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divan beds
divan beds

Short on storage and interested in saving space in an efficient way? You are not the only one in this situation and luckily, you do have options. Divan beds are some of the most popular bed frames in the world today. Why? Easy! They count as bedding, as well as storage. Instead of an empty frame, you cover the exact same area and you can store things under the mattress. How convenient is that? But then, finding the best divan beds can be a bit tricky if this is the first time you buy one. Avoid going for whatever you can find first if it looks well built, as there is certainly more to take into consideration.

Due to the storage capabilities, a divan bed will provide more than just a place to rest and sleep. It is extremely handy in a small bedroom or in flats. They seem simple and basic. After all, how hard can it be to buy one? The truth is there are more considerations you need to count, whether it comes to the build, appearance, value for money, construction or operating mechanisms. So, what are the top rated products on the market and what makes them so special? Besides, what are the most important things to look for in a divan bed?

Top 5 Best Divan Beds Reviews

Sleep Factory Luxury Suede Single Divan Bed Set With Orthopaedic Tufted Mattress

Sleep Factory Ltd is known for designing some of the best divan beds on the market and this model makes no exception. It comes in a relatively modern design – gray and white. It works in every décor and it looks luxurious. It is a unique design – similar to others, but designed in house. The charcoal gray suede fabric feels soft like plush and can face the test of time. It is worth noting that while Sleep Factory Ltd has similar models in more sizes, this specific one is only available as a single bed. You can find similar versions in larger sizes though.

The divan bed comes with everything you need. It has a headboard covered in the same style suede fabric. It can be installed at any end, so there are no requirements. You will need to assemble the bed though. Luckily, it comes with instructions and all the bits you need. The installation is quite intuitive. Also, you can opt for two drawers for storage under the mattress. They can be fitted on any side of the bed, but they come on request – free of charge though.

You do not have to buy a separate mattress because this bed comes with its own. It is not fitted, so you can use your current one and keep the new one as spare. It is a hand tufted mattress with orthopedic support – ideal for those with back pains or other similar problems.


·         Fancy and luxurious design

·         Lots of storage

·         Mattress with orthopedic support included

·         Headboard can be installed at any end

·         Free drawers for storage on request


·         Only comes in one size, yet you can find almost the same model in larger sizes

·         No point for wheels unless you keep moving the bed from one side of the room to another

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Sleep Factory Ltd Memory Foam Single Divan Bed Set

Whether you live in a flat, your bedroom space is limited or you just want a single bed for your kid with lots of storage, this unit from Sleep Factory Ltd makes one of the most popular divan bed on the market. Not only does it look stylish and fancy, but it also comes with plenty of storage and can seriously add to your space efficiency. It is one of the few models designed and manufactured in house by Sleep Factory Ltd, so you are less likely to find it somewhere else.

The headboard comes in the exact same style – a beautiful light gray that can go into any décor. It seems gray is the new beige in terms of compatibility, as more and more manufacturers rely on it. The unit features caster wheels, as well as two drawers. They are on the same side and suitable for smaller things, while the rest of the storage can accommodate larger things. You simply have more options in terms of organization.

You will not have to buy the mattress separately as it comes with the package – perfect size and the right weight. It is a hand tufted memory sprung mattress – thick and comfortable. It measures eight inches in thickness. As for the bed, it comes in a single size, yet you can find almost identical models from the same manufacturer in other sizes.


·         Comes with a mattress as well

·         Two drawers and a larger space for more organized storage

·         Tall headboard in the same design

·         Looks luxurious and can match any décor

·         Solid wood construction


·         Wheels are not so useful after all

·         Must be assembled upon delivery

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Double Diamond Divan Bed Base

Looking for simplicity and efficiency at the same time? This bed is a good choice then, whether you want a simple design, a beautiful style or an efficient storage capability. Just like most beds out there, this one also requires assembly. It makes a great DIY project if you are into such things. However, you can also order it with an assembly package included, but that will cost you more. Most customers simply choose to follow the instructions instead.

The bed is entirely handmade, so the units are not perfectly identical. It is handmade in the UK, which means it has to bypass the strict regulations of the EU. There are no risks involved with the design, the build or the materials used in the process. The headboard is included in the package. It is padded and matches the relatively black design of the bed – luxurious and excellent for pretty much any décor out there.

Storage is different from what you might expect from a classic divan bed. Basically, you are not actually using the entire surface of the bed for storage. Instead, you have four different drawers – two on each side. On a more positive note, your stuff is not directly on the ground, but protected against dust. Access is easy and the drawers go in and out with a smooth movement.


·         Good looking design

·         Handmade

·         Heavily padded headboard

·         Two drawers on each side

·         Everything is included for installation


·         Wooden supports for the headboard seem a bit fragile when you lean against them

·         Professional assembly package is pricey

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Somnior Beds Divan Bed

Available in more sizing standards and designed to look luxurious and expensive, this model from Somnior Beds is one of the best in terms of package completion. It literally has everything you need, so you are less likely to require any separate purchases. It only comes in one color – white. The double size is the most popular one and measures 74.8×54.3 inches. Counting the headboard, the entire unit is about 26.7 inches in height. It has no caster wheels, so it is extremely stable. It must be assembled though, yet the installation is not that hard.

