Kids Beds With Storage

storage bed for kid
storage bed for kid

A Comprehensive to Buying Kids Beds With Storage

There are myriads of reasons you might be looking for the best bed with storage that is specially designed for kids. Maybe your family moved to another house and space is too tight. Maybe your child has grown and he/she has lots of stuff. Whatever your reason is, ensuring that your chosen bed suits the needs of kids is extremely important.

When it comes to beds with storage there are plenty of options where you can choose from. Having that said, determining the best and right one can be a confusing and difficult task. And apart from that, choosing the right bed for kids need different considerations as purchasing a bed for adults. For these reasons we have decided to make a buyer’s guide to help you find the best bed with storage for your child.

We will discuss some of the more common types of kids beds that you will have to choose from. The more you learn about these options, the easier it will be to choose the right one for your children. You’ll quickly find that each of these beds has something different to offer.

When you need to find a comfortable, secure and stylish place for your child to rest their head at night, you will need to consider the following things. You don’t want to rush into this type of decision, because regret will inevitably soon follow.

Most popular types of beds with storage for kids

Bunk Beds with Storage

A bunk bed is a classic choice for parents who need a safe and secure place for their kids to sleep each night. You will need to pay close attention to a few key criteria before deciding on anything in particular.

One of the best things about bunk beds with storage is that they are so compact and can help you save a lot of space. If your kids’ room is cramped to begin with, this is an excellent overall choice.

You’ll need to look for bunk beds with safety features like sturdy guard rails and ladders. There should be an adequate rail around the top bunk to prevent fall out accidents. This will minimize the chance of injury to your children.

Look for bunk beds with storage spaces that are both convenient and adequately sized. A lot of these beds have drawers on the bottom that slide out. This will give your children the perfect place to put their toys, school projects and other things.

It is particularly crucial to get a bunk bed that is made of a sturdy material like wood or metal. Solid wood is very durable, lasts a long time and has a classic aesthetic. Metal beds are equally as tough and long-lasting with more of a modern style.

Some bunk beds come with standalone modular dressers with a series of drawers that slide out. Not everyone has the space for this, but it is still something to consider. If your child needs a dresser in his or her room, buying a bunk bed with one can make for a good deal.

There are also bunk beds that have steps leading up to the top bunk that also serve as storage spaces. You can slide the steps/drawers open to store a variety of things. This is definitely one of the most versatile storage bed designs on the market. It will give your child a convenient place to put their belongings as well as a safe way to make it to the top bunk.

Captain Beds

A captain bed, or storage bed as it is also known, is another option worth considering. These beds are another good choice if you don’t have much space in your children’s room. Because they are so popular, you will have a wide variety of models to choose from.

Before you buy one of these beds, you will need to pick out a place for it. When you have the storage drawers full, the bed will be very difficult to move. This is why you need to choose a permanent spot for it. Take the time to measure out how much space you have so you can get the right size.

You can buy standalone captains beds or ones that have a modular design. Make sure that the bed you get for your kids has enough storage space. The sliding storage drawers are usually located at the base, and some of them even have a shelf built into the headboard. There are some models that have multiple levels of sliding drawers for maximum storage.

If the bed is particularly tall, it might have a bottom drawer that slides out to act as a step, allowing your child to get on without any issues. These beds also usually have a top drawer that is reserved for storage.

Most captain beds have a wood base, but you need to pay close attention to the material. You don’t want to get a bed that will start falling apart soon after you put it together. It should be a solid and durable wood material that is going to last a long time.

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Cabin Beds

Cabin beds are highly versatile pieces of furniture that can serve as a secure place to sleep and an ideal storage area. Many of these beds feature a desk that your child can use to do homework and study. Because the desks are usually built in, they take up far less room than a freestanding desk. Other models come with a freestanding desk that your child can use when they need and tuck it underneath the bed the rest of the time.

Some cabin beds also have an additional bed, which is perfect if you have two children who share a room. There are numerous styles and configurations to choose from, so you will do well to examine your options carefully. 

The quick access storage that these beds offer is definitely one of the best things about them. They make it very easy for kids to put away their toys and other items after they are done using them.

