Your Best Guide Choosing Low Vs High Bed

low beds vs high beds
low beds vs high beds

There are so many available styles of bed in the market today, but choosing whether to get high or low bed is not the easiest. There are two main things that can affect your decision; you have to consider the type of your mattress and your needs. But, are these two the only factors you need to consider? This article can help you a lot choosing between low and high bed.

When thinking of a new bed, most people are so focused about the mattress they will purchase.This is all fine, not a bad idea at all as the mattress can basically set the overall mood and satisfaction of your sleep.However, you must not take aside another important factor that can help them sleep best at night – the height of the bed.

Not being able to choose the height of the bed rightfully may cause body strains and pains, every day you sleep. You might think you are completely healthy but unfortunately, even how healthy you are, you are not exempted to discomfort and pain you will get lying on a too high or too low bed.

Below are few factors to consider ensuring height of bed is right for you.

  • Comfort

Obviously, comfort is the main reason why you are so curious about getting the bed of right height for you. To make it easy, make your height as the basis of choosing the height of your bed. Never choose a too high bed if your height is short, as that will give you a hard time getting off the bed. While, if you are too tall, do not consider too low bed, as you might find it hard getting up especially if you have issues with your knees and back.

The average height of a bed is twenty five inches, and that height is enough to give average height people comfort when sitting on their bed, as their feet are flat on the ground.

There is no specific rule to follow when choosing comfort, as this you have to decide yourself.

  • Age

Age impacts a person’s mobility. Older person should be more attentive choosing the right height of the bed than younger ones. As you know, older people experience pains or aches, and sleeping in a too high or too low bed will just aggravate the pain they feel.

  • Height of the mattress

This is another factor you must consider when choosing the height of your bed, as thick mattress may add additional height to the existing height of the bed. You may also want to consider the pads, toppers or protectors you might want to add on top of your mattress.

Make sure that you buy a mattress together with the bed, or if you already have a mattress, buy a bed that would perfectly fit and suite its height.

  • Bedroom visual

The height of your bed must correspond to the look of the room you want to achieve. Standard beds can give you traditional look, while platform beds offer a modern look and antiques on the other hand elegant and regal feel. Bedroom visual, may not be a priority to those who are physically challenged.

Height options

You basically have three bed height options, standard beds, antiques and platform beds.

  • Platform bed

The usual height of platform beds is 18 inches including the mattress. This is a good choice to those who want to give their room a modern and contemporary addition. This type of bed uses slats and offers additional space underneath. If you have problems with your knees or you are taller than the average, this may not be the best option for you.

  • Antique bed

Most antique beds are higher from the ground compared to standard beds. Although it can give people with additional space underneath, this option could only be suitable for people who do not have any kinds of agility problems. The added height you can get from antique beds would only give you better style and visual in your room but not as much in its functionality.

  • Standard bed

The traditional frame most of the time has a reliable box spring under the mattresses and gives mattress a height that is very comfortable and suitable for almost everyone. This kind of bed is most of the time high, hence giving you enough storage to keep anything you want under it.

Basically, if you have physical limits or you are an elderly, considering highly the height of your bed together with your mattress is necessary. If you are young, and you think you are in your best shape, you can consider the height of your bed secondary to the overall look you want to achieve in your room.

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