Latex Or Memory Foam: Which Is The Right Mattress For You

latex vs memory foam mattress
latex vs memory foam mattress

You might be thinking now about which mattress is best for you to use. The confusion is because there are a lot of information you can read through different websites and you do not know whether they are true or not.

When you are speaking with a salesperson, there are two things you consistently hear from them, one is memory foam and the other is latex. But among the two most verbalized things when you are buying a mattress, which of them is better?

To further explain, below is a quick and thorough run through of memory foam and latex, what you need to know about them, which one is for you and more.

Memory foam

You might be thinking what is memory foam, what does this foam comprise of and so on. To answer it in a shorter term, memory foam is polyurethane, but, not pure as it is designed using different kinds of chemicals. These powerful chemicals lead to a material that is energy absorbing and dense.

Memory foam recovery time is noticeably slow. What does that mean? It means that when you put force or press your hand or body into the memory foam and lift it after, do not expect to see it come back to its original form quickly. This fact explains why memory foam can be the best mattress material to use by people who are looking for support and comfort.

Most manufacturers use memory foam as they found out that this type of mattress material gives sufferers of joint or back pain ease and comfort.

Why pick memory foam?

  • Back sleepers prefer it: Memory foam provides adequate neck and spinal bone alignment hence back sleepers will feel comfort when lying on it
  • Side sleepers choose it too: Other than the support it can provide the neck and spinal bone, it also gives enough support to shoulder and hip joints
  • It gives relief to pressure points as it conforms to your body. Hence expect that your body parts, including your skin, are not pressured when sleeping
  • Best for people who suffers allergies: Most of the memory foams available in the market today are hypoallergenic. And since this type of mattress is dense, it is unlikely for dust mites to thrive on it


Latex offers more bounce and unlike memory foam, it recovers fast. When you press the mattress made of foam using your hand, you can see it recover very fast. There are different types of latex you can consider, and they are:

  • Natural latex: It comes from a rubber tree and considered to be the purest, hence a good choice for people who are looking for all natural option
  • Synthetic latex: It is made using different kinds of synthetic materials. It bounces less than natural latex

Why pick latex

  • Latex is firm: The level of firmness for this kind of material varies, hence you are given the opportunity to find the perfect level for your body and sleeping needs. Although, choosing too firm mattress is not highly recommended as it may cause sleepers body pains, there are other level of firmness one can consider and decide to purchase
  • Environment friendly: Another reason why this is a choice for others is because it can be all natural. Instead of mixing a lot of chemicals, it uses rubber trees.

If you are really concerned about the environment, it is highly suggested that you speak with the manufacturer’s salesperson and ask for the origin, including the chemicals or components used to create the bed.

Moving on, to further compare the two, below are their major differences:

  • Conformity: As previously discussed, conformity sets memory foam apart from latex. Memory foam will conform accordingly to your body, while latex will bounce and compress. Needless to say, when considering this factor, you may want to decide based on your preference and your sleeping requirements.
  • Motion transfers: This is another characteristic that made one very different from the other. Their ability to isolate differs a lot. For memory foam, when you are sleeping with someone, like a partner or your child, when they move, flip and toss while sleeping, you barely feel it or maybe not feel anything all. Hence those sleeping with someone on the other side of the bed prefer memory foam. And since latex is very bouncy, all turns and moves of bed partner can be felt very easily

Now that you know almost everything about latex and memory foam, you may not find it hard choosing which one is best for you. There are many options in the market today, and it is all up to you which amongst them is the most suited to what you and your family need to get a good night sleep.

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