Best Sleigh Bed Frames


sleigh bed frames

What is this sleigh bed and will it suit your needs? A sleigh bed is this kind of bed which comes with the scrolled foot as well as the headboards where some have the curvy style too. Since this design and style resembles that of a sleigh or a sled the bed, got its name as the sleigh bed. Usually, in sleigh bed frames, the footboard or the headboard and sometimes both will be curled in the outward manner. This kind of design was popular in the early 19th Century during the American and French ruling period.

Sleigh bed frames have the option to be made out of different metals. But in most cases, these beds are made out of wood. The designing in the outward curl will vary from one bed to another. Usually when there are more carvings or if the designs are delicate the price of the sleigh bed will increase accordingly. In the early days where the bed originated from France, it was typically used for one person or as a bed for the children. One reason for this is that the footboard will be shorter than the headboard in most cases and it will be ideal for one single person’s use.

When the Americans took interest in the sleigh bed there were many kinds of innovation on the way. These beds were to be explored and the designs were played with. When the modified designs were out it was no longer a one-person bed or a child’s bed. The beds were out of trend for a period in between when the Victorian designs and carvings in beds became popular. However sleigh bed saw its return shortly after that. There are some designs in sleigh bed frames where the curling will go in an inward manner too.

But in most of the models which are seen today the design goes in the manner of the curl stretching outwards. This is because when the curl goes inwards it might reduce the space and also the comfort for the person using it. It might be seen as an obstacle. But in the case of the outward curl, the design is more comfortable and there is no risk of the person getting hit in the head or foot because of the curl. Going one step above, now there are designs where the curl itself is absent. In some of the designs in the present days, the curl is removed and the headboard becomes flat but the footboard is kept curled.

What can you get out of sleigh bed frames?

In case you are thinking of restyling your pace and renovating your furniture, then this is one option to consider. But always keep in mind that the bedroom is your personal space and the furniture should complement the use as it should increase the comfort factor no matter what. The furniture in which you sleep in should be chosen carefully as it will affect the sleep which is a key factor. The right kind of bed will give the utmost relaxation to the user and the sleeping hours can be cherished with it.

For that deep and sound sleep, this bed is essential. The best bed will not only enhance the appearance of the bedroom but will also give that relaxing experience everyone craves for. When going with the sleigh bed it is ideal to go for one which is strong and has a very sturdy frame. Since most of the sleigh beds come in the material wood, the sturdy factor can be achieved naturally. Also, while going with the design choose the one which will help the posture as well as the sleeping pattern. The back support provided should complement the sleeping posture here.

There are plenty of options to choose from like the modern version of sleigh bed frame which complements the style as well as the comfort factor. Since they come in the sleek design they look sophisticated too. Apart from this, there is the added compartment for storage, which will give the additional space to store any extra baggage. In case you are looking for someone to fit the bed in a compact space, then it is better to avoid the extra storage option. But if you want to make use of the given space and optimize the given option to store more things, then this is the one to go for.

When you are replacing or choosing a new frame for the bed consider the aesthetics factor also. This is because the aesthetics of the bed will play a major role in the functioning aspect. Only with the right aesthetics of the bed, the best result can be obtained. The best option here is that the wooden sleigh beds give that strong base which will not only give that classy look but will also make sure the bed is functional.

Types of materials and designs

There are several types of wooden frames available in sleigh bed frames which can be picked out according to the user’s preference. The most popular ones are cherry wood, oak, mahogany etc.

When going with these types of woods the bed will be durable and the efficiency of the bed will also increase. When choosing the bed goes with the solid wood bed frame which will give that romantic appeal to the bedroom and give good support. The carvings of the bed can be made in such a way so as to bring in an enticing and romantic feel in the bedroom. There are plenty of colors and designs available here, which can be customized to bring that relaxing feel and to make the bed appeal visually.

If you are wondering about the different sizes here, then look into the factor of whether the bed is for single use or for a couple. There are several sleigh bed sizes and types like the popular king size bed and queen size bed frame. But it does not stop there as there are plenty of customized options here where the size and designs will vary according to the individual’s needs. Apart from the wooden type frame, there are also the metallic frames available which will give that contemporary look to the room.

