Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For The Best Folding Ottoman Sofa Bed

ottoman sleeper
ottoman sleeper
Folding Sofa Bed

Some of you will need an ottoman sleeper because it is practical, others will want it because it looks great while the third will treat it as a fashion piece of furniture. Regardless of why you need it, getting one is a wise decision to make. These items are very practical, desirable and they look like nothing else. Of course, you need to know how to find the best possible Ottoman sleeper.

We’ve researched converible ottoman beds quite a bit in the recent months, and found these top beds that we highly recommend, given they pass our stress tests, and general ‘must haves’ check-boxes for sturdy and durable pieces.
The last thing to do is pick your size, and then set your new bed up! If you have one of these particular beds, we’d love to hear your experience!

Top 3 Best Ottoman Sleepers in 2019

Rivet Fold Out Ottoman Sofa Bed

This is a ‘can’t pass up’ bed for anyone in a space saving situation. Anything from dorm rooms, to living with roommates, to just not having the larger space you need, this has you covered. It’s sleek, classy, and soft on the eye. As an extra little bonus, if you don’t want anyone to know this is a bed, no one has to know, because it doubles beautifully as a comfortable and standard extra seating space. When the day turns to night, you can easily lift the seat cushion, pull the frame, and VOILA! You’re now ready to settle in for a cozy nights rest. As a note, this mattress is fully capable of being fitted with a sheet, and a pillow, and placed back into the ottoman, allowing you to open up a made bed at the ready. While this isn’t the storage bed we’ve noted above, this is a suggested ‘love’ due to the ability to literally hide a bed in plain sight, with it’s well thought out design allowing practicality to mingle with decor and overall room-feel setting. Don’t let the idea of ‘doubles as a seat’ fool you either, this bed is 48” x 29”, giving ample room to get comfy! You can snag yours up in just the click of a button via Amazon

iBed: Convertible Ottoman Bed by Corner Housewares

Isn’t this gorgeous? Bold, manly, stylish, and it doesn’t stop there. This stunning ottoman sofa bed opens up to reveal a comfortable 2” thick foam mattress that’s been crafted with everyday use in mind. Use this as your daily sleeper, or use this as the surprise guest bed, either way, you’re going to get many nights of sleep out of the generously soft mattress. Not only that, but when you pull this bed from it’s sneaky ‘just a chair’ setting, you’ll find that the bed extends to a full 82.5”, great for the taller individuals that need the extra leg room. Also makes this a great option if you’re constantly sharing your bed with a pet, giving them more than enough room to squeeze in and be just as comfortable. If you’re as in love with the design as we are, you can pop on over and grab your very own iBed via the below hyperlink

Folding Ottoman Sleeper by Handy Living

The last one wasn’t sneaky enough for you? This one should hit the mark! Beneath this inviting cover, you’ll find a convertible bed that’s ready to be assembled in just 4 quick steps. You can quickly go from ‘extra chic table’ to seating, and then pop a bed up quickly with this great design. One of the best parts about this one is also the fact that it comes without the need for assembly. It’s ready to go right out of the box, you can place it and get it in use immediately. This one comes with three individual foam mattress cushions that, once assembled, turns into an eye opening, high quality mattress with the cozy feel of a standard sleeper without always having to be on display. If you find that this one really sparks your interest, you can easily find your very own with the below link:

Buyer’s Guide for the Ottoman Sleeper

An ottoman sleeper (also known as ottoman sofa bed) may look like a simple piece of furniture, but you definitely need to remember it is far from that. As such, there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration which will help you find a model that matches your criteria. Those factors are explained below.


Today, convertible ottoman beds come in several different forms. You won’t be able to find futuristic designs simply due to the fact this is considered as a traditional piece of furniture. Anyway, the most important factor to consider is the design. In general, there are 3 main types.

  • Round

Round ottoman sleepers do exist but they are rare. They usually don’t provide a big bed and they are considered to be accessories rather than separate pieces of furniture. Chances are low that you will get a model with this shape.

  • Square

Yes, square ottoman sofa beds do exist as well, although they are not very popular. The biggest difference between this type and others is in the compact size. These models are much smaller and they require less space, obviously. However, they also don’t offer storage space whatsoever.

  • Rectangular

Rectangular models are usually considered as the high-end units. They offer the highest amount of storage space and the longest list of benefits and advantages. They also feature a massive bed and they are loved for the comfort they offer. Keep in mind that they do require more space than aforementioned types and they can blend into your home décor.


The second, important factor to consider is the material of the ottoman. In this case scenario, we are referring to the exterior material of the seating elements, not the frame.

  • Leather

It is the most durable and the most desirable option. Leather ottoman sleepers can last for decades and they look elegant. Black ones are very appealing at the moment and they can look excellent regardless of where and why you are using one. If you want more subtle approach, go for a beige leather.

