Round Ottomans

Things to Consider Before You Buy Circular Ottoman

round ottomans

It seems pretty amazing when you get back home after a tiring day and sit down on your chair buy putting your feet up on a round ottoman. It is quite a comfortable way of relaxing after getting exhausted in the office or business. It is true that all the chairs do not come with an ottoman. It does not mean that you cannot have one. A round ottoman is a perfect choice if you want to place a beautiful piece of living room furniture. It will not cover a huge space but this multipurpose table will make your life more enjoyable.

Many people wonder ottomans work just as a showpiece in the living room to enhance its beauty. They often do not think about it is a fun and functional piece of furniture. It not only provides additional space for sitting, but you can also turn it into a coffee table. You can obviously use it to relax by putting your feet up on the ottoman while sitting on the chair.

All in all, ottomans provide a complete look to your living room. Circular ottoman looks pretty appealing with many types of living room furniture and that’s why it is the top choice in ottomans.

Circular ottomans VS square and rectangular ottomans:

When you plan to buy an ottoman for your living room, you get three options in the size of the table. Round ottoman, square or cube ottoman and rectangular ottoman are three popular shapes. Picking the right shape of the ottoman for your home can be a bit confusing.

When it comes to packing a lot of versatility and comfort in a small size frame, round ottomans seem pretty amazing in doing it. This round shaped furniture adds depth and dimension to your living room which you can never attain by going with a grid pattern. You can consider it as a piece of furniture that draws everybody’s attention. All the people sitting on the couch and chairs in your living room will consider a circular ottoman as a beautiful conversation nook. It will create a communal focal point that other types’ ottomans fail to do. Your living room will gain a truly unique appeal if you combine round ottoman with a round couch.

As a buyer, you would also like to consider other shapes. Square ottomans are also pretty popular. Many homeowners consider it because it enhances the appeal of upholstered furniture surrounding the table. Square shaped ottoman goes pretty well with loveseat and custom-made dimensions of the exquisite sofa.

A rectangular ottoman, on the other hand, resembles the look of a coffee table. It may also seem like a storage bench seat, offering additional space for storage in the living room. It provides better utilization of available space in the living room, but not everyone wants it. Rectangular ottoman covers more space than a round shaped ottoman. It can be large and bulky. In fact, many guests will not consider it an ottoman if covered under a beautiful table cloth. Circle shaped ottomans also come in various different sizes, but their unique shape draws the attention of people sitting around it. Therefore, it is pretty unique.

Things to consider before buying round ottoman:

Ottoman is an essential piece of furniture, but that does not mean you can buy it without considering some important aspects. There are a lot of things you should consider before you place an order. Let’s find out which are those things:

  • Think about balancing shapes:

A round shaped ottoman can easily make you fall in love with it. This furniture looks so appealing and perfect for any living room. However, it is important to ensure it will improve the overall appeal of your living room.

It is not the right decision to put a large round ottoman with a loveseat. What if you buy it and loveseat look odd with other furniture placed in your living room. It will obviously cover a large space and you will find it a bit daunting to move around. You should know how to balance these two types of furniture together. If you own loveseat, circle ottoman should be too large in comparison to the size of loveseats. You must consider the scale and proportions of furniture in order to balance shapes perfectly.

You can pick a large size round ottoman if a large sofa set is enhancing the interior charm of your living room. Do not place it with loveseats because it will overshadow their beauty. A smaller size round ottoman will look great with loveseat. So, keep this fact in your mind.

  • Consider the right height:

People need ottoman mainly to put their feet on it and feel relaxed. It will not be possible if that ottoman table is too tall or too short. It will never make you feel comfortable. In fact, you can hurt your back if you continue to use a too tall or too short ottoman.

As the experts suggest, the height of ottoman should be just an inch shorter than the height of your chair. Whether you prefer to sit on a loveseat or sofa, choose a circular ottoman which is one inch shorter than the seat height. You can use a measuring tape to measure the height of the seat. It will give you a perfect estimation of how tall your ottoman table should be. Measure the height of the sofa or chair cushion and not the frame. You may end up by buying the wrong furniture if you measure the frame’s height.

  • What about spacing?

Whenever you buy new furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or any other part of your home, you must consider the room’s size before choosing new furniture. When it comes to buying circle ottoman, you should not only consider room size but also the size of your chair or sofa. A large ottoman would cover a huge space if you have a small size living room. Placing such a large piece of furniture will cause difficulty in moving around.

It is the wrong choice if your chosen ottoman table doubles the size of your coffee table. It will neither look perfect with loveseat and couch nor according to the size of your living room. Choose a round ottoman that offers enough free space to move around and looks impressive with the chair and sofa set in your living room.

  • Material:

You get some impressive choices in the material when it comes to choosing circular ottoman. Leather is obviously one of the best choices. People choose leather-covered ottoman because it features great resistant to bunching, tearing, and staining than other materials. No other material features soft and responsive quality as leather. It is naturally comfortable and that’s why leather is used to cover a variety of furniture.

Suppose you are going to set that ottoman in a large size living room, you should choose black leather ottoman. It will be a stand-out piece in that room. A beige leather made round ottoman will be a perfect choice if you want to offer finishing touches to your small size living room.

Leather upholstered ottomans look really great, but they are costly. You can choose fabric covered ottoman if you want some more affordable options. It goes pretty well with fabric furnitures, such as fabric covered sofa and loveseat. You should choose microfiber ottoman in a bright colour. It will be the center of attraction in your living room. It will be inexpensive, pretty appealing, and comfy too.

Rattan and memory foam also popular material options in circle ottoman. Ottomans featuring rattan are perfect for both indoor and outdoor patios. It is durable and brings a little rustic appeal. Memory foam, on the other hand, is very affordable and comfortable. You can use memory foam equipped ottoman for relaxing your feet and also for sitting when other sitting space is covered.

  • Design:

Furniture designers are featuring a variety of designs in circular ottoman. You can get it with internal storage to store pillows, table clothes, and other things. There are coffee table ottomans that work as both types of furniture. A tray ottoman looks like all-in-one furniture that can work as a coffee table, ottoman, and provide additional sitting space. The modern designs feature a button to lift the pillow-top. You just need to push that button and internal storage will be visible. There are a variety of designs and all of them look pretty appealing. You should consider your demands and then shortlist the best round ottoman.

Final thoughts:

It will take so long to describe every minor thing you should check before placing the order for a round ottoman. Too many things can confuse you and you may end up by buying something weird. So, do not get puzzled a lot and consider only important factors which we have mentioned in this guide. It will help you in making the right decision and buying the perfect circle ottoman for your living room.