The divan bed comes with a beautiful mattress that matches the actual unit in terms of design. The mattress is quilted and measures 11 inches in height. It is an orthopedic model that will provide full support – ideal for those with muscle or bone problems. It has 12.5g springs and it features microbound feeling. The quilted fabric adds to its luxurious appearance.

When it comes to storage, you have two large drawers that cover most of the surface of the bed. No space is wasted with this unit. They are equal in size and both located on the same side. The headboard is 24 inches in height. It is padded and just as good looking. The overall construction is based on solid wood, which adds to its overall durability.


·         Large storage area

·         Heavily padded headboard

·         Luxurious design

·         Mattress included

·         Easy to put together


·         Must be assembled

·         Some might find the mattress to be a bit too firm

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Sleep Factory Ltd Silver Crushed Velvet Small Double Divan Bed

While the company sells beds from other manufacturers too, this is one of its top products – designed and made in house. It is made in the UK. In terms of quality, it has successfully passed the strict British and EU regulations – no toxic materials either. It comes in five different sizes, with the small double standard being the most popular one. Despite being advertised as small, it is spacious enough for two large individuals. It measures 47.2×74.8 inches. The headboard attaches to the actual frame for stability.

The bed is made of solid wood, so durability will never be a problem for you. It was designed to look luxurious, yet it comes with an excellent value for money. Everything – including the headboard – is upholstered in designer silver crush velvet. It feels soft and it looks good, but it must be cleaned in a professional manner. Also, it has no caster wheels, but multiple little feet for stability.

When it comes to storage, you can count on two drawers – both located on the same side. They cover the entire surface of the bed, so the manufacturer has thoroughly maximized it. Besides, covering the whole side, the drawers are not even visible. A handmade memory sprung mattress is also included in the package. It is about 10 inches in height. It is rated as a relatively soft mattress.


·         Beautiful velvet design

·         Almost invisible, yet large drawers

·         Stable and solid

·         Mattress included

·         Padded and comfortable headboard


·         No back support from the soft mattress

·         Must be put together

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What to Look for in Divan Beds

Just like with any other type of bedding, finding the best diva beds takes some education and attention to small details. At a first glance, there are no differences between one model and another, apart from sizing and the actual design. However, as you learn more about divan beds, you will notice different types and technologies used in their construction.

Types of Divan Beds

There are more types of divan beds and each of them has its own particularities. For instance, the platform top is the most common one. It is also referred to as a solid top. Basically, there are no springs – the mattress goes directly on the top. These beds are rigid and made of solid wood – especially the top panel, which is supposed to take most of the weight. The top is also upholstered with some padding. This model is excellent for people who need some firmness, whether they are looking for comfort or they are trying to ameliorate back pains.

Other divan beds come with an open coil sprung base. It consists of multiple steel springs – they go straight on the top panel, right under the mattress. Their main role is to provide some softness if the mattress is too firm. Besides, they also add to the durability of your bed. If you need softness, this system is by far the cheapest way to achieve it – forget about fancy mattresses or so called modern technologies.

Pocket sprung divan beds are not to be overlooked either. They come with a full pocket spring system fitted to the frame. It absorbs shocks, provides plenty of support, adds to the softness of the mattress and can even relieve pressure points. It is a luxurious, yet standard feature in many countries. This type of bed is supportive and can reduce random movements during the night.

Legs Versus Caster Wheels

Divan beds on legs represent a unique category themselves. Simply put, they provide more space – you got the top and any of the above mentioned options, but you do not require so much space. After all, the storage space is a bit limited. Luckily, you can access the underneath of the bed. There is also the option to have removable legs for more convenience.

The other option consists of caster wheels. Caster wheels work on a similar principle, yet they are not as tall as the legs. They provide some flexibility because you can literally roll the bed from one place to another. While it sounds like a good idea, it is one of those bells and whistles that most people will never use. After all, how often do you need to move the bed from one side of the room to another?


Storage is usually the main difference between a regular bed and a divan bed. The best divan beds are suitable to those with limited storage space. You can store both small things and bulky items. Options are quite diversified and it makes no difference if you have a sprung base or a platform top. Some units come with two drawers, while others have four. You can also find end drawers or sliders. Some divan beds have no drawers at all, but a different opening mechanism.

High end divan beds come with extra storage, which means you can add some more if the design is fancy and the storage does not cover the whole surface of the bed.

Sizing Standards

The size of your new divan bed is among the main considerations in the process. As a general rule of thumb, bigger is better – no doubts about it. If you have more space to roll and move, your sleep will be deeper and more comfortable. However, there are more factors influencing your decision. Most people buy divan bets if storage is a problem – there is also a category of people who want options. If space is a problem, your bed size might be limited to whatever you can fit in there.

Drawer Design

There are multiple drawer configurations to choose from, depending on storage necessities and personal preferences. Drawers may be on the same side or different sides. How much space do you have? Make sure you will be able to open the drawers. Perhaps sliders would be better if you cannot access the back of your drawers. Less drawers will naturally imply more space, especially for bulky items. After all, they work like dividers, only they are not adjustable.


As a short final conclusion, deciding on the divan bed can be tricky with so many options. You might be tempted to go with common sense – choose the right size and the perfect design. These considerations are definitely important. But how about the functionality of your divan space? If you have enough storage but you only need some extra space for unused stuff or maybe bed sheets, pretty much any model will do. Other than that, the above mentioned models are among the top rated units on the market, so thousands of people just cannot go wrong.​