5 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs That Money Can Buy You

Most people these days are used to living stress-filled lifestyles. You tend to get busy right from the moment you wake up, and then nearly the whole day is invested in work, personal or professional alike. By the time you come home, even making dinner feels like a complex chore, notwithstanding the headache that has been brewing since late afternoon. Now imagine coming from a long day at work to lie back and relax on one of the best shiatsu massage chairs, sipping on a cup of coffee. That’s called relaxation after a hard day’s toil.

A life full of stress is unquestionably a magnet for unhappiness and health problems. Yoga, exercise and time spent in nature are some of the most recommended therapies for beating stress, but do you really have the time to indulge in any of those on a regular basis?

Massage therapy also comes highly recommended by experts. In fact, there has been evidence of people using massage techniques to relive stress in ancient Japan and Egypt. That trend has evolved over time, and today it is largely seen in the form of massage parlors in the modern society.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means ‘finger pressure’. Shiatsu massage refers to specific kinds of finger movements which include stretching, touching, kneading, tapping and mobilization. Shiatsu was originally inspired by ideas in traditional Chinese medicine. The discipline uses energy healing to encourage relaxation within the human body.

Techniques used in Shiatsu massage are aimed at removing energy/Qi blockages within the body. The idea is that the hustle and bustle of everyday life creates energy blockages within the human body. It is these energy blockages that create tension and stress. Shiatsu massage techniques open up these energy blockages and promote a stress-free as well as relaxed lifestyle.

Most people today work irregular hours and hardly anyone has much time to look after himself or herself. In fact, there really isn’t time for you to visit a Shiatsu massage parlor. So why not just bring the Shiatsu massage to you. Shiatsu massage chairs incorporate the same energy-healing techniques as those used in massage parlors. All you have to do is lie down, select what kind of massage you want and let your daily stress fade away.

There are many Shiatsu massage chairs available on the market today. These are expensive investments, so due diligence is always recommended.

Plus, the wrong massage chair won’t help you in any way. Don’t worry! If you have been thinking about buying a Shiatsu massage chair we have gathered a list of five best Shiatsu massage chairs that money can buy you. With something for everybody, these massage chairs will bring back a smile on your face.

5 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs in 2019

Zero Gravity Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heating by MR Direct

One of the best Shiatsu massage chairs that offers you the ultimate comfort and relaxation, this unit has thirty five airbags built into it which promote relaxation across your body. What’s special about this massage chair? It incorporates heat therapy. The addition of this thermal technique results in improved blood circulation in your system, relieves pain in joints as well as arthritic pain.

When you combine the heated back massager with the Zero Gravity button, an option that lets you tilt the frame of the massage chair by 45 degrees, you are just seconds away from one of the best part of your day. The Shiatsu massage chair also comes with an extendable footrest so you can find just the right angle to settle down. Foot rollers, on the other hand, offer your feet their own chance to experience the luxury of complete relaxation.

The main modes available in this model are the refresh, stretch and relax modes. These modes are designed to deliver pre-set techniques that will encourage relieving tension within your body. The unit also come pre-equipped with other options, which include your own choice of power speed as well as picking your own massage.

Product Features:

  • A Zero Gravity button that lets you tilt the massage chair by 45 degrees and promotes relaxation for your back
  • 32 airbags deliver varying levels of intense massages to various parts of your body
  • Designed to save space, this massage chair can be placed at a distance of only ten inches from the wall
  • Use of two heating pads in the back that offer instant relief from pain in the joints as well as muscle relaxation
  • Durable massage chairs that can accommodate people up to 6’1’’, weighing up to 350lbs with ease
  • The control panel is easy to navigate
  • Pre-set massage options that give you the best massages
  • Every product is tested before they leave the factory

Product Benefits:

This Shiatsu massage chair employs the use of 32 airbags. The number is significantly greater than what most competing models offer. These airbags promote relief from not only stress but various physical ailments as well.

The airbags of the unit are placed in strategic locations across the massage chair so that all of the vital parts of your body, such as your legs, hips, arms, back, thighs, receive optimum massage.

The Zero Gravity feature is a welcome addition for anyone who has to spend a significant amount of time sitting in office chairs all day. Additionally, back problems or posture issues can be addressed using this massage chair as well. For anyone new to massage chairs, the pre-set features lets you pick and experience some of the best massages until you feel more comfortable about choosing personalized settings.

