12 Bed Frames with Drawers That Will Free You From Mess

bed frame with drawers
bed frame with drawers

Beds with drawers popularly referred to as storage beds with drawers are most suitable for all users who fancy the added storage the bed provides. The drawers that are built in under the mattress allows storing things like books , clothes and personal belongings out of sight hence decluttering your area and creating more space. A clutter-free space will also help you get adequate space and wake up feeling fresh.

Even though anyone can use them, people who live in small spaces find them most useful. They can increase their space by storing their things under these beds. They will also accommodate someone who wants a bed that is trendy without having to give up on storage.

Beds with drawers are a boon for people who have space constraints in their homes. Having drawers in your bed allows you to not only save space but also be more economical with your home furnishing as you won’t need to invest in separate storage space. Such beds are perfect for storing bed linen, blanks, clothing along with a host of other items. If you are looking for the best beds with drawers we have prepared a list of 12 beds that come highly recommended by users.

After all as a user you ought to value the feedback of users more than anything else.

Top 12 Best Beds with Storage Drawers

It’s not only feedback, though. The products we have selected below are based on a mix of factors including pricing, features, and user feedback to ensure you get value for money products— and nothing less than that.

1. DHP Rose Queen Storage Upholstered Bed with Drawers

DHP is known for its smart solutions for homes and the Rose Storage Upholstered Bed is no different. This piece of furniture is functional and stylish at the same time. The bed was designed to get you as much functionality as possible while taking up minimal space. It comes with a built-in slat system that allows the mattress to stay fresh while also providing maximum support.

You do not need to place any additional foundation for support the bed takes care of that for you. Unlike most other beds out there, DHP’s offering comes with center legs for additional support. Overall, it is a bed you would want in any home with limited space in the bedroom.

2. Prepac Queen ‘Sonoma’ Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

If you want to make your bed the most functional piece of furniture in your bedroom, this platform storage bed by Prepac is definitely one of the go-to options available right now. You can store everything from linen to shoes in the bed, thanks to the massive 18” deep drawers that are installed on both sides of the bed. The bed is ideal for any bedroom regardless of layout, thanks to the built-in support system.

All you need to do is set up your mattress and you are good to go. The bed also has a number of quality-of-life features like a finger-pull opening system and simplified construction for quick assembly and disassembly.

3. South Shore ‘Summer Breeze’ Bed Frame with 3 Drawers Underneath

South Shore has been in the furniture industry for years. The brand is known to offer a number of eco-friendly beds that boast of comfort and functionality. The Summer Breeze Mates bed is one of their best products with three spacious drawers that are known to offer maximum safety. The bed is fully reversible and is ideal for homes that have limited storage space.

You do not need to get a separate box spring with this bed as the platform is designed to be comfortable with just a mattress. The laminated particleboard of the bed was designed using non-toxic materials. Perhaps the best part is it meets all American safety standards.

4. DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

DHP’s Dakota bed offers the perfect mix of style and functionality with its platform design. Do not let the diamond detailing and stylish metal side rails fool you into thinking that it is just another fancy bed with no functionality. The product comes with four drawers that let you store anything you want, thanks to the large compartments.

DHP didn’t just focus on the storage when designing the bed, they also implemented great features for added comfort when sleeping as well. The air circulation in the bed using the wooden slat system is very efficient; it lets you be comfortable while resting.

5. DHP ‘Maven’ Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage

If you are a professional who has limited space at home, DHP’s Maven platform bed is the perfect solution for you. The functional yet stylish bed offers great back support f as well as four large storage compartments. The low-profile design is ideal for those looking for a more somber look instead of something flashy. The pressure distribution on the bed is the key highlight as it lets you relax comfortably after a long day at work.

Unlike other beds that come with multiple small drawers, with this unit you get access to two very large drawers for added storage. Additionally, there is plenty of air circulation to ensure anything you store is not affected by moisture or heat.

6. Coaster ‘Hillary’ Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers

If you are looking for a bed that comes with storage space specifically for books, Hillary Queen’s bookcase bed is one of the best you can get. It comes with multiple underbed storage drawers as well as two bookcases for bibliophiles within the headboard.

The warm brown finish of the bed offers a vintage aesthetic. The bed is perfect for days when you just want to curl up with your favorite books. The solid hardwood construction accentuates the overall quality of the bed. In fact, you can expect it to offer years of usage. The product comes disassembled but setting it up is very easy even for users who are not accustomed to assembling furniture.

