L-Shaped Bunk & Loft Beds, Buyers Guide 2020

Sometimes, saving space and sleeping multiple people in a single bedroom is more of a headache than it’s worth. Not so with these bunk beds, all of which are designed with comfort and space saving efficiency in mind. Each of these beds is versatile and easy to customize, and many contain built in desks, shelves and even closest space to help a small room’s space go farther.

Because the market abounds with cheap beds that can dangerously fall apart after a few years use, it’s important to pay for quality when you invest in a lofted bed. Each of the beds on this list is made from high quality materials to ensure it withstands years of use, making them all a smart option for your bunk bed needs.
Whether you’re looking to outfit a children’s bedroom or small apartment bedroom, these l-shaped bunk beds are full of options for you. No matter if your style preference is traditional wood or a little more contemporary, you’re sure to find a bunk bed on this list that satisfies your requirements. Check also our selection of the bunk beds with trundle,  another great space saving design idea.

Top 7 Best L Shaped Bunk & Loft Beds

1. Furniture of America L Shaped Bunk Bed

Make sure the students in your life have what they need to succeed with this sturdy bunk bed. Built with two twin beds and a built-in desk, book shelf and closet, this set also comes with a chair and angled ladder. Lots of storage options abound, meaning this set is perfect for apartments, college dorms, and anywhere else that small space needs to be used wisely. Best of all, a beautiful oak finish adds a classy look to the set. Measuring 79.5″ L x 43.13″ W x 63″ H, some assembly is required for this desk set.

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2. Twin Over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish

Nothing about this bed set is boring, from the European roller glide drawers to the rich Merlot lacquer finish. Beautifully built, this set features a twin bed lofted over a full-size frame to extend the options for sleeping arrangements. The solid wood construction ensures it will withstand years of use, and the reversible chest can be used on either the right or left side of the bed to maximize its usefulness in any bedroom set up. For those that want a bed set that looks as beautiful as it is functional, this option from Discovery World Furniture won’t disappoint.

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3. Citadel House Design Oak & Walnut Finish Dual Twin Size Loft Bed Set

Add a touch of whimsy to your children’s bedroom with this magical bed set designed to look like a small cottage. Each piece of the frame is constructed from solid wood with an oak/walnut finish to give the piece a polished hue. The lower bed is fully movable and lies perpendicular to the top for easy access. A movable ladder makes it easy to climb up to the upper level, and plenty of storage space and shelving abound below. Assembly is required to pull the whole piece together, and mattress and bedding are not included.

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4. Furniture of America Haute Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Drawers

If you’re looking for simple, stylish and space- efficient bed set, this twin bunk bed set is the answer. Just 44 inches high, it only takes two steps to get to the top of the upper bunk, ensuring that little kids can handle the height without danger. Despite the small size, there is plenty of space for storing clothes, books, blankets and more, making it a great option for small bedrooms. Constructed from solid wood to ensure it lasts for years of use, this bunk bed set has three drawers built into the side the ladder for easy accessibility. Some assembly is required, and the mattresses are not included.

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5. Camaflexi Mission Style Solid Wood L-Shaped Loft Bed, Twin-Over-Twin, End Angled Ladder

Bunk beds never need to be unstylish, and this innovative design from Camaflexi is all the proof you’ll need to believe it. Featuring two twin beds in stunningly beautiful mission style architecture, this bed set is made with solid wood construction and designed to be easy to modify as the needs to the sleepers change. When the sleepers get tired of a bunk bed, the two beds can be separated and used as two regular twin beds instead. Included with the bed is an extra wide ladder with grooved steps to ensure safety and guard rails to prevent restless sleepers from falling out of bed. Exceeding all government safety standards for loft beds, this bunk bed set requires some assembly to use.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best L-Shaped Loft & Bunk Bed

Bunk beds have been a popular choice among parents with multiple children who share one bedroom. It’s not hard to see why. They’re an excellent space-saving and space-making furniture that can also add some fun elements in a room.

No wonder it’s been reincarnated in various forms, shapes and designs with L-shaped ones being one of the most popular choices among parents and even college students living in a dorm.