The use of heating pads offer healing from pain and relief from stress. These massages can also reduce headaches and alleviate depression.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The chair is reasonably priced for all its features, but may still be expensive for people who do not want to invest a lot of money
  • This massage chair has various health benefits that make it more akin to a medical massage chair and not something a new buyer would buy
  • There are too many features that may take a while to get used to, and not everyone will have use for all of those features
  • The massage chair is perfect for a select audience, but does not meet the requirements of someone who only wants to experience Shiatsu massages at home.

Electric Shiatsu Massage Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System by BestMassage

If you are looking for one of the best Shiatsu massage chairs on the market designed to specifically alleviate joint pain, then this is the right massage chair for you. Many people start to suffer from joint aches, arthritis and other similar painful conditions, as they get older.

This massage chair uses an 11-signal set that lets it automatically determine the height as well as the up/down distance for the massage chair. This distance is important as it helps the massage chair gauge the massage range.

The up/down back massage range for this chair is 24’’. Once you sit on the massage chair, you have to click on the ‘start’ button on the panel on the side rest of the chair. That’s all you need to do! The massage chair will automatically test your height and adjust itself to make the experience comfortable for you. There is also an in-built emergency mode you can use if something goes wrong, as well as a ‘do-not-disturb’ mode where the chair will not wake you up in case you have fallen asleep.

With thirty airbags within the chair designed to help you relieve stress, as well as power rollers that calm muscles, this is a good investment for anyone suffering from joint pain. There massage chair is also designed to help alleviate neck pain: the massage chair can detect and work on specific ‘tsubo’ points on your neck.

Product Features:

  • Long range massage
  • Reaches up to the neck and down to the tailbone
  • Designed to relieve fatigue
  • Twenty airbags are located in the chair’s lower body to massage the legs, the feet as well as the thighs
  • Helps in promoting normal blood circulation all the way up to the toes
  • Fully automated massage chair with an ottoman foot rest
  • The control panel is easy to use

Product Benefits

This Shiatsu massage chair is perfect for the users it was designed for. Although a little expensive, it is reasonably priced when keeping in mind all of the advantages it brings to the table. The joint pain experienced every day, or restricted movement due to arthritis can all be alleviated by using this chair. The credit, in part, goes to the pain absolving function of this massage chair.

The combination of 30 airbags, heat packs as well as well as a fully automatic system stands up to users expectations. In simpler terms, once you sit down on this massage chair, the chair takes care of everything until you leave feeling rejuvenated.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The price is reasonable for what the massage chair delivers but features of the unit can only properly benefit those who need it for joint pains
  • A massage chair with medical benefits that do not fit into the same requirements as that of a casual user
  • A casual user, unless they specifically want the features this massage chair comes with, have the option of spending less on a model that does not have the added features for joint and muscle relief

Assembled Shiatsu Massage with and Airbag Massage and Wireless Bluetooth by BestMassage

This is one of the best Shiatsu massage chairs for anyone looking to get a massage chair either for themselves or their family. It incorporates an SL tracking system, which means that there are rollers gliding down along the back of the massage chair, designed to promote comfort and relieve tension.

The massage chair comes with four airbags, present on either side of the chair, which provides comfortable massage as well as a soft swinging motion. It comes with three pre-set massage modes – Knocking, Kneading and Kneading + Tapping. Combined with this massage chair’s four massage points in the back rest and six acupoint massagers – this is the perfect Shiatsu massage chairs for anyone who wants just the basics of Shiatsu massages

Product Features:

  • Comes with altogether five massage modes – knocking, kneading, tapping, shiatsu and air pressure
  • There are three auto massage programs – knocking, kneading, knocking + tapping which let you experience the some of the best massages pre-set in the machine
  • The SL Tracking system employs rollers that glide from the back of the chair all the way to under the seat
  • The arm rest has a phone slot
  • The massage chair is Bluetooth-enabled and has a built-in speaker
  • There are airbags placed strategically for the buttocks
  • All products are tested before they leave the factory

Product Benefit:

One of the most reasonably priced Shiatsu massage chairs you’d ever come across, you would find it difficult to find a durable and good massage chair at a lower price point. It is the perfect massage chair for anyone who is buying their first one or someone who wants to test out a less expensive model before investing in a more up-scale one.

