A Buyer’s Guide to Futon Couch Bunk & Loft Beds

futon bunk bed

A buyer’s guide to bunk beds with futon on bottom

futon bunk bed

Futon bunk beds combine functionality and leisure. On the top, you have a standard sized bunk bed which is the primary sleeping place, and on the bottom, a futon sofa that converts into a double sized bed.

Bunk beds with futon are one of the best space saving solutions for rooms where there is limited space for sitting and lounging area.


Experts don’t recommend using the top bunk beds for children until they’re six years old. Some suggest nine. But it depends on how mature the child is and how he or she can handle climbing up and down the bed, especially when they get up to go to the bathroom at night.

When it comes to futon bunk beds, it is more suitable for children who are older and have friends who occasionally come over to hang out in the room. The couch creates an ideal sitting place to watch television or play video games if the room is small.

Not just for kids, bunk beds with futon are also ideal for young adults who are single and live in small apartments. In addition, sofa bunk beds, like most other bunk beds, are also suitable for dormitories.


You can find futon bunk beds made of metal, veneers or laminate and wood.

Metal futon bunk beds are relatively the cheapest. You can get sturdy and highly durable metal futon beds. They are also lightweight which helps in mobility. Though it’ll depend on the construction quality, yet most metal bunk beds with couch will start to creak with time. Some beds also tend to rust and corrode over time. Also, if there are pipe-like frames on your futon bed, it may not be easy to mesh the bed with the setting and decor of the room.

Veneers or laminates couch bunk beds are like bridges that fill the gap between cheaper metal frames and costly wooden frames. Futon bunk beds made of veneers are available with very attractive and stylish built and design almost resembling stained hardwood.

Wood futon bunk beds are available in softwood and hardwood. Softwood frames like pine are available in plenty at reasonable prices. They are also sturdy and durable but not as sturdy and durable as bunk beds with futon made out of hardwood. Sofa bunk beds made out of hardwood like cherry, oak, and ash are one of the most durable and sturdiest pieces of furniture. Considering that, they will also be on the top of the price list.

Access to the top bunk

You can choose between ladder, slats, or stairs to reach the top of your bunk bed. There isn’t much preference in this aspect. However, if you lack in storage space, you can go for stairs which come with storage boxes underneath. In addition, if you don’t feel confident about a ladder for your child, stairs are the best option.

Factors to keep in mind before buying bunk bed with couch

There are some critical factors that you cannot miss out on while looking to purchase a bunk bed with futon. They are:

Dimension of the room

Apart from the length and breadth of the room, if you plan to install your futon bunk bed, the ceiling height is a crucial factor. Experts recommend that the minimum distance between the ceiling and the top of the bunk must be two feet. If you have a small room and you are considering a couch bed with a stairs-cum-storage facility, do remember the space that will be consumed to pull out the drawer.

Weight capacity of the top bunk

Usually, your futon can support a weight of up to 500 pounds. So, generally speaking there shouldn’t be much problem with that. However, the weight capacity of the top bunk is what is crucial. The normal limit is around 200 pounds though of course, you can find a higher weight limit for the upper bunk. Therefore, depending on the person for whom you’re purchasing, it is important that your top bunk can support sufficient weight.


You can find some manufacturers who offer services to assemble the bunk bed. But in most of the cases, you’ll have to assemble by yourself. That said, assembling a bunk bed with couch isn’t rocket science. Just follow the instructions properly and bolt the screws securely, and you’ll be fine.


Of course, this is a subjective factor, and no one can be forced to buy a particular product. But, do keep in mind that while choosing a bunk bed with futon on bottom , you should consider the look of a model that can blend with the room and not clash with it. Besides, you will be using the couch as a sitting area, so it won’t hurt to mix and match a bit.


You can find various warranties extending from 30 days to five years. However, you can purchase a type of extended warranty with certain futon bunk beds. This extension can provide coverage like stains, tears, cuts, dents, punctures, water damage, etc. which are caused by accident. However, it doesn’t cover damages caused by negligence or abuse. You can read what types of damage are covered by the warranty and excludes what kinds of damage. Nevertheless, if you can spare some extra bucks, you can extend your warranty.

Return policy

Not all manufacturers provide return policy. But some do offer attractive packages like a 30-night sleep trial with a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and decide to return the bed.

Checking the certification

Be it a bunk bed with couch or any other type of bunk bed all beds should possess accreditation for the purpose for which the bed is intended – whether residential or commercial or both. This certification is for features like safety and to protect consumers. Therefore, though almost all the beds sold online or at retail stores should be certified, it will not hurt to be responsible and check the certificates to ensure that they are all valid.


