Best Daybeds with Pop Up Trundle Beds

pop up trundle frame
pop up trundle frame

Kids? Unexpected guests? Spouse getting on your nerves? Maybe you need extra space, or you have a spoiled pooch. Whatever your requirement, a pop-up trundle bed is a stylish, adaptive addition to your room. The easy two-in-one functionality that slips into itself to create additional room when not in use has been long sought after for practicality.

Trundle beds are a safer alternative to bunk beds for children, a quick fix for an unexpected guest, extra seating for movie night, or a luxurious bed for a pampered pet. Crafted with ease in mind, you can quickly move from one bed to two in mere seconds. Top market trundle beds offer smooth roll-out, and light pop up/push down features that make the transition that much easier!

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the highest quality, affordable trundle beds, and assembled them below. Take a scroll, and find the trundle bed of your dreams!

What Is a Pop Up Trundle Bed?

When researching trundle beds, you are likely to see the phrase ‘pop-up’ trundle but what exactly does this mean? As you may know, traditional trundle beds will hold a bed underneath a bed. Whenever required, the bed underneath can slide out using rollers and be used for guests. However, a pop-up bed is different and actually goes one step further.

With pop-up trundles, they can be found as full-size, twin, or even a set of bunks. Just like the trundles we have discussed, the process begins by pulling the lower bed out on rollers until it is completely free from the upper bed. Now though, rather than staying lower to the ground than the main bed, the second bed can ‘pop-up’ and be lifted level to the primary to double the size of the bed.

As a main example, a twin pop-up is perhaps the most popular choice on the market and it starts as a normal trundle bed. When duty calls, the lower bed can slide out and then pop-up so it is level with the main frame. With two twin mattresses, it can either serve as two resting spots without having to have one significantly higher than the other or it can join together as a king-size bed. For those that only have a small space in a room, this can be a superb addition. Whether it will be used for guests or even just to increase the size of the bed every night before putting it away each morning, the choices are endless.

Design of Popup Trundle Bed Frames

For the design to work efficiently, the frame will normally be made of steel and it will boast a system of crossing thick wires attached to springs to then provide energy absorbency. With this system in place, the life of the mattress should be extended. In order to keep the pulling and pushing easy, four carpet rollers will normally be attached to the bottom of the frame.

For the raising and lowering of the ‘pop-up’ feature, heavy duty springs ensure that it remains steady and undamaged through the months and years. Of course, the pop-up trundle bed can also be used as a normal trundle bed in that it doesn’t have to be raised. With this design and model in tow, owners can cater to their guests and adjust depending on the need of the user.

Roll-Out Trundle Frame

Essentially, this is exactly the same but there will be no way to raise the second bed after rolling it out from underneath the primary bed. For children who like to have their friends sleepover, this can be a great way to keep them comfortable without having to buy a second bed or have them sleep on the sofa for the night.

Top 6 Best Pop Up Trundle Beds

Fashion Bed Group Doral Complete Metal DaybedMatte Black / Walnut
Leggett & Platt Trundle Bed (only trundle)Size:Twin
Leggett & Platt Mission Complete Wood DaybedEspresso Finish,
King's Brand Metal Pop Up Trundle For Daybeds (only trundle)Size:Twin
warranty: no data
Dream Solutions Day Bed Frame with TrundleSize:Twin
Kings Brand Metal Daybed Frame & Pop Up TrundleSize:Twin

OUR PICK: Best Daybed With Popup Trundle

Matte Black / Walnut Doral Complete Metal Daybed by Fashion Bed Group – Twin

Are you looking for that traditional, quaint style? This trundle is calling your name! With a gorgeous mix of metal scroll work and sturdy, heavy-duty wood frame construction – this bed is a statement piece. Merging a flowy design and solid construction – not to mention the included link spring support deck for an easy pop-up and go feel – it’s sure to give you a restful nights sleep for years to come.

Rustic meets farmhouse, and with the right bedspread, you can update this to a more traditional or modern look. A true ‘chameleon’ of the bed world. The back and side panels made of spindled scrollwork winding in and out of curves and arches create a feminine touch, while the wood posts and detailed finials add to the masculine feel.

While it does have some assembly required, it’s a quick and easy setup with clear instructions, and everything needed to get the job done right.

Reasons why we love it:

  • “Wow” design, really making this a statement piece
  • Sturdy with a 10-year warranty

If we’re being picky:

  • Some assembly required
  • Looking for a monochromatic look? You’ll have to grab a spray can!

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OUR PICK: Best Popup Trundle

Leggett & Platt Pop-up Trundle Bed Frame – Twin

You can’t get more simple and straightforward than this pop-up. Modern black construction with strong metal framing, spring-loaded pop-up, and Gravity locks (to help with a safer collapse of the frame) makes this an amazing bed for children, seniors, and individuals who struggle with the collapse of standard trundle beds. If you’re interested in great construction with ease of use and safety are taken into consideration, this may just be the bed for you!

