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Bunk beds are a great way to efficiently save space while creating a fun and comfortable sleeping environment for children. Coming in a variety of bed sizes and styles, bunk beds can fill in every growing family’s needs however specific they may be. Here are some great features bunk beds have that you can choose from.

The varieties in bedroom furniture are increasing with every passing year. Many new styles are available in beds that can offer exceptional comfort and appeal to any bedroom. You can choose any bed for your own bedroom, but you need to be more creative and careful when choosing a new bed for kids’ bedroom. Numerous parents have chosen bunk beds and other designs. It is a perfect bed that not only offers quality comfort, but also saves space in the room. Let’s explore more about this unique bed to know why it is the best bed for kids.

Benefits of bunk bed:

Bunk bed it is going to be the main attraction in your kids’ bedroom for many days. The following benefits make it a more useful choice.

  • It is the real space saver:

If the kids’ bedroom in your house is very small and you still want to make it look spacious, the bunk bed is the best choice. It comes with a unique design in which one bed frame is stacked above another. Thus two children can sleep comfortably and you do not need to buy another bed. It saves space and allows you to utilize the available space in the best possible way.

  • Saves the cost of additional furniture:

You can buy a bunk bed equipped with under bed drawers and stairs. It will eliminate the cost of buying extra furniture whereas there will be ample space for storing kids’ stuff.

  • Suitable for changing space needs:

Some bunk bed designs allow you to separate both beds as the kids grow older. You can separate beds and set them in two different bedrooms, when your kids are ready to have their own rooms.

Such benefits make bunk beds perfect for children’s bedroom.

7 popular types of bunk bed:

You will get many great options in bunk beds when shopping for it. Consider one these types of bunk beds to choose an ideal one for your home.

Standard bunk bed

A standard bunk bed features two twin beds. One bed remains stacked at the top of another. You can easily remove the upper bed to separate both beds and use them in two different bedrooms. The standard type bunk beds are great when your children are sharing the same room and require ample sleeping space with free space to play games and study. It saves parents from buying a new bed if one children moves in another room. Therefore, standard bunk beds are still popular among families across the globe.

Triple bunk bed

A triple bunk bed is not a very common choice. It features two beds stacked atop of the lower bed. Three children can share this bed and sleep conveniently. This type of beds can feature one or more stairs for easy climbing. Families with very limited space and three children can select this bunk bed to save space and maintain great sleeping space. Although it is not a widely chosen type of bunk bed, it is still a great choice for families with three children.

Futon bunk bed

You will find many similarities between a futon bunk bed and a standard bunk bed, but there is a big difference too. A futon bunk bed features a futon below the upper bed. That futon is featured to provide a great combination of sofa and bed in a single structure. Kids can use this futon sofa to play games and also for sleeping. This bunk bed design got popular right since the day it was introduced and many families have bought it till the date.

Bunk Beds with Storage

Having extra and discreet storage spaces is always a great idea to utilize a small bedroom. Some bunk bed designs offer big and spacious drawers where your kids can keep their toys or clothes. These spaces are usually built as under-the-bed drawers for easy access and storage.

Bunk Beds with Stairs

Most bunk beds come with a ladder which serves as a connector for the bottom and top beds. However, this isn’t really the safest mechanism for kids’ beds. Good thing bunk beds with built-in stairs are also available. Now, parents can sleep soundly knowing that they’re kids won’t have much trouble getting in and out of the top bunk even without assistance.

Bunk Beds with Trundle

Be prepared to accommodate guests whether they may be friends visiting from out-of-town or your kid’s schoolmates coming for a sleep over by choosing a bunk bed that comes with a trundle bed. With this bunk bed variation, you’ll get the extra sleeping space and while also saving floor space as trundle beds can easily be hidden away when not in use.

This bunk bed comes with a unique design and features space for a third mattress on the casters. That third bed can be pulled out from the lower side bed and thus this bed helps you in maintaining enough sleeping space for three children. You can hide that third mattress when the kids are not sleeping. This type of beds is widely chosen by the families with small size kids’ bedroom. You can turn it into a twin bunk bed if there are only two children. You can pull the third one out when the third kid is old enough to sleep on a separate bed.

L-shaped Bunk Beds

The l shaped bunk beds are also popular options. They are different from regular bunk beds because the beds are arranged perpendicular to each other rather than parallel. This type of bunk beds features twin beds stacked and a single bed at the top of storage drawers or study desk. The great thing about this arrangement is that the extra free space left by the bottom bunk may be transformed to use as a study desk with a desk and some study lamps. Not to mention, l-shaped bunk beds also look very stylish.

It is totally up to you that what type of bunk bed you prefer for your house. You can find some more options in the market. Make sure the purchased bed is comfortable, feature-rich and easy to assemble.

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