Your Ultimate Guide to US Bed Sizes

So, you’re finally buying your own bed. Going through furniture stores you get to see all the available choices you have and get a bit overwhelmed. There are so many designs, materials and sizes to choose from. Let us help you out a bit and guide you through the different standard sizes that US beds come in. Read on to understand how beds are sized and which one will best suit your needs and bedroom.

Here is a full list of all standard bed sizes in the US and their corresponding measurements.

Bed Size


King-sized Bed 76 inches by 84 inches
California King Bed 72 inches by 80 inches
Queen-sized Bed 60 inches by 80 inches
Full XL Bed 53 inches by 80 inches
Full Bed 53 inches by 75 inches
Twin XL Bed 38 inches by 80 inches
Twin-sized Bed 38 inches by 75 inches

A more in depth look at each US bed size

Here we provide the specific pros and cons of owning each bed size and which ones are perfect for kids, couples and single sleepers respectively.

King-sized Bed

The King-sized bed is the largest bed and mattress size in terms of surface area and is thus, best for couples or small families who sleep in one bed. With 76 inches of width, couples will have plenty of space to sprawl in without feeling cramped. Tall people will also appreciate this bed’s 84-inch length as they won’t have to scooch in uncomfortable positions to fit on the bed. Light sleepers will also find a king-sized bed perfect when sleeping with another person as both people can move without disturbing the other person. However, all these perks come at a high cost as king-sized beds are also the most expensive bed size that you can buy. There is also the issue of bedroom floor space.

California King Bed

This bed is similar in surface area with the King-sized bed but with four inches taken from the width and added towards length to accommodate tall people. It is the longest of all standard bed and mattress sizes. California King beds more or less have the same price and floor space downsides as King-sized beds. So, be sure that you have enough space in your bedroom before deciding on buying this bed and mattress size.

Queen-sized Bed

The Queen-sized bed is a great safe choice for couples who want a relatively big bed but are on a budget. Thus, queen-sized beds have become the most common beds found in master bedrooms.

Full XL Bed

Full XL beds are the perfects choice for tall people who sleep alone. They have enough room for one person to comfortably move around in but not quite enough for two people to sleep in. This size is the longest and most spacious mattress size designed for single people.

Full-sized Bed (also called a Double)

Full-sized beds used to be the choice for couples until Queen-sized beds entered the scene. Today, they are deemed way too small to be shared. This bed is a great choice as a first bed for a growing child or teenagers.

Twin XL Bed

Twin XL beds are different from Twin-sized beds in that the latter has a 5-inch addition in length. These beds are excellent choices for people who are looking to save on floor space and don’t need much spacious bed spaces for sleeping.

Twin-sized Bed

Twin-sized are the most affordable choice for you single sleepers out there. College students living in dorms will find a Twin-sized bed to sufficient and space-saving as well.

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