If you’re purchasing the couch bed bunk for your child, it is important to ensure that safety features like footboards, guardrails, and headboards are present. Guardrails on the top bunk may entirely cover the length of the bed or partially. Depending on the usage, search for an ideal one.


You should try out sitting on your futon to see if there are enough head space between the bottom of the upper bunk bed and your head while sitting. This applies especially if you’re an adult looking to purchase futon bunk beds. If you’re buying for your kids, the space between the futon and the bottom of the bunk bed should be sufficient to sit up comfortably.

Intended use of the futon

While the top bunk is essentially for sleeping, how you intend to use your futon can also determine what type of bunk bed with futon you can go for. As you already know, you can use the couch for sleeping, sitting and lounging or both. If you intend to sleep on it as well, you should consider how often you or other people will be sleeping on it.

So, if the plan is to use the futon primarily for sleeping, the best option to go for is a couch with a wooden frame. Wooden frame provides the best firmness. But, if you prefer it to be on the softer side, you can also opt for futon pads which are thick and of good quality.

If you are going to continually use the futon interchangeably for sleeping as well as sitting, you should look for frames that are easy to operate. This is because there are futon frames that are not easy to operate and adjust by a single person.

Guardrails and mattress for top bunk

Even for an adult, guardrails become important. Therefore, to have a sufficient amount of guardrail for safety is crucial. Usually, there should be an indication to show the maximum thickness of a mattress that you can use on the top bunk. If there is none, minimising the thickness of the mattress can help to provide more safety from the guardrail. As a standard rule, there should be a height of 160mm from the mattress’ top surface to the top of the guardrail to ensure maximum safety.

Further, while inspecting the guardrails, it is important to notice that these safety features are also present:

• The top bunk must have guardrails on both sides of the bed.

• The guardrail on the opposite side of the ladder or next to the wall must run along the entire length of the upper bunk bed. However, the guardrail on the opposite side of the wall or the entry portion through the ladder need not necessarily run along the entire length of the bed. But, the distance from both ends of the guardrail to the footboard or headboard must not be more than 15 inches.

Other safety guidelines

Since there cannot be a compromise on safety, here are some additional safety features that one should take into account:

• The upper bunk bed should never be jumped or wrestled upon. This can give rise to injuries through falling and will also damage the structure of the bed.

• Irrespective of the weight limit of the upper bunk bed, it is advisable that only one person should sit or sleep on it.

• If you want to get a bunk bed with futon for your child, make sure he understands and follow the safety instructions for climbing up and down the ladder or stairs.

• As a matter of taking of extra precaution, if your child invites a friend for a sleepover, do inform his/her parents about the bedding situation in your child’s room. If they are not opposed to it, well and good. But if they object, do provide an alternate option for sleeping on the floor.

• You should not place your futon bunk bed directly under the ceiling fans or light fixtures. Also, the installation should not be against the bedroom windows.

• Most importantly, it is advisable not to purchase used couch bunk beds but buy new beds to ensure maximum durability. Either that or you can also construct one.

Pros and cons of couchbunk beds

Futon bunk beds are ideal for studio apartments or dorm rooms as it saves a lot of space. If you’re someone who wants a separate working and sitting area, but you’re short of space, you can also opt for a bunk bed with single couch sitting area and a work desk coupled with a bunk bed on top.

Futon bunk beds are also a better alternative to pull-out couches because of the availability of extra beds. This makes them a great option in guest rooms to accommodate more than one guest.

With tiny houses growing in popularity nowadays, the versatility of couch bunks beds can also be a perfect solution for tiny houses.

Bunk beds with futon are also generally affordable when the construction material is metal. Wood couch bunk beds coupled with stairway storage provide the most aesthetic appeal, though they can be a bit more expensive. But if you can afford one, nothing should stop you from buying it.

With advancement in technology, futons come with memory foam, cotton or inner springs. So, if you’re one who is concerned about the comfort of a futon compared to a standard mattress, you’re not short of options. You can get futons which are thick, plush, and luxurious that can provide optimum comfort.

If you plan to use your couch bed day in and day out, you will have to get adjusted to the continuous process of assembling and dissembling your futon. Sometimes this can become frustrating.


Given the exciting versatility of futon bunks beds, they are one of the best choices of furniture to install in a room that is short of space. They are also relatively cheaper to other bunk beds. The technology used in the construction of futons has also significantly improved over the years to provide ultimate comfort, design, and durability.