Best Loft Bed With Storage

loft bed with storage

Buyer’s guide- Best low loft bed with storage 2019

loft bed with storage

There will come a time when your little one will no longer fit in that crib. Since sleeping next to you might not be a daily event, they’ll need their own beds and spaces. They’re growing up so fast. You might think what about a twin bed, and soon one bed turns into a closet, a night stand and a reading desk. Enter the Low loft bed, the perfect model for kids that incorporates easy access storage units in the design: ideal for smaller rooms. With a loft bed, you don’t have to worry about organization in your kids’ room, plus what child doesn’t want a fun sleeping area with a ladder, a desk and stuff? We compiled our favorite options into the top 7 low loft beds worth checking out. Read on for more.

Top 7 Best Kids Loft Bed With Storage

WE Furniture Twin Low Loft Metal Bed With Storage Shelves 42 x 79 x 46 inches 3.5 Metal
DONCO Kids Twin Low Loft Bed With Drawers 79 x 43 x 41 inches 4.0 Wood and pine
South Shore Twin Loft Bed with Storage 76.5 x 40.5 x 46 inches 3.6 Laminated particle panels
Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed, Twin 78 x 42 x 44 inches 4.3 Pine
ACME Freya White Loft Bed with Bookcase Ladder 79 x 42 x 66 inches 4.0 Wood
Donco Modular Low Loft Bed For Kids, Twin in White 3.6 Wood
CorLiving “Madison” Storage Loft Bed, Single/Twin, Espresso 50 x 80 x 44 inches 2.8 Wood

WE Furniture Twin Low Loft Metal Bed With Storage Shelves

This bed combines style and function for a well serving end product. It includes a table tray and casters for easy store away. With safety as a top priority, this bed has full length guardrails to prevent any accidents. The contemporary design comes with included support slats and eliminates the need for box slants. It comes in a powder coated finish and high grade MDF shelving for ample storage. In addition to the sturdy shelves this bed comes with detached desk features for easy storage and access. The white metal exterior is a durable metal that can support up to 250lbs.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Ideal for a small room or space


  • It could be sturdier to accommodate different weights safely

DONCO Kids Twin Low Loft Bed With Drawers

This bed by DONCO is constructed with a compact design without losing its high functionality. It comes in either a rich dark brown or a vibrant white color, making it compatible with any room’s décor. The material is a combination of wood and pine. The shelves and storage spaces are cleverly incorporated into the bed’s design making it quite easy to access for both adults and children. The desk is similarly fixed onto the bed frame and cannot be moved to a different location in your room. Because this bed is relatively low and reinforced with rail guards, it is safe for use for children of multiple ages and different weight classes


  • It is a high quality bed
  • The drawers and shelves are quite sturdily built


  • It is made in an immobile compact design

South Shore Twin Loft Bed with Storage Drawers

The South Shore Image Collection twin bed is a fun yet functional model that incorporates the space maximizing abilities of a good loft bed while including play space for your child. It has several on board storage options and additional storage features. A storage bin comes attached to the bed side. The design is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable. The finish on this bed makes it easy to incorporate into any room’s decor. The space underneath can be left open to serve as a play area. You can assemble this model without tools and it will come out great.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes is a functional environmentally friendly, durable deign


  • Limited to the child’s size, accommodates mostly small children

Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed with Dresser, Twin

Imagine a functional low loft bed, and then add a touch of sophistication. This model incorporates all the desirable qualities you’d want in a low loft bed for an ideal model. It is constructed from pine wood and finished with an attractive antique grey color. The dimensions on this model make it suitable even for small children. The guardrails are high enough to accommodate several inches of mattress without reintroducing the question of safety. Bellow the bed is a number of drawers and shelves that will accommodate a range of items. The subtle yet attractive design makes it suitable for many décor themes.


  • Easy to assemble decent design
  • Great especially for small spaces


  • There are some complaints about missing assembly parts

ACME Freya White Loft Bed with Bookcase Ladder

This loft bed is the epitome of space and comfort. With full guard rails, your child is assured safety throughout the night. It is suitable for children ranging from ages six to twelve. The design goes all out to incorporate a bookcase ladder for all fun and book loving kids. The white color is great for adding some vibrancy into the room. Various aspects including the 16 slant supports makes this bed quite sturdy and reliable. The 5 drawers included into the design provide more than enough space for use. The desk attached has an additional three drawers for your hard worker. The space in between the bed is large enough to accommodate another twin bed.


  • Elaborate design for maximum storage
  • Allows you to add on another twin bed beneath


  • The age limit for use is not as broad

Donco Modular Low Loft Bed For Kids, Twin in White

This model is a combination of safety and comfort. The height on the bed makes it that a child feels safe enough to climb on and sleep without feeling anxious. There are a bunch of storage spaces under the bed where you can put away all sort of stuff. In fact the area underneath can be devoted to studying and still leave enough room for other things. The bed comes in white or brown, so it could go great in any room. It is made from pinewood and is therefore a sturdy heavyweight in the low loft bed options. Assembling this model may take you a few hours depending on how easily you can lift the pieces, but the process itself is quite simple.


