Finding the Best Cabin Beds for Kids and Toddlers

Kids Cabin Beds
Kids Cabin Beds

Childrens Cabin Beds Buying Guide

Kids Cabin Beds
Childrens Cabin Beds

Some great varieties emerged in children’s beds. Kids’ cabin beds are probably the most popular ones because of their unique design and features. This type of children’s bed features an elevated bed along with a built-in ladder. It is different from bunk beds because the bed will be placed up to 40” above the ground.

There is no second bed placed underneath the cabin bed. That free space can be used to set storage sections and also for placing a tiny-little desk. You can buy childrens cabin beds equipped with a cupboard, drawers, and also with a small desk. Thus, every kid’s cabin bed features ample storage underneath the bed. These beds got popular not only because of their functional features but also because of their looks and unique charm.

There is a big range of cabin beds, so the selection of a right one for your kids’ bedroom can be a bit confusing. Continue reading and you will reveal some very interesting facts about kids cabin beds and how to make a choice.

How kids cabin beds are different from mid sleeper and high sleeper beds?

Childrens cabin beds are very different from their close alternatives such as mid sleepers and high sleepers. All three beds are considered ideal for saving space in the children’s bedroom. However, there are some features that differentiate these beds. A great understanding of similarities and differences between these beds can guide you towards a perfect bed for your children’s bedroom.

All three types of beds feature some elevated space below the mattress. That space can be used for storage, study, and also for playing games with toys. A high sleeper bed features the mattress high above the ground. There will be open space below the mattress. If a bed features the mattress 40” or higher, it is considered a high sleeper bed. This type of beds provides up to 34” of storage underneath the mattress. This kind of beds is not ideal for toddlers and kids up to 3 years of age.

A mid sleeper bed lies between the high sleeper and cabin beds. If you do not want a bed which has mattress placed too high but yet you want something like a high sleeper, you can choose a mid sleeper bed. This type of beds comes in a variety of styles and it can be a center of attraction in the children’s bedroom at your home.

Most of the parents choose cabin beds for kids because these raised beds also feature space for storage, desks, drawers, and wardrobes. You can choose from many prefab designs or go for a custom-built design that features storage or open space according to your plans. Even though there is a small children’s bedroom at your home, a cabin bed can make it look bigger and perfect for the needs of your kids.

You can easily maximize the space by setting one or more cabin beds in your kids’ bedroom. There are many other features that make cabin beds an ideal choice for your home. Let’s take a look at some benefits and features of kids cabin beds.

  • Childrens cabin beds save space:

A normal bed is not designed to save space. It is designed simply to provide a comfortable space for sleeping. You need to place a separate drawer, cupboard, desk, and other things in the kid’s bedroom to make it look well equipped. You may not place all such things if the kids’ bedroom is very small. Only kids cabin beds provide the best solution. It will cover smaller space in the bedroom, provide multiple drawers to store toys, books, clothes, etc. and some designs of cabin beds also feature free space for gameplay.

  • It keeps your kid active:

Some parents may wonder that it can be difficult for their kids to climb the ladder up and down. A high sleeper bed may not be a perfect choice for a little child, but cabin beds are not too complex or risky. These beds feature a small ladder that is very easy to climb up and down. The kids might find a little daunting during the first and second attempt, but soon they will love it. They may probably rely more on drawers and other sections of the bed once they get familiar with it. The cabin bed will keep your kid active throughout the time and become a great reason to come back in the room for your kids.

  • Cabin beds are cost-effective solutions:

When you decide to buy a kids cabin bed, you pay only for the bed. As you can check online, this bed comes in various shapes and designs. The added storage sections come for free with this bed. In addition, you do not need box springs, headboards, and other things to complete the bed. The retailers provide a complete cabin bed with all the equipped features. That’s what makes cabin beds a cost-effective choice. If you still think it is expensive, then consider its price with ordinary beds, storage sections, and other features come offered with cabin beds.

  • Flexible in design:

Kids grow much faster. Their needs also change with growing age and you need to make sure that they feel comfortable, even when get bigger. A childrens cabin bed is a flexible choice because you can easily increase the elevation. Not all the cabin beds provide this option, but some do. So, you can check this particular feature before buying the bed to ensure you choose a flexible one for your child’s bedroom.

  • Great for having fun in the house:

As we all know, it is very hard to restrict kids’ movements in the house. They always want to go out and play with their friends. It is obviously not what parents want. They want their kids to stay inside the house and play safely. The kids cabin beds are designed to be attractive and impressive for all the little ones. There is no doubt that kids may soon get over it, but parents can choose a cabin bed that provides various fun features.