The designs on the sleigh bed can be used in any manner to change the look of the room. The wooden cravings and curls can also be altered in such a manner to bring either a traditional look or to give a modern contemporary look. The various styles like the inward curls, single curls, flat headboards or the normal outward curls can be experimented with so as to bring the right style to the room. If you are looking for some classy, elegant look then there are the leather type sleigh beds which can be chosen for luxury. The leather sleigh beds will simply master the entire room and take the elegance of the room to a whole new level.

Who is it apt for?

In case you are looking to buy furniture for kids in the cot section, then this is the best option undoubtedly. Since there are bunk bed options here it will increase the space in the room for kids, which will also help them to move around freely. With these beds, there will be much space in the room which will allow the kids to freely indulge in activities. Also, if there is more than one kid in the room, then this is the ideal choice for them. While the beds can be stacked which will add to the efficiency factor, it will also increase the style in the room.

Since most of the bed and cot options are almost standard and normal this type of bed can be chosen when you are looking for some different options. This type of bed will add a surprise element to the bedroom. Not many are aware of the sleigh bed category which makes it a unique addition to the room. If you are looking for an enhanced version of the normal beds, then the sleigh beds can be chosen. Since the material is mostly wood it will be strong and sturdy which makes it a good option for people who look for functional beds.

The sleigh bed frame can also be taken as a good choice for the guest beds. Since singular beds can be made from this design it can be used for small spaces too. The beds can be customized in terms of style as there are plenty of spaces to experiment here. The carvings and the wood footboard curling outwards can be transformed in design to exhibit a more feminine look while keeping the bed masculine which will give a unique structure to the whole bed.

For anyone looking for a unique bed suiting the contemporary look in the bedroom, this is the way to go. By furnishing the heavy pieces in a metallic way, the bed can be given a modern look too. While the bed can be quite heavy and will give a rough look, it can be altered to suit the room’s color palette and can be opted for a room with a more neutral color. For people who go for the simple and traditional look, a simple, unmodified sleigh bed frame is a perfect choice. These beds will tend to look lightweight too, and will give the slender appeal which will also add elegance to the room.

If you are looking to optimize the space, then go with the sleigh bed which has the storage option underneath. This will help in optimizing the available space and make use of whatever is provided. The storage compartment can be ignored if the bed needs to be plain and simple. In case the room is quite small and the bed needs to be compact then this can be eliminated.

What to look for in sleigh bed frames?

Since there are many materials available in sleigh woods go with the one which will suit your needs particularly. The wooden sleigh beds will be durable and sturdy compared to the rest. It might be a little difficult to assemble. For the rooms which need a grand look, this bed will complement perfectly. In case the room is pretty small then it is best to go with the metal sleigh beds. For those who want both durability and a stylish aspect in the room, it is ideal to have a combination of both the wood and the metallic materials. The colors can be chosen according to the customer’s preference.

In case of the headboard look for the sleigh bed which has a comfortable headboard design. Try out a few styles to make sure which is suiting your needs. This is because the headboard style has the power to enhance or dethrone the entire bed. The sleigh curve should be ideal which should be carefully looked into while making a purchase. There are also options where there is a choice of sleeping given on the platform. If the box spring option is chosen, then the customer will have to buy it separately. Since the box springs will vary in size and material the one which will support the bed should be finalized.

Once the spring box is put then the space below cannot be optimized because of the lack of space. So then the question comes if the spring box or a foundation is really necessary or not. It all depends on what the user wants. If there is extra support needed for the mattress, then the foundation platform will be a great addition. Also, if the bed needs a more majestic look then the spring box should be included. But adding the spring box or a foundation box to the bottom will make the bed a little bit on the hefty side. So if you are looking for a sleek appearance, then lose the foundation box. In this case, the open foundation will be a better choice. If the box spring is present, then there are minimal chances to have storage space below.