Essentially, it is the beginner’s Shiatsu massage chair and has been designed keeping ease of use combined with powerful workability in mind.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The price point for this Shiatsu massage chair is very reasonable
  • The product does not come with many of the features that make for a powerful massage chair, and hence the results it delivers may not be as good as the market leaders
  • For people who want a massage chair to help relieve severe stress or joint and muscle problems, this basic Shiatsu massage chair will not assist in alleviating those conditions

Tinycooper Massage Chair with Heating and Gravity Features by Sinoluck

One of the best Shiatsu massage chairs on the market offering zero gravity features, this chair is a must-have investment for anyone that experiences joint pain or lives a high stress lifestyle. A massage chair inspired by technology from NASA, it aims to make you feel weightless once you lie down on it. Additionally, its massage features make you feel light as well as remove any tension or residual stress in your body.

This massage chairs provides air compression massages in three different intensity levels. These massages are designed to address specific trigger points in your body, which are known to accumulate stress. By using massage techniques on those areas, this massage chair rejuvenates the mind and heals the body.

It also is equipped with heating features so you can combine the standard Shiatsu massages with heat therapy, designed to get rid of pain in muscles and promote relaxation and de-stressing.

Product Features:

  • Massages the neck, backrest, hand, buttocks, foot, thighs, shoulders, calves
  • Uses 32 airbags to promote comfort
  • Has one air pump as well as five motors that help the chair to work efficiently
  • Can support weight up to 287 lbs
  • Comes with a three year warranty

Product Benefits:

This is the perfect mid-ranged Shiatsu massage chair for anyone who doesn’t want to buy anything too basic or too expensive. With most of the features you can expect in a higher range massage chair yet affordable, this is a massage chair for someone that intends to use the unit quite often.

Durable and with the ability to give you some of the best massaging experience you can think of, this massage chair can also alleviate pain, reduce stress and cure depression.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • It is not as powerful as a higher range massage chair and cannot deliver results of the same quality
  • It is not a good recommendation for anyone suffering from serious joint ailments or arthritic pain. They would be advised to invest in a massage chair designed specifically for those issues
  • Not ideal for the casual buyer. This massage chair is more expensive than basic chairs and comes with many features a casual user may not require

Adjustable Folding Massage Chair by Bruntmor

Are you looking for a massage chair that you can carry with you anywhere you like? Maybe you like traveling or maybe you just have to frequently travel for work. If you are someone who does not want to spend time away from their massage chair, then this is the best Shiatsu massage chair for you.

This massage chair is equipped with adjustable seating, three levels of intensity, seat vibration as well as heating nodes. In short, this is a powerful massage chair that also takes into consideration portability and convenience of use.

Product Features:

  • Product has been tested to ensure that it is durable, completely adjustable and versatile
  • The control panel on the unit makes the chair easy to use. You can choose amongst three levels of intensity for your seat vibration as well as how hard or soft you want the massages in other areas
  • You can fold this massage chair after use and keep it aside. It saves space and can go with you anywhere
  • Heating nodes help promote healing in your body as well as removes muscle tension

Product Benefits:

One of the cheapest yet powerful Shiatsu massage chairs available on the market today, its portability is its greatest advantage. With this massage chair, you can enjoy massages anywhere from the local park to your friend’s home or even in another city!

It is extremely affordable and offers all the basic features you can expect from a good Shiatsu massage chair.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Aside from portability, the chair is less powerful compared to the expensive models
  • This chair is not ideal for anyone who suffers from serious joint or arthritic pain. They should invest in models dedicated to alleviating those ailments
  • Specifically meant to be enjoyed by those who want massage chairs on the go. This is not for people who want to invest in a basic massage chair for casual use

Summing it up:

Do you really need a massage chair? The simple answer is that if you are looking for a way to deal with symptoms of stress, tension, muscle problems and other issues originating from having a busy lifestyle, then a massage chair is the cheaper long-term solution.

Health problems are typically exacerbated by stress. The harder you work, the more stressed you are likely to become. Stress is also a major factor behind the growing number of health issues related to strokes and heart diseases across the world.

Most people do not have the time to visit therapists or massage parlors. Having a Shiatsu massage parlor at home can alleviate stress and tension before they become serious problems in your life.

By reducing stress, massage chairs also help to keep a check on depression and anxiety. Higher end massage chairs with heating properties can also assist people who have been suffering from joint pain for years. It really comes down to whether Shiatsu massage chairs are worth the investment, and from anyone who has used a good Shiatsu massage chair, the answer is likely to be a resounding ‘yes’.