Things to consider before buying childrens cabin beds:

Your kid is ready to sleep in a cabin bed if he is six years old. The experts suggest that parents should switch their kids’ bed once the kid passes the stages of falling down. Your kid is probably ready to begin this new experience and that’s why you are looking for the cabin bed. Buying a perfect kids cabin bed would be a lot easier if you carefully consider the below-explained factors.

  • Look for the safety features:

Whenever you buy a new thing for your child, you should always ensure it is safe or not. Your child’s safety should be your top priority and it should not change when buying a new cabin bed. It is obvious that your child will spend a lot of time on the bed and also playing around it. So, the bed should be equipped with all the necessary safety features.

You should carefully check what kind of rail is surrounding the cabin bed. The rail should be high enough to prevent the kid from falling down. Kids keep moving during their sleep and therefore the rail should be high enough to prevent the kid from falling out. In addition, the rail should not wear down if pressure applied otherwise you will have to find a repairman for fixing it.

Make sure you are buying a bed that has no sharp edges and corners. It can hurt your kid while sleeping or goofing around the bed. All the sharp edges and rail should be covered in cushion and corners should be secured to prevent all the chances of injuries.

  • Frame material:

Another very important factor you should consider is the frame material. Bedroom furniture is prepared from two popular materials, wood or metal. Both wood and metal have different features and drawbacks. Let’s take a look:

Wood made cabin beds are prepared from coated boards to keep the children safe against injuries. A cabin bed made of pine or beech wood made coated boards will be an ideal choice for your kid’s bedroom. It will feature a wooden ladder along with wooden storage section.

Most of the manufacturers use metal to prepare high sleepers. However, you can still find some metal made kids cabin beds in the furniture shop. These beds are renowned for their sturdy frames, but the ladder will be fixed to the bed. A metal made cabin bed will be a bit heavier, so you may require some extra hands to move it.

  • What accessories should be there?

You are planning to buy a cabin bed for your child’s bedroom, it will obviously come with extra accessories. You get multiple choices in the design and accessories such as beds with storage drawers, cupboards, and beds with space to place a tiny desk or wardrobe below it. Go for a bed with quality accessories including shelves or drawers to get additional storage space.

Some parents might consider a simple bed for their kids, if the children’s bedroom is already equipped with shelves, desk, storage drawers, etc. They might decide to choose a simple design’s bed, but what if your kid will not like it? Today’s kids are very smart and they know the difference between things designed for kids and not designed for kids. Choose a bed with tiny drawers, shelves, and wardrobe or desks, your kid will love it. Your child would love to gather all his friends and spend some quality time around the bed, when in the mood of playing some games.

  • Custom made or prefab?

You will have to search for a reliable furniture store that produces tailor-made furniture. It may or may not provide some great designs in kids’ cabin beds. If you think that you cannot find a prefab bed in a perfect size according to available space in your child’s bedroom, then take a look at available options in online furniture stores. You will get amazed at how many choices are available there. You can easily find a perfect size bed that will fit perfectly into your kid’s bedroom and provide enough space to sleep comfortably and play when the kid is not sleeping.

  • Cost:

Cost may not be a major factor for some people, but still the accessories, quality, and looks of the bed will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Set a budget and start looking for cabin beds under that budget. Prefer the online purchase to get the best quality cabin bed without spending a lot of money. Online retailers provide some great alternatives in cabin beds. You get better choices in size, colours, designs, and material of the bed. So, try to get it online.

  • Check the reviews:

What if you want to buy a perfect kids cabin bed but you do not have enough time to consider all the listed things? It does not mean you should pick any bed you first see on the website. Spend some time reading expert reviews and user reviews. The expert reviews will reveal top quality cabin bed models. Now, just shortlist the best beds according to their size and then check their reviews to know the pros and cons. It is how you can quickly buy cabin beds without spending a lot of time doing research.

Final thoughts:

All the parents wish to provide their kids with the best things so that they can enjoy their time and stay happy all the time. When it comes to comfort, there should be no compromise with the quality of the bed. Even though your budget is not so high, you can go online and get some great options in cabin beds.

You will pay a less expensive amount to buy the bed and get a cabin bed equipped with quality accessories, made of durable material, and robust enough to stay intact for many years. So, go online, find some great cabin bed models, consider the explained factors, and buy a perfect bed for your kid.