7. Novogratz ‘Kelly’ Bed with Storage

Novogratz has been in business for over two decades and the brand’s products have made it into a number of homes and offices globally. The Kelly Bed is one of the most functional and stylish pieces of furniture you will ever see. It boasts of a modern design featuring clean lines. Plus, it has functional slat support system to boot.

The King-sized bed comes with four spacious drawers that allow you to store your belongings safely. If you are strapped for space, the Kelly Bed is one of the perfect products by Novogratz which will suit you need. You definitely can’t go wrong with it.

8. Discovery World Furniture Twin Bookcase Captains Bed with 6 Drawer Storage

Not everyone needs a king or queen-sized bed but finding a small functional bed with storage compartments can be quite tricky. Discovery World offers the perfect solution for people looking for single beds that offer enough storage space. There are six large drawers that you can configure to either side of the bed.

Unlike other beds with drawers that force you to keep your bed with space on either side, you can place Discovery World’s bed on any corner and still have all drawers accessible. The solid pine construction offers a premium look to the bed. In fact, you can’t go wrong with it if you are a book lover. There are dedicated bookcases built into the headboard of this bed for added convenience.

9. Prepac Platform Bed with 4 Drawers King

If you want to set up a king-sized bed in your bedroom but are strapped for space, Prepac’s King Select bed packs a punch with storage functionality and a massive bed in one beautiful package. The sleek design will catch anyone’s attention but that is not all! What’s even more impressive is the amount of comfort it offers.

The custom design lets the bed stay aligned properly in any bedroom setup. There is an 8.5” ground clearance in case you want to use the space under the bed for storage as well. The rollout drawers also offer plenty of storage space, regardless of the layout of your room.

10. Baxton Studio ‘Ainge’ Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed with 2 Drawers

Baxton is known for its contemporary-style beds that also offer added functionality for homeowners. The light beige color blends in with any interior and the rubber-wood frame ensures your bed stays firmly on the floor even when you’re moving your belongings in and out of the bed.

The bed offers two massive drawers for storage; you can put in anything from your clothes to bed linen inside for safe and convenient storage. Just because the Ainge bed is functional does not mean that it skimps on style. The best part about this bed is you do not need to invest in box springs for every day use.

11. Memomad ‘Bali’ Storage Platform Bed with Drawers

Memomad’s Bali storage platform bed is part of the company’s Brazilian furniture projects. It offers the perfect mix of design, functionality, and quality. The Bali bed is designed for not only aesthetics and comfort, but also for storage. You can keep pretty much anything you want in the six spacious drawers, four shelves, two compartments with doors and two pullout shelves offered by this unit. The drawers also come with eco-leather handles to help you open and close them easily.

Assembling the bed is a breeze: it is ready for installation the moment you take it out of the box. Additionally, it fits right into any kind of bedroom. There are smaller cutouts in the bed as well for keeping books, shoes and other small household items that you may want to keep tucked away under your bed.

12. ‘Merlot’ Full Captain Bookcase Daybed with 3 Storage Drawers and Twin Trundle Bed

If you are looking for a full-sized bed with a bookcase, Merlot has you covered with its daybed that comes with multiple storage drawers and two small shelves for storing your books. The solid durable wooden construction feels premium, thanks to the merlot finish. You can keep anything you want in the under-bed storage compartments. Additionally, there is a standalone trundle unit as well.

The bed comes with included slats kit so you do not have to invest in separate box springs. All you need to do is fit in an appropriate mattress and your bed is fully set up for use. The overall design of the bed is quite impressive. Plus, it lets you take full advantage of limited space.


You can’t go wrong with any of the above beds with drawers. It’s all about finding the right size and the right amount of storage space based on your needs. Every product on the list is designed to meet the needs of homeowners with limited space.

There are three different types of storage beds in the market:

Platform beds with drawers

These beds are specially made to accommodate the drawers. They have stylish frames and storage drawers underneath. This beds are also suitable for a children’s room or even a small shared apartment. The platform bed that has drawers comes with different types either on the side or at the end. The good news is that you can have a platform bed with drawers made for you out of your bed. You need to contact an experienced carpenter to build the drawers.