  • Fabric

Fabric ottoman sofa beds are extremely popular. They are considered as affordable, desirable and versatile. Yes, you can find literally any color and any design you are looking for. Fabric is reasonably durable and it is easy to clean.

  • Rattan

Rattan models are popular among users who will use them indoor and outdoor. The biggest advantage is in the fact you can change the color of your ottoman within minutes. All you need is a brush and some paint and you are done. Keep in mind that rattan ottomans must be kept away from humidity and heat.

  • Foam

We are referring to memory foam. Ottomans made from this material are very affordable, easy to use and they are extremely comfortable. If you suffer from chronic pain, you need a foam ottoman sofa bed. They are also very durable.


As always, choosing the right size is more important than you may believe. Ottoman sleepers come in all kinds of sizes. Most of them, or better said the most ideal choice is 30×78 inches and we can treat them as standard models. Anything under that is considered as a smaller bed and higher will be a bigger one.

The size should be chosen according to the space you have in your room. Always go for the biggest model you can place in the room. It will provide plenty of space and it can be used by taller people. Choose smaller ones if you don’t have enough space.


All models come with some kind of a frame. You should choose a strong and durable one. Basically, you have three options. Some models come with frames made from plastic or thin metal. They should be avoided. The frame isn’t strong enough and it can’t last for a long period of time.

The next set of models come with a steel frame which is excellent. The only drawback is the weight. Those models are heaviest of them all. Aluminum frames are considered as a great compromise. They are lightweight, yet they can withstand a lot of weight and they can last for a long period of time.


All ottoman sleepers can be divided into two main groups. The first one is a group which requires you to assemble them. It is something most of you can do it all by yourself, but the matter can’t be generalized. If the user manual is complicated and you are not skillful with the tools, you will fail and you will have to hire a professional. All of this refers to a higher cost of having an ottoman sofa bed ready in your room.

The second type is pre-assembled ottomans. They are slightly more expensive, but all you have to do is to unfold them and you are ready to use it. They also don’t require any adjustments or anything like that. We can say that they are a wise investment.


Weight is another, crucial factor to consider. You need an ottoman sleeper that is lightweight and can be moved across the room all by yourself. Not all models are light so you need to check out the exact weight before purchasing one. Some of you will say that the best ottomans of this kind are the ones that can be moved easily across the house. Just to add, ideal weight is around 50 pounds, for average-sized models.


Ask literally anyone and he will tell you that the comfort is super-important part of convertible ottoman bed. In essence, the most comfortable models are made from memory foam fabric. They are just great to sit or sleep on them. Leather models are very desirable due to the feeling they provide while lying on them. To get the best level of comfort, go for a model with thick memory foam.


Density refers to the density of the memory foam. The average is 32 which is medium firm. A higher number means that foam is harder. A lower number means it is softer. Take a closer look once you have discovered a model you want and check its density rating. Medium firm is usually the best choice and it will last for a long period of time.

Weight load

All ottoman sofa beds have a weight load. In most cases, you are looking at 200 pounds which doesn’t sound like much, but keep in mind that these are small pieces of furniture with thin construction. A weight load is always linked to the weight of the ottoman and the material of the frame. Heavier models with a steel metal frame can support more weight. Lighter units with an iron frame can support less weight. There is no need to add that a weight load must be obeyed at all times unless you want to break your ottoman sleeper.


As you know already, each piece of furniture must be maintained properly. This includes cleaning the exterior material, removing dust and stains. Leather models are the best in this case scenario. Cleaning them is extremely easy and you will need 2 minutes to complete the entire cleaning process. You can use strong solutions and stains will always be removed. This isn’t something we can say about the fabric models. They are usually more sensitive and they require careful maintenance.

Foam certification

In order to be as careful as possible, take a look at the certification of the foam used in your ottoman sofa bed. It should be certified and you should see something like CertiPUR-US. This means that the foam is made without ozone depletes, mercury and it is safe to use.


Color is the first factor to consider, for some people. It is more than just important and it has a huge effect on the overall result. Let’s imagine a case where you found a great convertible ottoman bed but it is available in black only. All our furniture is white. You can’t get it. Luckily recommended models come in white and black, among other colors. Always choose a model that is available in multiple colors so you can get the one you like the most. Some units come in over 20 different colors and they are definitely recommended.


All of the aforementioned points are important factors you need to consider. We can say that all of them are equally important. In order to get the best Ottoman sleeper, it will meet the full set of criteria and it will meet all your requirements afterward. These items do come in all sizes, shapes and made from different materials, which makes choosing the one you need complicated, without this guide at least.

This article rounds out our absolute top 5 ottoman style beds, paying attention to the sizing and spacing needs most of us have. These finalists have matched up, or overshot our standards when it comes to a comfortable, restful sleep – and these beds stand on their own where storage is concerned! We’re confident that you’ll find any of these beds in your top 5 as well!