Kids Bunk & Loft Beds with Slide

bunk bed with slide
bunk bed with slide

Bunk Bed with Slide

With so many bunk beds with slide on Amazon, shopping for the right one for your family may take you so much time. The worse possibility is, you might end up buying the wrong one. For this reason, we wrote this buying guide to help you make the best purchasing decision by equipping you with the right characteristics to look for in a product. Make sure to read everything and good luck on your shopping.

What is A Bunk Bed?

For starters, a bunk bed is a type of bed in which a single bed frame is placed on top of another. This allows multiple beds to occupy the same floor space which is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized rooms.

Normally, a bunk bed is supported by 4 pillars or poles. With one pillar placed on each corner of the bed to provide a strong assist. Aside from that, a bunk bed comprises a ladder and it is usually surrounded by a protective railing to help the sleeper avoid falling out.

Bunk beds are particularly seen in military bases, on ships, in hostels, summer camps, dormitories, prisons, and the like. But bunk bed with an additional slide are most common for kids and it is particularly placed in kids’ bedroom and playrooms. Although you can still rarely find a bunk bed with a slide designed for adults.

Types of Bunk Bed

Bunk beds also have different types which include the standard, the twin over full, the full over full, the futon bunk bed, and the L-shape bunk bed. Read the unique characteristics of these bunk bed types below and see which type matches the one you are looking for.

Standard Bunk Bed

This is the most common type of bunk bed that has two same size mattresses in which one mattress is stacked with the other directly over it.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This type of bunk bed is assembled as a standard bunk bed. The difference is, the bottom mattress is bigger than the upper.

Full Over Full Bunk Bed

Another type of bunk bed is full over full bunk bed that is also known as a wider bed. This type has a unique structure where the top and the bottom bed frames feature the same wide size. All in all, four people can be accommodated with its two double sized bed at the same time.

Futon Bunk Bed

Similar to the arrangement of a standard bunk bed, a futon bunk has a lower bed frame that is assembled in a Western-style futon couch. This can be converted into a bed and can be used as a couch during the day which makes it ideal for small apartments or rooms with limited space.

L-Shape Bunk Bed

Among the rest of the bunk bed types, an L-Shape bunk bed is particularly unique because of its design. L-Shape bunk comprises a bottom bed placed at a right angle to the top bed frame that makes it look like L. This type is great for kids, young adults and adults alike because its unique structure allows it to create a small space where a bookshelf, desk, or workstation can be placed.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bunk Bed with a Complimenting Slide

A home without a bunk bed can be a little bit boring especially for big families. In addition to that, this variety of bed can help not only to save space for small to mid-spaced rooms. But also to provide wide-ranging advantages due to its useful extra features.

Considering the essential things in buying the right bunk bed, we have highlighted some points that can help you make the right decision in shopping.

Room Space

One of the most important things to consider before buying the right bunk bed with a slide is the space of the room. While taking the measurement of the floor area is important, considering the height of the room ceiling is also critical. This way, you will be able to prevent many sorts of inconvenience and accidents while sleeping in the bunk bed.

The required gap between the ceiling and the top bed frame must be a minimum of two feet. Measuring the room space can help you decide whether or not to place a standard bunk bed or a loft bed in a room.

Bunk Bed Type

Once you are done in the first step, you can now move on in choosing the right bunk bed type. We have provided the list of bunk bed types above that you can check out.

Different types of bunk beds provide unique combinations of beds ideal for different purposes and style. You can find bunk beds with different textures, materials used, colors, and more.

Bunk Bed Features

Since bunk beds with slides comprise distinctive features. You must also consider which bunk bed has the right set of feature that can provide your needs. In an example, if you are buying a bunk bed for dormitories, you must consider the ones that feature study areas. For children, consider buying a bunk bed with a slide or tents or the one with a fancy style. You might also like the ones that feature extra storage which is ideal for rooms with spacious floor areas.

Safety Concern

Safety is the most important thing to consider before buying the right bunk bed. This must be taken as a priority since if not you or your family, other people might get into an accident or be harmed once this part is poorly considered.

One of the basic features to check for utmost safety is guardrails, footboards, and headboards. Furthermore, you must also remind users to follow safety rules in utilizing a bunk bed before allowing them to use this kind of bed.

Take note of these things in order to make the best purchase when shopping for the right bunk bed that has slide online. To help you get started, here are some of the most popular bunk bed with a complimenting slide on Amazon that you might get your interest.