Divan storage beds with drawers

The Divan beds have the same base as the mattress maximizing on the space. They have different types of beds with a lot of storage space inform of both ottoman style and drawers which gives users a chance to choose a preference. Focusing on the ones with drawers, they are available in most of the collections which include the Standard Sprung, Pocket sprung, Memory foam, Latex Divan, Orthopedic, Zip and Link Divan and base only Divan Series. They come with a series of drawers underneath from one to four drawers depending on the model. They COME in many styles giving the buyer an opportunity to choose. Read more about divan beds.

Ottoman bed with drawers

This bed has both under storage and four drawers with two of them on each side. They offer a vast storage capacity. Ottoman beds are best for the smallest of space. They allow users of different mattresses including latex memory and pocket sprung mattresses. They have a headboard for additional support and are quite heavy minimizing the movement. You should buy this bed if you have a huge need for storage

Factors to consider when buying a storage bed with drawers.

Size of room and bed

Since a bed is the most significant piece of furniture in a room, it would be wise to get a bed that is not too small or too large such that it takes up all space. To get a sense of size before buying, you can set the mattress on the floor to enable you to estimate where the bed will reach. You will need to do this especially when you move to a new house, and your room is different from the previous one. You can also use your pillow or the masking tape to measure the space. Getting the right measurements or a good picture of what the ideal size of your bed will be, you will know what you need.

Storage beds with drawers come with different sizes. There are those that fit one person and others that fits two people. You are bound to find one that suits you from all the list.

Do not forget to check the sizes of bed and mattress. They are likely to differ if they come from different manufacturers. Make sure they fit perfectly for extra spaces; make your bed look awkward. Consider how high you want your bed to be. Bed frames with storage tend to be higher to accommodate the drawers.

Amount of storage space of the bed

These beds come with a different amount of storage space. Some have two large drawers on both sides of the bed which are very useful especially when you live in a small apartment without much space to open up the drawers. The continental drawers come with two drawers and a continental drawer and work best with fitted furniture or bedside table. If you can’t open a full-size drawer, you can use all the space in the bed base. It has two full-size drawers on both sides that provide you with additional maximum storage space. However, every bed manufacturer has different storage specifications. Contact them for specific information. Choosing a bed without enough storage is frustrating. Always ensure you get the amount of room for storage you need before buying

Bed frames

Several bed frames with drawers underneath are available in the market for you to choose from. It is crucial to consider this factor since the structure is the skeleton that will carry the weight of both you and your bed. Getting a sturdy bed frame will make your bed durable whereas a weak bed frame will make it wear and tear easily.

Wooden frames with storage are the most used not only in making beds but also on most household furniture and add elegance to your room. Wood is sturdy, durable, and affordable and creates beauty. Metal frames are made of metal which is timeless. Metal is durable and will make your room look gorgeous and it is also doesn’t appear bulky making your room bigger. Fabric beds are made of fabric materials as a finishing touch. You can have them custom made to fit your preferences and your interior design. When you choose the right fabric, they will brighten up your room. Leather storage beds are made of luxurious genuine and faux leather materials. They add air to your room amidst your preferred traditional or modern taste. The leather is durable; therefore it will last longer and require maintenance frequently.


It is always essential to consider the amount of money you have to spend on a bed. Going for a cheap bed is budget friendly, but the chances of durability are low. You do not need to break your bank with the overly expensive beds. You can find an excellent inexpensive bed that is durable and is perfect for all your needs.

Other considerations

Consider your partners’ insights

If you have a partner, you should always ask for their idea especially when buying a bed in general. You do not want to buy a bed that your significant other finds unattractive let alone useful. Take them with you when you search, they might point out things that you might have missed.

Teat the bed

It is always advisable to test the bed before you buy it. This will help you gauge if it is comfortable enough for you. You should also check the storage drawers and determine if they are intact and also put the storage space into consideration. Now that you are with your partner, you will be in a position to test the bed together and make the purchase decision. It will save you the trouble of buying the bed and have to return it for an exchange.

Bottom line

Storage beds with drawers are suitable for small spaces and a person who uses the items less frequently. Having to rummage through the drawers looking for things every day is tiring. It makes your items look clumsy unless you want to arrange them daily. If you like a bed that you can store your belongings regularly the ottoman storage beds would be a more desirable option for you because you have to lift the bed to pick out an item you want.

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