Trundle Bunk Beds Your Kids Will Love

For rooms that are short on space, it can be tricky to know what kind of beds to use. A bunk bed might be big enough, but what do you do if an unexpected child comes over for a sleepover? Having plenty of sleeping options is crucial for a good host, which is why bunk beds with trundles are such popular sleeping options.

Each of these beds comes with a bunk bed and included space for a trundle bed underneath (some trundles need to be purchased separately, so be sure to read the fine print!). Some have built is staircases and drawer space, while others are designed to be simple so that you can cut down on the costs. In any case, each bed is an example of quality construction and is sure to provide plenty of sleeping space for the children in your life. No matter which design you choose, all the products on this page are a smart choice for increasing your sleeping options. For more space saving and storage solutions, see also our article about most popular l-shaped bunk beds.

Top 7 Best Trundle Bunk Beds in 2019

Acme Allentown Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers and Trundle

Versatility, functionality and beauty all find a place with this attractive trundle bed/bunk bed design from Acme. The smooth espresso finish balances out the included drawer space for a polished look, and a built-in staircase makes it effortless for even small children to sleep in the top bunk. For the occasional guests, a pull-out trundle adds a third sleeping space, ensuring that everyone sleeps comfortably. For normal nights, the trundle is hidden to look like additional drawers beneath the bed. Made in Vietnam, this bed fits a 7-inch mattress without issue.
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Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

Keep the bedroom looking clean and classic with this simple bunk bed and trundle bed combination. Solid wood construction throughout the entire bed ensures that it’s built to last, and a twin sized mattress slips discretely beneath the bottom bunk for additional sleeping space. For extra versatility, the bed can be separated into two individual twin beds without the bunk bed design. Because all Discovery World Furniture is tested and certified to meet strict regulations for safety, everyone can rest assured that they are sleeping on quality furniture. The kit comes with everything needed to assemble the bunk beds, though the mattresses and bedding are not included.
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Furniture of America Pammy Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed with Trundle and Stairs

You’ll never be short on sleeping space again with this spacing-saving design that provides room for two twin beds and a queen. Featuring robust wood construction, this bed set is designed to withstand years of heavy use without compromising on safety. The included ladder and safety guard rails make the top bunk convenient for even young children, and the trundle bed (sold separately) is discretely stowed away when not in use. Finished in oak, the bed frame comes in multiple finishes to let you choose the look you want. Made in Vietnam, some assembly is required to put this bedframe together.
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Columbia Staircase Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle, Antique Walnut

You’ll never need to limit your sleeping options when you invest in this bed set from Columbia. Equipped with a heavy-duty staircase, this bed can be pulled apart to make two regular twin beds, or used as a bunk bed with a trundle option underneath. The antique walnut hued-wood gives the design an elegant aesthetic, and the included staircase drawers ship fully assembled with English dovetail construction for extra quality. Whether you’re looking for ways to save space in an overfilled bedroom or simply want to have extra sleeping options available at a moment’s notice, this bed set will fit the bill.
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Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle in Honey Finish

Keep the bedroom looking classy, not cluttered with this streamlined bedframe design that produces multiple sleeping spaces with some simple assembly. Two easy access bunk beds are available, as well as a hidden trundle bed underneath for a third sleeper. This beautifully made and highly versatile bed design is made from sold wood with a rich honey lacquer finish so that it’s equipped to last through any level of hard use. Built to accommodate eight inch mattresses, the bed set is ready to use with just a small amount of assembly. Note: this bed set meets all ASTM and SPSC specifications.
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Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle Bed

There’s no reason to make sleeping arrangements more complicated than they have to be, and this twin trundle bunk bed combination understands that perfectly. This bed is designed to be an ideal addition to a child’s room, and its simple design is stunningly crafted so that it makes a statement in any room it’s in. A built-in safety bar ensures that everyone stays safe, and a convenient pull out trundle lets you increase the sleeping options when necessary. Perfect for accommodating the unexpected sleepover, this bunk bed meets all safety standards and regulations.
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Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

You can make a bold statement in your child’s bedroom by choosing this twin trundle bed/ bunk bed design that is full of storage space. The solid wood construction ensures that the bed is stable for every sized child, and the included staircase comes fully assembled and able to be put on either side of the bed for extra versatility. Built to accommodate up to a 6.5-inch mattress (no Bunkie board needed!), each bed by Discovery World Furniture is tested and certified to meet every safety standard. Designed to be a smart solution to minimal storage space, this bed set contains enough drawers for a child to store their belongings out of sight.
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Buying Guide

Bunk beds are a popular way to conserve floor space while maximizing possible sleeping space in a bedroom. But if you’re looking for more ways to save even more space, bunk beds with trundles are definitely the way to go.

