Best Queen Storage Beds – Reviews and Guide

queen bed frames with storage

A Comprehensive Guide about Queen Bed Frames

queen bed frames with storage

Are you aware of the fact that a bed is the focal point of your room so it is essential that you should get it right for creating a restful retreat? The good news is that there are many options available so you should consider the design, style, and size to select the perfect bed for your room.

Different bed types available

When you are about to select the style of your bed, then it should match up with decoration preferences of your room for achieving a cohesive look. Now, let us look at some of the most popular bed styles.

Platform beds

The Platform beds have a modern look, and they eliminate the footboards. These beds look best with the low-profile box springs because this helps to accentuate their horizontal lines. The Platform bed looks great in a contemporary home.

Traditional beds

When you go for traditional beds, then they feature side rails, footboard and a headboard. Such beds have a classic look that works well with a standard box spring. The benefit of opting for the traditional beds is that they are available in a wide range of materials. They look great in rooms with traditional d├ęcor and look fabulous in rooms inspired by a historical era.

Choosing the bed material


If you are looking for a durable bed, then metal is the best material to choose. These beds have clean lines and look pretty in modern homes.


The truth is that the beds are the most popular material for beds. The benefit of wood is that it can be repainted in any color. There is no denying the fact that wood is a versatile material so it can support curved headboards without a problem. Wood headboards with carvings also look great.

Fabric Upholstery

Upholstered beds have become a popular concept in recent years. Usually, the bed frame is made up of metal or wood. Most of the upholstered beds have padding, and they are wrapped in fabric for giving a plush look. Most of the upholstered beds are tufted to give a quilted look.

Considering the different bed sizes

When you are choosing a queen bed, then make sure that you consider the height of the sleeper and the number of sleepers for choosing your bed.

Selecting the perfect headboard

When you are about to choose your bed, then you should consider your headboard also. Before selecting your headboard, you should evaluate your requirements. If you are in the habit of dozing off when hitting your bed, then you should go for a headboard made up of metal or wood.

You can even select a headboard with open grillwork or slats. If you are in the habit of sitting up in the bed, then going for an upholstered headboard will be a smart idea. The benefit of the padded options is that you can prop up in comfort. When the headboard is padded, then you feel that you are sitting on a couch.

The best thing to do will be to invest in a wood headboard, and you will need to invest in a cushion for softening the back.

Going for storage beds

If you are moving into a small space, then it will be a smart idea to go for a bed that offers storage space. When there are drawers available under the mattress, then it can help to avoid clutter in the room.

Focusing on the width of the slats

When you plan to buy a queen-sized bed, then make sure that you pay special attention to the slats also. If there is a wide distance between the slats, then there are chances of wearing and tearing the mattress. What you need to keep in mind that the slats should not have a distance of more than 2.5 inches between them.

Pay attention to the box spring

You need to pay attention to the box spring also when buying the bed. The springs offer support to the mattress. Now, what you need to do is opt for a box spring that comes with the bed frame, and it should not touch the floor.

Top 10 Queen-Sized Beds With Storage – OUR PICKS

DPH “Rose” Queen Upholstered Bed Frame With Storage Drawers

If you are looking for a bed designed to perfection, then grey velvet queen upholstered bed will live up to your expectations. The best thing about this bed is that it is easy to put together. It will take just about an hour to set up this bed. Secondly, the bed has a solid frame.

The drawers are made well and are quite huge. Plus, the drawers have a locking mechanism too so you will not have to worry about your little ones opening up the drawers. What you will love about this bed is that the material does not feel cheap also so go for it.

Novogratz “Kelly” Bed With 4 Storage Drawers

Are you looking for a bed with a clean and silhouette design? If yes, then Novogratz bed is the best choice. You can get this bed in dark grey and green linen. The bed does not require a spring box also because it has a bentwood slat support.

It has about four drawers that roll out for easy access. The drawers have ample space, and you can put a lot of items in the drawers. Well, this is why you should not give a second thought to buying this bed.

