a shallow stitch style. This kind of tufting is also known as bun tufting and is commonly seen in contemporary and modern designs.
  • Blind: Is perhaps the least used tufting style. It features a dearth of buttons and involves the fabric being held with the help of a knot in the rear. Such a tufting style is common in furniture items that are contemporary but follow a minimalistic design pattern.
  • Button: Features upholstered fragments containing buttons on the fabric or in some geometric design. Unlike diamond tufting, the stitches are not at a profound depth, which is otherwise required to form bigger pockets. Usually, the stitches in button tufting are such that they form shallower depressions in the tufts.
  • Diamond: Is perhaps the most widely used tufting style and is also the most expensive one. It is also perhaps the most comfortable style to consider due to its additional cushioning been pressed towards the raised tuft once secured. In this style, the fabric is pulled and affixed in such a way that it results in a design of evenly placed diamond shapes. You can easily find this tufting style in vintage or traditional beds.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Tufted Headboard

Now that you are aware of the different tufting types, it is time to know the features or aspects to analyze for finding the tufted headboard that best matches your requirements.


Check out and compare the sizes of different designs available in the context of the available wall space. For this, it is wise to know the dimensions of the wall against which your bed will be set.

Keep in mind that if the headboard is too big or too small in relation to the available wall space, it will be unable to add that desired elegance. In case of a high ceiling and a large wall, a vivid tufted headboard is a perfect choice to balance the overall look of the room.

Always consider your own or users’ height while deciding the headboard’s size. This is because your chosen headboard should be tall enough for your comfortable sitting experience.


Well, there are good material options for tufted headboards. For those on a tight budget and who prefer easy maintenance, cotton is the ideal option. If your budget permits you to go for something lavish and that you do not mind some more maintenance efforts, velvet and leather are ideal options.

While choosing the fabric, ensure that the material will go well with the room’s décor as well as with the bed’s look. In most cases, leather is considered ideal for tufted bed headboards.


A tufted headboard adds a unique touch of texture, elegance, and depth to any room such that it overcomes the rough look of any modern design. However, this is only possible if you choose the right type by considering the aforementioned considerations.