What are bunk beds with trundle?

Trundle bunk beds are just like regular bunk beds except they have an extra bed (or sometimes storage space) underneath which can pulled in and out depending on the user’s needs. Some variations even have wheels on them making sliding the bed easier and faster. Out of sight, out of mind.

With a total of three layers of possible sleeping and storage space, you and your kids will have plenty of room to have friends over and keep toys or other stuff within arm’s reach. Having a bed like this surely allows families to maximize bedroom space and be more creative with how they use it.

These beds are great additions to apartments, condos and homes with small bedrooms.

But you might be wondering, what makes a good trundle bunk bed? Or what should I look for when buying one? Worry not. Since not all trundles are created equal, here is a buying guide detailing what factors you need to consider before investing your money in one.

Things to Consider: Who will use the bed?

The type of  bed you buy depends on who will use it. Will it be exclusively used by your children? If so, how big are they and how many? Will they be exclusively used by guests you plan on having over? Do you want a trundle with more storage spaces? Or do you want an all around bed that can accommodate a variety of uses.

These are the first questions you have to ask yourself before going out and purchasing one.

As a general rule, we recommend that you stick with twin variations if the bed will primarily be for younger kids and only go full size if you have bigger kids and floor space.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure you’ll find bed setup that’ll work for your specific needs. Check out the different types and what situation they’re best for below.

Types of bunk beds with trundle: Which one is best for you or your children?

Twin over Twin Bunk with a Twin Trundle

Sounds like a mouthful, huh? As its name implies, this kind of trundle bunk bed is composed of three twin-sized beds stacked on top of each other.

Because of their relatively narrow size, this kind is perfect for small rooms with very little space similar to those found in apartments or condos. This is also great bed choice for a bedroom shared by younger kids. However, we don’t recommend this kind of setup for teenagers as they may feel too cramped in the space.

This can further be maximized by turning one of the levels into a storage space for toys, clothes or other bedding materials.

Twin Over Full Trundle Bunk and Loft Beds

This next one’s similar to the triple twin trundle mentioned above except the two bottom bunks are full-sized instead of twins.

With two bigger additional bunks, this bed can comfortably fit bigger kids and preteens as well as have some room left for sleepovers with friends. Twin over full beds are ideal for multiple siblings who share a room. You can also use the top bunk as a storage space for toys or school supplies.

Full Over Full Trundle Bunk and Loft beds

If you still find the twin over full bed too small, the full over full bunk and loft beds might be your pick. Three full-sized beds are stacked on top of each other to give your kids or your visitors plenty of space to sleep in.

Meanwhile, some variations of this trundle offers more storage space by turning the trundle into a pull out drawer where you can keep toys, beddings or clothes in place.

This type of bed is best for bigger rooms as it takes up more floor space that twin versions.

Full Over Full with a Twin Trundle

This next one’s a variation of the triple full trundle bed mentioned above. But instead of having a full trundle, it has a pull out twin trundle instead. This is best for rooms with not much floor space left to accommodate a full-size trundle.

What material is the bed made of?

Bed frames are usually made with either steel or wood materials, sometimes a mixture of both.

If you’re after durability and use over the years, wooden ones should be your choice. They’re sturdy, have a great finish and would surely look great. However, they tend to be on the more expensive side.

So if you’re on a budget or looking for a bed to accommodate your small kids before they get their own rooms, you might want to look into tubular steel beds instead.

Other features to look for:

Some trundle bunk beds come with extra features that you might find particularly useful given your current bedroom needs.

  • Ladders/Stairs: Of course, it is ideal that your bunk bed come with either a ladder or some built-in stairs. It’s the primary way for your kids to get in and out of bed. If you have small children, it’s better to choose a bed with stairs as it’s safer than ladders.
  • Desks: There are beds which have study desks in place of the second layer bunk. This is ideal if you want to give your kids a nice and formal space to study on in their bedroom. Read more about bunk beds with desks.
  • Drawers: If you’re after having storage space for your kids’ or your guests’ things, pick a bed with plenty of drawers. Some trundles double as drawers. Some have built-in drawers on the side of the bed.
  • Shelves: Having built-in shelves is also a great way to have storage space especially for toys or some books. There are bunk bed variations which has shelves in the second layer instead of a bed.
  • Sofas: Incorporating extra seating space with the bed is another smart space-saving option. Sofas are usually built-in on the bed’s second layer as well.