Slightly shorter than average trundle pop-ups (coming in at 4.5″ collapsed and 15.25″ popped), this can fit in just a few more spaces with proper planning. Heavy duty frame, slow close, easy up, and attractive design are just a few features of this great value. Throw in the fact that this arrives fully assembled, ready to go right out of the box, and this is a no brainer!

Reasons why we love it:

  • Quick and easy – ready to go right out of the box
  • Robust construction that will hold up through the years

If we’re being picky:

  • Weighing in at 59 pounds, this is a bit heavier than the average – while that contributes to the sturdy structure, it is worth noting the heft of the frame.
  • 1-year warranty only

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Legget & Platt Mission Complete Wood Daybed (Espresso) – Twin

This Legget & Platt design just oozes a clean, modern look with simple vertical lines as the focal point. Finished with an 8-step deep Espresso coloring, this makes for a sophisticated finishing piece to complete your room. Bring nature into your room, warm it up, and create that cozy, classic sleep state. This is more like a two-for-one deal, as you get the double bed, and you have a comfortable spot for seating during an impromptu movie night.

Solid wood in straight-forward slatting also makes this a great ‘go to’ for an office room, allowing you to brainstorm on a cushioned high backed seat – take video conferences with a bold background, then convert this into a bed for a nap.

Reasons why we love it:

  • Bold and Beautiful design
  • Great for the ‘All-nighter’ that juggles work and sleep

If we’re being picky:

  • Side panels could be a bit taller to add to the armrest support

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Metal Pop Up Trundle by King’s Brand – Twin

Don’t need the double-bed, but still want something you can push out of the way when not in use? This is a favorite of ours, great for sleepovers, relatives, a midday nap, military workers, travelers, apartment dwellers, and so much more. Simple and clean look allows you to create the feel you want with just a simple change of the bedding you use.

Subtle mattress guards to keep the mattress from moving without bringing attention – with the ability to outfit this with a bed skirt, hiding the mattress guards and pop up compartments completely. Easy enough to roll under an existing trundle bed (collapses to 6”, effectively clearing most trundles).

Reasons why we love it:

  • Simple and practical
  • Need a headboard? Just slide this against any wall, and you’re good to go!

If we’re being picky:

  • The pop-up function is just a tiny bit tricky on the first go around but quickly becomes second nature.

  • If you’re not a fan of the black frame, you’re going to have to get creative with some paint!

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Dark Metal Day and Trundle bed by Dream Solutions – Twin

If you’re interested in basic concept, clean and simple design, and something to work well in a small space, this Dark Metal set might be what you’re searching for. Dress this up, or dress it down. You have a strong metal frame sitting atop smooth coasting rollers making it easy to fit into your decor while adding additional sit and sleep options. The elevated side panels help to keep your mattress in place, no need to worry about slipping or sliding. Keep this set up in a room, or store it away without much hassle.

Dual gravity locks, easy pop-up assist, and a quick setup adds to the value and functionality of this set. Enjoying these safety features? You’ll also love the built-in sure lock that keeps the release bar from unclicking while in use. This makes an excellent frame allowing peace of mind while in dreamland.

Reasons why we love it:

  • What’s not to love? Very simple design that can be dressed up or down depending on your tastes.
  • Attention to detail where safety is concerned, allowing you to breathe easy while utilizing this frameset.

If we’re being picky:

  • Pillow-top mattresses may be a little tricky, as the compact design may not allow for an extra fluffy mattress on the pop-up portion.

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Black Metal Day bed by King’s Brand – Twin

Last but not least on our recommended trundle beds, this one has the same simple design as our previously mentioned (Dream Solutions) bed but allows for a little more mattress on the pop-up. You can go up to about 10″ on the mattress, and still have a bit of room for outfitting with sheets, blankets, comforters (etc.). Basic and streamlined design allows for personalization in whatever way you see fit, while still being a great addition to your room, even if you don’t want to personalize this set.

Great for the two-bed experience, or you can push the two together for a larger bed (after securing, of course). This frame also has holes pre-installed for head and foot boards, allowing you to easily attach one or both, totally transforming the look and feel of the bed with such a simple change.

Reasons why we love it:

  • Offers the ability to add a footboard, and a headboard with a quick and simple assembly.
  • Chic, basic, no bulk bed frame

If we’re being picky:

  • As with previous Metal frame-only beds above, if you’re looking for a different color metal, you’re going to have to DIY that on your own.
  • Overall bed (both frames) total around 105 pounds, making this a heavier to move around set.

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We spend relatively ⅓ of our lives in a bed. Living arrangements, frequent moving, entertaining, and circumstances of all kinds have to be considered when we’re looking for something as important as a bed. You need functionality, style, size, feel, ease of use, and most of all comfortability when choosing the perfect bed. I know how daunting that can be, especially when you’re just starting. I’m always a fan of sharing opinions or helping others find what they’re after, and I’m hoping this list of beds helps you on your bed-buying journey.

You should now have a much better idea of what the best pop trundle beds are and also the features to look out for. This will allow you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

pop up trundle bed frames

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