Top 5 Best Bunk & Loft Bed with Slide

1. MegaDeal Girls Princess Castle

For premium room spaces, this special loft bed with a slide for children is the most ideal bed to buy. It has an additional space below that can be utilized for playtime as well as a quiet place for friends to hang out.

MegaDeal Princess Castle Bed includes a slide that kids will definitely like. It is designed without a box spring and it doesn’t require a bunky board. However, it is highly recommended that you use a bunky board if you utilize a softer kind of mattress.

Aside from that, it also includes guardrails for added safety. It includes a ladder that you can install in one location and it features metal bed slats as well. For those who are looking for a bunk bed that can accommodate twin mattress, this item is the one you are looking for. But also take note that mattress and accessories are separately sold.

In terms of its structure, this bunk bed is made up of metal and it has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. It requires assembly that you can easily do without the need for professionals. Since safety is critical in choosing the right bunk bed, MegaDeal boasts that their product meets CPC and ASTM safety specifications which makes it secure for children’s use.

2. New Energy Schoolhouse Twin Princess Loft Bed With Slide

Make your little girls feel like a princess with this Schoolhouse Twin Princess loft bed with slide by New Energy. You can set it up inside your Girls bedroom to add a castle-like bed on their room. It has a fun and cute pink and lavender colored tent bed that kids can use for resting and for playtime.

Using the under-bed tent, kids will be able to enjoy playing time, tea parties, and more. It is also notable that it comprises a slide that makes it better and more fun to get out of bed. This bunk bed is incredibly durable in terms of its structure which is very important especially if you are planning to use it for a long period of time. Besides, it is made of durable hardwood that ensures great support for your kids.

To further determine if this is the right bunk bed that you are looking for, we will give you its dimensions. New Energy Schoolhouse Twin Princess is 80.75 inches wide, 42 inches depth, and 51.75 inches tall. It can carry up to 200 lbs and it is solid and durable enough to support your little princesses.

3. Donco Kids Twin Mission Tent Loft Bed with Slide

Combining playtime and bedtime is now possible with Donco Kids Twin Mission Tent Bunk Bed with Slide. It is made with strong Brazilian pine wood which is relatively hard kind of wood. Moreover, it comprises a unique play tent underneath that can be used for kids’ playtime.

This bunk bed has a beautiful dark cappuccino stain finish and an eye-pleasing design that makes it a beautiful element on any kids’ room. Never again will a child get up grumpy with a bed as thrilling as this. Most of all that it has a cool slide that will surely boost the energy of anyone.

What comes with this top-notch item is a comfortable mattress together with a slat kit. It doesn’t require a box spring and it is equipped with a slide that makes it so much fun to us especially for your little ones.

In terms of safety, this bunk bed is coated with non-toxic paint and it is CARB certified. This makes it the best in terms of safety criteria. For its style, you can easily tell that it has a traditional, a touch of modern, and fit for children, and contemporary look. It also has a neutral color and design so it is perfect for both girls and boys.

4. Harper Twin Low Bunk

Add a touch of vibrancy in your little one’s room with this restful retreat. Harper Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide is a unique twin-size bunk bed made of metal, delivering a complimenting thrilling slide. It has a breezy design that is mainly contributed by its sleek and open details. Moreover, it has a combination of features that can effortlessly blend in any room décor.

On the other hand, this bunk bed measures 43 inches X 41.5 inches X 77.5 inches. It weighs up to 71.5 lbs and its clearance from floor to the bed’s underside of 29 inches. You will definitely love how solid and sturdy this bunk bed is. Aside from that, it includes full-length guardrails that will surely keep your child safe and secure while sleeping.

5. BS Low Loft Bed With Slide

For minimal adults, this Low bunk bed with slide from BS is the best one for you. If you are looking for an eye-catching and comfortable metal twin-size bunk bed, you can consider this excellent item that includes a slide for a better and fun way to start your day.

BS low bunk bed with a complimenting slide features an open detail that provides a refreshing and breezy touch to your room décor. Also, it has an understated design that allows it to blend perfectly into any casual themed bedrooms. If you want to save space in a small to mid-sized rooms, you can consider this bunk bed. It is also sturdy and extremely durable that makes it perfect for long time use.

One of the best thing about this bunk bed is that it provides a nice space underneath where you can set up a simple workstation. Most minimalist adults will definitely love how easy it is to work and rest right on the same floor space. For students or professionals, you can use this bunk bed to reduce the extra bulk in your room. By utilizing a bunk bed with a slide that provides a good space under, you can now enjoy a more organized and relaxing minimalist room.