Prepac Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed With 6 Drawers

Prepac Queen bed is available with about 6 spacious drawers. There are 3 drawers on each side, and they have a depth of about six inches. What makes these drawers stand out is that they are constructed using high-quality laminate wood. The best part is that it will not be a problem for you to move the drawers on all-metal roller glides.

The pressboard is made up of vinyl woodgrain, but it is quite sturdy. The bed has a semi-gloss finish that adds to its grandeur. What is worth appreciating is that the headboard is free-standing so you can use it with any bed.

Baxton Studio “Armeena” Modern Queen Bed Frame With Storage and Headboard

The Baxton Studio has a mesmerizing design and will contribute to the beauty of your room. What you will like about this bed is that it comes with about three drawers that are quite spacious.

The bed has classic black legs. The wooden frame has a solid construction with foam padding. The fantastic bed color symbolizes a modern lifestyle. You get detailed step-by-step instructions for assembling the bed so even a novice can manage the job without a problem.

The support for the bed is made up of strips of wood, and this helps to construct a solid skeleton of the bed. Well, this is why you should not be reluctant to invest in this bed.

Coaster “Hillary” Queen Bed With Drawers and Bookcase Headboard

The Hilary Queen Bed is designed using maple wood. It has a perfect warm brown finish. The drawers are big enough for keeping small pants and small shirts. Plus, you can keep 7.5-inch heels in the drawers also.

The exciting part is that the middle drawers are lined with faux velvet so you can keep fragile items in these drawers also. Plus, sliding the drawers is also not an issue. The headboard of the bed has extra space to keep books also.

What you will love about this bed is that it is designed to be durable so we can term it as a worthwhile investment.

Baxton Studio Queen “Ainge” Contemporary Button-Tufted Upholstered Storage Bed

Baxton has just unveiled a fabulous contemporary platform bed. The light-beige upholstery adds to the charisma of this bed. It has a great button-tufted headboard, and that comes with perfect foam padding.

The best thing about the padding is that it is quite firm. The drawers also tend to slide out easily without a problem. All the necessary parts are packaged with the bed, so assembling will not take you a lot of time.

What deserves appreciation is that the bed has a modern neutral design that gains the attention of the onlooker.

Prepac Tall Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed With 12 Drawers

The Prepac BBQ bed has a modern design that is bound to compel you to buy it. The best part is that it is available in two different color options. You can go for black or espresso color. What most people worry about is that with the passage of time, the bed will develop scratches. However, you do not need to worry at all.

The bed has a black laminate that protects the bed, and it is bound to last for a long time to come. The Prepac bed comes with easy to follow instructions so it will not take you a lot of time to assemble the bed.

Greatime Queen Leatherette Lift Up Storage Bed

Are you looking for a bed with extra storage space? If yes, then Queen bed by Greatime will not disappoint you at all. The bed has a tufted headboard. It has a perfect hydraulic lift. Even if you have a heavy mattress, it will not be a problem to lift the bed. Now, the good news is that the bed does not have any rattles or squeaks.

It has a subtle and classic look. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions to put the bed together, so this is yet another plus. It has a perfect bed slats too so you can buy this bed with confidence.

Coaster Modern Gray Upholstered Bed With Storage Drawers Underneath

The Coaster Home Bed stands out because it has a distinctive profile. It has soft grey upholstery from top to bottom, and this adds an eye-catching look to the room. The bed has about two drawers, and you can conveniently put all your items in the drawer.

The drawers have plenty of space, and you can put in some extra bedding in these drawers. The bed is made up of the best quality materials so it can last for a long time to come. Since the bed has a neutral color scheme, it aligns with the theme of any room. Well, this is why you should go for this bed right away.

DHP “Dakota” Upholstered Platform Bed with Tufted Headboard and Storage Drawers

DHA Dakota bed symbolizes modern living. White faux leather is put to use to design this bed and the button tufted upholstered platform looks remarkable. It has padded leather upholstery also. Now, what you will like about this bed is that it is easy to maintain.

You can clean the surfaces with a wet cloth. Another aspect worth mentioning is that the faux leather is very soft. Plus, you will not have to worry about the damage of the bed because the leather is of superior quality.

The best part is that even if you place this bed in a small room, it will not look obstructive.