  • Holds a lot of weight just fine
  • Assembly instructions safe and easy to follow


  • Supplier does not offer assembly

CorLiving “Madison” Storage Loft Bed, Single/Twin, Espresso

This model is an all inclusive loft bed for children. The elegant design is finished with a charming rich espresso color that makes the bed appealing off the bat. It leaves no excuse for an untidy space with all the shelves and drawer spaces on the model. The sturdy wooden slats eliminate any need for a box spring. It includes a chair and desk area for your child to read, draw or do any desk related tasks. This desk is a slide out design and has rotating caster wheels making it easy to move around and adust. The assembly bit is not too complicated and may be accomplished in a few hours.


  • The design is beautiful yet practical
  • It is the ultimate space saver


  • The quality could be better

Things to consider before selecting the best low loft bed

How much room do you have?

The main reason for getting a low loft bed is probably to maximize on minimal space. It saves you from worrying about cramping the room with too much furniture when there’s a combo option. When selecting a loft bed, don’t just choose blindly. Take a look at the dimensions on each option and figure out how much space it’ll take up. The distance from the ceiling is also quite important. You don’t want your little one hitting their heads against the ceiling because it’s too high, do you?

The sleeper

A low loft bed is nice and all, but useless if it does not accommodate your child’s weight height and age. Sure basic intuition tells you when your kid is ready to climb the ladder and sleep without falling off, but some models put age limits to guide the parent. Once you check the dimensions, you will be able to determine whether your kid is too tall to fit in the bed or just right. No matter how sturdy a loft bed is, there is a weight limit

Loft bed tip: sure the best loft bed came and it’s so sturdy, however, do not put on more than one sleeper on a bunk. It is unsafe and might end terribly.

Storage capacity

This circles back to the issue of space. When you cannot accommodate a variety of furniture but still need storage space, then it is best to consider option that have maximum storage provisions. If the room has additional storage space then a loft bed with medium storage wouldn’t be too bad. The storage capacity depends on your preferences and how much stuff you need the bed to accommodate.

Decorating with a loft bed

Obviously, a loft bed is larger than a regular children’s bed. While it may not affect the room’s décor significantly, it can be used to set up themes and make the room more fun for your kids to use. Some loft bed desks are detachable while others aren’t and this may affect how you choose to arrange the space. In fact, the major décor element these beds influence is the room arrangement.

You can place the bed strategically to ensure to balance out the space without disrupting the general interior décor. Subtle colors and finishes are great because they don’t take much to incorporate into the room.

Choosing a mattress for a low loft bed

The selection process doesn’t end with a good loft bed. Now you must choose a good mattress to go with it. Here are some pointers for finding the right mattress to go with your new loft bed.

Mattress thickness

A thick mattress might seem like the right choice for maximum comfort but you have to remember the guardrails only go so high. If you install a mattress that is too thick, it will go past the rails and make the bed risky to sleep in. you must therefore consider what thickness will best suit the bed while still maintaining a safe sleeping environment.

Your child’s sleeping habits

This is the most important mattress consideration you must make. The mattress you choose must support your child’s sleeping habits and reduce any chances o. because your little one needs all the sleep they can get, a good supportive option is important for quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Mattress dimensions

You might get everything right but it will be useless if the mattress doesn’t fit properly in the bed. Forget going past the guard rails, a slight error in the mattress dimensions might result in an option either too small or too large for the bed. Ensure to get the readings right so you can save yourself the embarrassment and extra work of returning and requesting a new option because you didn’t get the dimensions right.

Final word

Finding the right loft bed takes more than just choosing your favorite design. It requires a number of considerations that together will help you make the right choice. Remember, it doesn’t end with the bed; you must select equally satisfactory accessories like a good mattress and other items.

People also ask

Does a loft bed need a box spring?

Putting a box spring on a loft bed will raise the mattress even higher and limit the space your child will have to move around or sit up on the bed. If it goes too high, the box spring might lift a thick mattress past the rails, making the guardrails useless.

How much headroom do you need for a loft bed?

You need enough space for the user to climb up on the loft bed and get out of it without hitting their head when they do so. That’s a minimum 30 inches of headroom.

How big is a loft bed?

The vertical and horizontal dimensions may vary depending on the model. However, many loft beds leave ample space between the ceiling and a child’s head to avoid any potential accidents.

Will a queen mattress fit under a loft bed?

Not necessarily. Depending on the design of the loft bed, you might not be able to fit a bed underneath the space or vice versa. Some options make provisions for another twin to fit under the loft bed.