Sleep Trackers And Apps: The Benefits And The Drawbacks

sleep tracking apps
sleep tracking apps

Getting enough sleep at night is beyond necessary, hence people try to implement sleep trackers they think can help them improve and understand their sleep routines. Even though customers awareness is rising, misconceptions are still all over the internet, personal conversations and more.

Not being able to understand the real limitations and benefits of sleep trackers and apps, will not make you completely convinced whether or not these apps and trackers are for you. Will this really help you get better sleep? Will this help you understand, what you need to understand about sleep trackers and apps? All these and more will be answered as you go through reading this article.

Types of sleep trackers

  • Wearable sleep trackers: From the name itself, the user must wear it, on their wrist most of the time, to track their sleeping habits. If you are not too comfortable with a watch like device, you can consider those that you can wear as a ring or a necklace or something that you can clip on your clothes. This may provide discomfort while you sleep, but needless to say, it gives more information that those non wearable
  • Non wearable or contactless sleep trackers: Unlike the other, you do not need to wear it, but it should be near your bed, under your sheets or mattress, and so on. Some may prefer this option, but because it is limited, those who are serious about getting their sleeping habits on a broader perspective may not consider it

The possible benefits

This comes in different forms, wearable to non-wearable technology, to smartphone applications. Needless to say, they are not everything about getting a good sleep. But, sleep trackers and apps can offer users with handful benefits.

  • It can tell users on when they went to sleep and when they got up. And with this, users can know their sleeping behavior and see whether it is wrong or right, if there is anything they need to correct or improve and so forth
  • If the sleep tracker they choose has an accelerometer, users can also check their movements while sleeping. This is a good way to assess on how much tossing and turning they do at night. At the same time, this is an easier way to know the type of mattress you need to buy as per your sleep pattern.
  • In other cases, depending on the model of the sleep tracker and app they use, it can also monitor whether they are asleep or awake. The sleep tracker can do this by monitoring the breathing and heart rate, and use it as insights on whether the user is in a wakeful or sleeping state. But, do not get too complacent with this, as assessment may not be accurate
  • There are a lot of wearable sleep trackers that can offer fitness tracking. This can give users additional insights about their lifestyle and health
  • Since it creates a digital recording, the user would not need to manually record his sleeping information. This being the case, tracking sleep can be very consistent

The possible limitations

The device can help you a lot tracking your sleeping patterns, which could encourage better sleep and healthier lifestyle. But, there are some limitations you also have to consider, and these are:

  • It cannot give users insights about the stage of their sleep. To measure the amount of sleep you are on a particular stage, the tracker must get intel from the brain waves, which most trackers do not have
  • The tracker or the app cannot diagnose sleep issues or disorders. These kind of diagnoses can only be assessed through detailed psychological data. Trackers are not made to diagnose any issues, or treat them. You need to seek for medical help when any sleeping issues arise
  • Wearable trackers can offer more information than those of the contactless. This being the case, the user needs to bear with all the discomfort they may get from wearing the tracker while they sleep
  • If you want to stick with non-wearable options, the result you may get might diminish in the event you share bed with someone or even a pet
  • In terms of the price, it varies a lot from affordable to the most expensive, needless to say, not everyone can afford it

Now that you know information about sleep tracker and apps, it is your up to you whether you will consider it or not. There are many benefits these devices and apps can provide, hence it is recommended to use them, provided that you still seek for professionals help, in case the need arises. Choose the right model and app that you know can cope up with your demands.

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