Best Bunk Beds With Desk: The Right Choice For Kid’s Bedroom

best bunk beds with desk


The bunk bed is one where the bed frame will be kept on top of another bed. There are the bunk beds with desk, which give the option of using the basement space as a study area and the top part as the bed. Bunk beds were brought in to save up space and to make maximum use of the available floor. Due to this reason the bunk beds are a popular choice in hostels, ships, camps, dorm rooms etc. In the bunk bed structure, the support is provided by the pillars or the poles on all four sides. This is seen in the corner of the beds.

Bunk beds will usually have a ladder attached to it. The position of the ladder varies according to different beds. The ladder is provided to help the person get to the top bed. There is also a railing given to the top bed in order to prevent the person from falling down. The top bed is usually not advised for children who are below the age of five because of the height and the safety issues. A bunk bed is usually called the loft bed when there is one bed on top and instead of another bed at the bottom, free space is provided or a desk is accommodated.

Nowadays bunk beds have all kinds of frames and many features attached to it. There are several sophisticated designs made in order to accommodate the need of the user. The styles are altered to make it more utilized and compact. The bunk beds with desk underneath are a popular trend in the kids’ bedroom market as well as in the spaces where shared sleeping is a necessity. These beds can be altered to accommodate even three people at the same time.

What are the benefits of the bunk bed with desk underneath?

Children’s room might not be always as big as we imagine. Sometimes there will be the need to accommodate the child’s sleeping area as well as the kid’s study room into one. This is a must when there is more than one child in the house. While many people think that having a small desk by the bedside is all that they can provide, it does not necessarily mean that is the only solution. There are ways to make the bed into a bunk bed or a loft bed with a study area underneath. This will provide more space in the kid’s room even without making the room look cramped.

This is possible by keeping the bed on an elevated or a high raised area. This will make the part below the bed completely utilized. There is the option to combine the desk to the bed which makes the bunk bed useful for study purposes too. It will also encourage the kids to spend more time in their studies and in doing homework because the bunk bed with a desk makes the whole room more fun. Additionally, it also gives a lot of storage options where the desk, as well as the other areas, can be utilized for more storage.

There will be several shelves and cabinets which can be used to keep all the belongings of the kids right from the study materials to clothes and toys. By doing this, there will be more space left in the rest of the room which will make the room more lit and open. It will also provide more space for the kids to play around without getting hurt. The bunk bed with a desk will increase the usability of the room and will also increase the fun factor in the room.

What many do not know is that the bunk bed will save a lot of money for the parents. This is because there is no expense for the headboard or the floorboard in the case of the bunk bed. The bunk beds will reduce the need for more cabins saving a lot of money and it will also save up the need for extra beds in the vacation homes. Since the desks are attached to the bunk beds there is no need for extra furniture here.

The best part about these beds is that they offer a lot more flexibility than you imagine. In case these beds are not needed if the kids grow out, then there are options to separate these beds and desks which can be utilized separately. The extra drawers and the storage areas can be kept the same or removed based on the need in the future.

The various options available

There is the most common type of bunk bed which is the standard bunk bed with two mattresses which are of the same size and it will be stacked one on top of another. In the case of a twin over full bunk bed, there is the normal mattress which will have an upper mattress of the twin size but the lower one will be full size. The full over full bunk bed will be the wider bed, in which case both the beds will have the same size. In this type of bunk bed, at least four people can sleep in.

Loft bed with desk

There is the loft bed with the desk option. In this case in most scenarios, there will be a desk at the bottom of the bed. There are options to go with the twin loft beds or full loft beds which should be decided on based on the age and size of the kids. The desk will also vary depending on the size of the bed here. There are some bunk beds where the desk will be small in order to provide more room for other cabinets and storage space. There are the other types of loft beds where the desk below will be big and will cover up most of the space. The types here will vary according to the need of the user.

The most common material preferred in these kinds of beds is wood or metal and sometimes even manufactured wood. There are the bunk beds which come with the desk option. In this, there are options such as twin over twin and the twin over full types. In the case of twin over full, there will be more space for sleeping. In the case of bunk beds with desk, the beds will be of an L-shape which is designed in such a manner so as to give more space to the desk. There are also bunk beds with desk which come with a number of storage facilities like the extra drawers and cabinets. This space can be utilized for the extra clothing and bedspreads.

Who will need these beds?

Parents who want to save some space in the house can opt for the bunk beds with desk. This is because the floor space can be utilized more than once. Those who look forward to making their kid’s room a fun place to be in should go for this option. The kids can do their homework and also sleep in the same space. Parents who are worried that their kids are not involved in their homework can definitely try out this option of redecorating their room with bunk beds and desks attached as it will make the room more fun.

It is also a good option for people who get frequent guests. This is because, in this kind of beds, the bunk can be used for the guests to sleep over. Also, the additional space will help with storage. In the bunk beds with desk underneath, there are a lot of cabinets and drawers which will allow more space. So those who are looking for more storage options without having to make a major change in the existing arrangement can go for these kinds of beds.

Kids can do their homework in the desk and then later turn into their bed above. The desk can also be used as a workspace once the kids are grown out where the bed can be converted into a normal bed.

This kind of bed is also a great option for adults who live in a small room, but require a separate place to work.

What to look for in bunk beds with desk?

Before buying the bunk beds with desk it is important to go over the various factors in the case of models and brands. One main factor to consider is the price of the bunk beds. There are all kinds of models which will range from $300 to #900. There are also the higher end models which come with extended desk options and a lot of storage facilities which will go around $4000.

The next thing to consider before buying is the dimensions of the bed and the desk. This includes the height, width and the space of the bed as well as the study area. Also, the height of the desk and the distance between the disk and the bed on top should be considered. This also includes the weight capacity of the bed. The metal bunk beds will support different weights compared to the wooden bunk beds. Since the weight of the children has to be considered here, the weight capacity becomes the important factor here.

The size and the weight of the kids if there is more than one should also be taken into account and checked if the bed can hold all the weight. This is very important when one bed is larger than the other. When considering the weight, the weight of the mattress should also be considered. As some mattress will be heavier than the others, all this has to be crucially examined.

Storage option

Usually, bunk beds with desk underneath will come with a lot of storage options. So it is important to see how much storage is essential. For people who want more room go with the minimal storage. Those who look for more space in the bedroom should opt for more cabinets.

While buying the bunk beds with desk the crucial element is the assembly of the entire set. Since there are options for in-house assembly which is done to the customer by selected manufactures this can be chosen. But in most cases, the customer will have to assemble on their own which should be looked into. Along with this the trial period of the bed should also be noted down. Since these beds have a new design there are possibilities where it will not suit the kids. In this case, there should be an option to return.

So the bed with the free return policy should be chosen. Most manufacturers will allow a thirty-day return policy. During this period if the furniture is returned they will mostly offer a full refund. But there are also manufacturers who do not provide a trial option. So this should be checked out before purchase. Apart from the return policy, there is an added warranty which is offered by most manufacturers. This period will, however, vary from one year to five years.

The next thing to look for is the decor of the bunk bed and the desk. The models which will go with the decor of the room can be chosen. If not the entire room will have to be redecorated to match with the bed. But if the decor of the models is not a concern then there is no reason to dive deep into it. The next thing to look for is the certifications of the bed. Most bed manufacturers and store owners whether online or physical stores go by these certifications. Even then it is ideal for shoppers to check this certification once before purchase.

There are some manufacturers who offer some protection plans along with the furniture. This will include the basic damages like the cut and ear, stains, dents, accidental damage etc. But these will not generally include the damages which were caused due to the negligence of the owner.