Wooden Bed Frames

Various Bed frames – how to choose one?

wooden bed frame

When it is finally the time and you are looking to just get rid of that lumpy and old mattress, there is more to be considered along with its size, price and comfort level. You are also going to be needing a very fine piece of a bed frame which can support your new mattress and help you in protecting the investment you have made. The right combination of the bed frame and the headboard will also go a long way in adding a decorative flavor to the setting of the bedroom which also reflects your lifestyle and personality.

A bed frame of a very good quality will definitely provide support to your mattress, help you in sleeping the way you need to and will also set the tone of styling for the furniture in your bedroom. The choices are just endless – all the way from wooden bed frames to metal based bed frames, to styles that are upholstered and then you also have bed frames which have storage built into them. So, when you are starting to look for a bed frame and want to think over which bed frame may be the best for you, begin with some of these questions:

  • How much area do I have to accommodate my bed, including the headboard and the frame?
  • How in the world will I get my bed frame all the way home?
  • What is the size of my mattress?
  • How tall should my mattress and the top of headboard be to make me feel conformable?

The answers that you get to these particular questions will definitely help you in narrowing down your search and also arm you with the much-needed information that you need.

Basic bed frames

The basic kind of bed frames are usually made out of wood or metal, and consists of a head, a foot and the side rails which hold and support your mattress and the foundation in their place. Then there are the headboards and footboards which are more ornamental, which can be connected to the foot rails and the head to provide the bedroom with a designer kind of look.

Then there are the bed frames, which have a rectangular shape. They are supported by the feet that are connected to each of the four corners which keep the foundation and mattress away from the floor and clear of the cold air. The feet attached to the some of the bed frames also have wheels or glides, which are called caster, which make it easy in moving for purposes of cleaning below the bed or in arranging the room to a different setting. Varying by the weight, the larger mattresses such as kings, California kings and queens may also require one or more rails for support in the center, as well as some extra supporting feet on both the side rails.

Platform beds

The platform beds happen to be a variation of the standard kind of bed frame systems for support. They usually consist of a single piece steel framework which is welded with a foundation that is built in and is made out of either some heavy gauge crossed wired with a sequence of metal slats that are placed in a lateral position just between the two of the side rails or they are made out of a solid panel which holds up the heavy mattress. The platform beds that are low profile do away with the need for and cost of foundations made of box springs, and many of them also feature a built in below the bed drawers for storage.

Bed Beams

Bed beams form a kind of support systems for a mattress and they use suspended beams made out of steel suspension instead of the slats in order to hold the mattresses in their place and help them prevent sagging. These beams are much stronger than the traditional slats made of wood, which actually is very important when they are put to use for holding up the thicker spring and the mattresses which have a heavy body, such as the kinds that are made out of latex. The actual beams, which happen to be placed in a lateral direction between the two side rails of the bed frame, are in turn supported by the individual legs, which can be so adjusted so as to level and balance the surface to be used for sleeping.

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames are very simply put, the kings at versatility. Whether you want classic or contemporary, elegant or simple; bed frames made out of metal may work in almost all schemes, since there are just so many different kinds you can choose from If you are looking for a bed frame that will last you a long time, then metal should be your choice as metal is probably as tough as you may be able to get. Generally speaking, bed frames made out of metal are cheaper as compared to wood, so you will be left with more money that you can put towards a better-quality mattress and the metal will not be damaged by mold or by the insects, so it will continue staying looking just great for many more years to come.

Fabric bed frames

Bed frames made out of fabric are available in a variety of colors, materials and style to add a sense of much needed warmth to the bedroom. You can add a touch of some luxury with the use of faux leather or a leather made bed frame. While actual real leather can make an awesome statement, it will definitely need some TLC so it can last as much as a metal or a wooden bed frame. Faux leather does offer the exact same look and is also easier to maintain and clean. When we talk to comfort though, the upholstered bed frames are just great in creating a soft and cozy environment for the bedroom. Beneath the upholstered material, they are usually made out of a wooden frame, which makes them durable as well.