A lot of kids love cabin beds because they have an inherently fun design that encourages their creativity and imagination. Your children can pretend that they are in a boat on the open sea or high up in a fortress.

You’ll want to find cabin beds that have a color scheme that will go well in your child’s room. Consider what the color of the walls in the room is before making up your mind. Many of these beds are primarily white with secondary colors of blue, pink, brown and others.

A vast majority of cabin beds are known for being very sturdy and long-lasting. This means that you can most likely on the ones you get to last as long as you need them. Most of these beds have a solid wood construction that can withstand the rough and tumble nature of kids.

There are quite a few of these beds that are designed to accommodate children as they grow and get bigger. While you might have to spend a little bit more on one of these beds, it is worth the investment. You won’t have to worry about getting your child another bed and putting it all together anytime soon.

When you start looking into cabin beds online, you will notice that there are lots of unique styles and designs. Some of these beds have a pirate theme while others have a princess design that is geared towards girls. You will definitely want to take some time to explore these options before making a final decision.

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Ottoman Beds

One of the main defining characteristics of an ottoman bed is the storage space underneath the mattress. The hinged base allows you to lift up the top part of the bed to storage various items in the hollowed out area. It is sometimes divided into sections for different types of items.

Ottoman beds are typically very easy to assemble and are available in a variety of designs. The storage is known for being particularly well-organized. This will make it easy for your child to keep all of their toys and everything else in its proper place.

If you are looking for kids beds with storage, this is one of the best options you have. These beds certainly offer the largest storage areas on average. With ottoman beds you need to focus on the base, as it is the central part. Make sure you get a bed with a solid wood base that is at least reasonably durable.

One of the drawbacks to these beds is that you cannot typically store heavy items in them due to the weight limits. Because you are buying the bed for a child, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The ottoman bed you get must have a solid overall design and construction. This is mainly because they have to be capable of lifting a good amount of weight. If the bed is shabbily built or constructed, it won’t last very long at all. If you want to avoid wasting your money, you will need to keep this in mind.

Look for ottoman beds that use stitchbond. This is a type of plastic coating that is very strong and usually lasts quite a while before showing signs of wear. The gas struts in these beds are what support the weight of the mattress. You need to make certain that these struts can support the weight of your mattress so there won’t be any issues. Always look for metal struts, as plastic ones are a lot flimsier and don’t last very long at all.

You also need to keep in mind that ottoman beds require a decent amount of strength to lift up. If this doesn’t particularly appeal to you, a divan model might be a better option. Divan ottoman beds often have drawers that you can easily pull out for storage.

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Beds with Storage Headboards

There are quite a few nice beds with storage headboards that will give your kids the perfect place to keep books, toys and much more. Some of these beds built-in shelves while others offer drawers that slide out. You will also find beds that offer a combination of these two.

As far as materials go, you should focus on finding a bed that is made of solid wood. Oak, maple, cherry and cedar are some of the sturdiest wood materials for these beds. They are pretty much guaranteed to stand the test of time. If you are going to drop a significant amount of money on a new bed for your child, you want to make sure it lasts.

You should look for beds that utilize the entire headboard for storage. This means no empty spaces where a shelf or drawers could be. If you are going to get one of these beds, you might as well get all of the storage you can out of it. A combination of shelves and slide-out drawers is always a good option to consider.

One of the great things about these beds is that they come in so many different styles and designs. You shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever finding one that is perfect for your child. Some of them are clearly designed more for boys while others are made with girls in mind.

You might also want to think about buying a bed with storage in the headboard and in front. This will give you more space for your child to put their things. These beds can also have slide-out drawers built into the base like with Captain beds.

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Final Thoughts

With all of the different kids beds with storage that are available, choosing the right ones can feel a bit overwhelming. It is important that you consider all of the information and buying tips provided in this article. Buying a new bed isn’t cheap, so you want to get your money’s worth in every way.

Regardless of the style of the bed, you want to make sure it is sturdy and lasts a while. Consider getting a bed with a versatile design that your child can grow into. This will eliminate the need to purchase another one in just two or three more years. Some beds are better than others for this, so you’ll have to really explore your options.