So what exactly sets L-shaped bunk beds apart from other types of bunk beds? What features should you look for when buying one? Let’s find out.

Why choose L-shaped bunk beds

In their most basic form, a bunk bed is simply two (or more beds stacked on top of each other in one bed frame. By utilizing space this way, this type of bed is traditionally found in shared rooms in hostels, dorms and military barracks. But bunk beds are also a popular bed choice among families with young kids and/or limited bedroom space.

Over the years, furniture manufacturers have modified the traditional bunk bed structure to cater to more specific needs and increase the bed’s space-saving perk.

An example of the bunk bed’s reincarnation is the L-shaped bunk bed, which as the name implies, offers a twist to the traditionally parallel beds by turning the bottom bunk perpendicular to the top bunk to form an L and creating more storage space.

Their unique shape also makes a room look neater than it actually is compared to traditional parallel bed shape. There’s also the fact that an L-shaped bunk bed gives its tenants the illusion of a more defined and separate personal space which is important for people who value their privacy.

Who are L-shaped bunk beds best for?

Since these bunk beds come in various sizes and materials, they can accommodate a variety of people from kids of various age groups to college students living in shared spaces.

A note though, we recommend that parents with small children choose L-shaped bed models with easy-to-climb stairs for the safety and convenience of the kids. These beds are a great choice for children and older kids because its structure allows them to have their own space to keep their toys and other things they love close to them.

Both parents and broke college students would also appreciate the additional built-in storage means because it means that you won’t have to buy and add more space-eating furniture in the room for keeping clothes or toys. L-shaped bunk beds can be described as almost complete rooms just without the walls.

The different types of L-shaped bunk beds

There are many types of  beds designed to accommodate a variety of sleepers and room space.

Twin over twin: If you have very limited space, a twin over twin bunk bed would be the best choice for you.

Twin over full: If you have room for a bigger bed, you may want to look into twin over full bunk beds. This is also great for two kids with a big age gap sharing room. The smaller bed is the top bunk while the bigger one is below.

Full over full: There are also full over full  bunk beds if you have older kids who need a bigger sleeping space. Just make sure that you measure the intended room to know if this type of bunk bed will fit.

Twin over twins: Some  bunk beds come with three bed bunks with one twin bed on top of another two below. This is also a great choice if you want an extra bed space for guests or your kids’ friends.

Two twins loft: To further maximize floor space, there are  bunk beds which have the two twin beds on top to keep the bottom part free for study desks and other furniture.

Things to consider when buying an L-shaped bunk bed

Aside from type, here are other important things you need to keep in mind when choosing an L-shaped bunk bed.

Room size: You may think you’ve found the perfect bed only to discover that it’s too big for the actual room you need it for. Before you head out to Ikea or browse online stores, have measure the room first, from floor space to floor to ceiling height. Be sure to keep a comfortable head space for the top bunk.

Material and finish: When we talk about material, we mean what the bed frame is made of. Wood and metal are two excellent and sturdy materials you should look for. Pine and walnut are common materials for beds are usually good enough to last long. Meanwhile, finish refers to any paint or treatment overcoat done to the bed frame material. Wood is often stained with a variety of colors to achieve certain looks.

Access: This refers to how a person might get in and out of the top bunk area of the bed. Ladders are common but you may want to look for beds with steps instead if you have small kids using the bed as they are more stable and easier to climb.

Safety features: The top bunk should be secured by either rails or a full-on panel of wood to stop the sleeper from falling off while tossing and turning at night. Some  beds also have rails on the steps to further secure the climber.

Storage spaces: Of course, a good L-shaped bunk bed should have some storage spaces from drawers beneath the bed to shelves. Some even come with a dresser or a study desk placed beside the bottom bunk.

Looking to maximize a small bedroom’s floor space? Opt for L-shaped beds. A literal twist on traditional bunk beds, they offer the best compromise between sleeping spaces and storage spaces without cluttering a room.

Keep our criteria for choosing in mind next time you’re out and about to get the best L-shaped bunk bed to fit your needs.