Wooden bed frames

Wooden bed frames just have a very natural and rustic looking appearance that instantly brings warmth to a room. Even though the manufacturer uses exactly identical methods in the production of all their beds, every frame that will come out will be unique due to the subtle differences in all the different samples of the wood. When we come down to the subject of durability, the bed frames made out of solid wood are very sturdy and highly unlikely to break when subjected to force or pressure. Frames made out of oak are very popular since they are resistant to attacks from moisture and fungus, while the walnut frames tend to be dense, will not shrink and warp and are tight-grained. If you are looking for a wooden frame that goes well with the settings and the décor of your bedroom now and in the future as well, pine would make a very good choice because of the neutral tone that it has. Also, it grows very fast which make it a lot more cost effective compared to the other woods as well. And if you do ever get bored of your bed, you can always stain, paint or sand your wooden bed frame to give it an entirely new look.

Reasons why wooden bed frames make the best choice

The bed happens to be that place which we all enjoy being in a lot. It features heavily as the center of the home and considering that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, it becomes very vital that we pick something which we love first and the love just keeps growing after that. However, when we get down to considering the plus points of choosing a bed frame made of wood, we may then think twice regarding what we will buy the next time.

A bed made out of wood has the potential to add elegance, character and style to the bedroom because of its distinctive appearance. There are however, many more benefits that you may not have yet gotten down to considering. All of these are also very important when you are going out to choose the most important piece of the furniture for the house.

Bed frames made of wood come in a lot of different styles which vary from being sophisticated, traditional, contemporary and antique. However, the biggest advantage that you get in terms of choice comes down to the color and the finishing of the wood. Not only do you have a choice on the kind of wood you would like, between the hardwoods and the softwoods, but also in the finish and the color that will be applied to the wood itself.

Very often, a pine or a softwood construction of a bed frame may be stained just to show off its natural grain of timber, or alternately, a solid color may be applied to give it a completely different looks such as matt black or modern white. If you end up choosing a hardwood finish for the bed, it will allow for a rich appearance, with the cherry, walnut or oak as examples that provide a natural and attractive deep grain that seems oscillating and something that can also match your other pieces of furniture that you may already have in your bedroom.

Bed frames made out of wood are often accompanied by a long-lasting guarantee because of the robust nature of their construction. The long-lasting nature and the strength of the structure along with the methods adopted for construction allow for the wooden bed’s frame to last a very long time. This is especially true of bed frames that have utilized ‘mortise and tenon’ kind of joints that provide an exceptionally stronger joint at what is usually the weakest point, just begin exactly where the leg connects to the side rail.

One of the benefits of staying always flat packed during delivery allows you to move the bed to any room of your choice very easily, especially in cases if you have loft spaces. Now, this would have been really impossible if you had a bulky base. It gets so easy to just move with you when you are changing houses. A bed base that is slatted also increases the airflow and ventilation below your mattress thus keeping your sleeping environment hygienic and fresh.

Wood happens to be one of the most widely available and also renewable sources on the planet. They can be grown in abundance, forests keep on providing an unending amount of timber which can then be harvested sustainably and will continue to be there forever.

Wood happens to be a naturally occurring product and needs minimal maintenance as well as upkeep while it is very easy to clean as well. A protective and a lacquer finish is always to be applied in order to make sure that the layer of timber is completely sealed. It is now ready to take the knocks and scrapes as well and may always be very easily repaired in cases of an accidental damage. When you are out there buying a bed frame made of wood, it is always best to pick out a solid frame of timber instead of the many inexpensive options of veneer that you may also see. Most times, the cheaper alternatives, will end up using veneer to keep the costs down. This may sound attractive in the short run, but veneer is more prone to peeling and also moisture damage which will become evident very quickly and flare up.

Another advantage of having a bed made out of wood is that it can be transformed over the years to give the bed a 2nd, 3rd, or even a 4th life. With all the staining, sanding and painting options (if really needed) you may always easily refurbish your bed into developing and keeping up with your changing tastes. You can this enjoy your bed for a long time to come.