The Best Queen Size Box Springs

queen box spring

After a long tiresome day, having a good night’s sleep is most people if not everyone’s dream. To be fully productive the next day, our bodies need total rest to relax our muscles. Sometimes our sleep is disrupted by simple things such as an uncomfortable mattress or poor quality box spring. A perfect box spring should be able to keep your mattress in position throughout the night.

To have a productive day, you will first start by resting well during the night. Below are some of the best queen size box springs that anyone can choose from when they want to purchase.

Zinus “Armita” 9 Inch High Profile Queen Box Spring/Mattress foundation

Zinus Armita 9 Inch measures 80 x 60 x 8 inches with total weight of 35 pounds and can accommodate up to 880 lbs. weight. Assembling is quite easy because it comes with detailed instructions which are very easy to follow. To make assembly even easier, the set comes with a hex key and an Allen wrench which is used to tighten all the bolts in place.

The Sleep Master Smart Box Spring is manufactured from fabric making it balance easily with any given bedroom décor and makes cleaning your bedroom easier. Unlike ancient wooden frames, the spring is made of light, long-lasting steel metal frame making it very sturdy and doesn’t require any extra support. Zinus Armita 9″ high Smart Box Spring is ideal when moving through tiny spaces such hallways and stairs. Non-slip fabric surface keep the mattress positioned and doesn’t slide over. Being light, Zinus Armita 9 Inch makes movements from one point to another less hassle.

Zinus Armita 9 Inch comes with very good and attractive aesthetic look with perfect fittings. Its material readily stretches out making it very simple to pull over the metal frame. The cloth cover is easy to clean up even on those dusty days.

Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8 Inch Box Spring Replacement Queen

The Classic Brands 8 inch high profile spring is a made of solid spruce and high profile wood, which is very durable and sturdy and nicely sanded. It comes in dimensions of 79 x 14 x 11 inches. It has very strong foundation that can support heavy mattress such as Memory Foam and Latex. The Classic Brands 8 inch is useful in preventing sagging of mattresses therefore help in maintaining your mattress for a long time.

It comes with comprehensive assembling instructions with all the necessary tools packaged. It comes folded in quarters, opening out as an “M” or “W” designed fold. Instructions are very clear, with some explanations which are very easy and effortless. You spread the zipper cover on a flat floor, spread the box spring onto it as illustrated, zip it up and the slipcover smoothly goes over it without any trouble, giving it a beautiful finished look.

The Classic Brands 8 inch high profile spring has a lot of slats, and you need not worry about the spacing between the slats being too broad and uncomfortable. Having a more significant number of slats also makes a mattress nicely fit on it. The slats do not shift from one place to the other; they are firmly held in place with Velcro and tiny bolts which ensure they are firmly in place.

Once fully assembled, the box spring is substantially firm and doesn’t creak at all. It provides an amazingly peaceful sleeping environment. It does not bend under the weight of a mattress and can accommodate a heavy-weight very comfortably.

Zinus “Jayana” 9 Inch High Profile Bi-Fold Box Spring/Folding Mattress Foundation

The Zinus Jayana 9 inch is a queen sized box spring made of steel metal and fabric with 59.5 x 79 x 9 inches measurements, specifically designed for mobility and full functionality. The box spring comes packaged in two foldable single sizes. It is the perfect solution for places where a regular queen-sized bed cannot be carried to or fit into like narrow staircases, or for people who live on the upper floors of an apartment when carrying their furniture up. It is also foldable making it easy to move around.

The Zinus Jayana 9 inch requires no assemble at all. You just cut off the zip ties that hold it into half and it unfolds itself to its right size making it very ideal for quick use and in any place. Once fitted, it is very sturdy even with a heavy mattress on top, it perfectly stands and doesn’t require any other extra support.

This Box Spring Folding Mattress Foundation can hold up to 2400 lbs of equally spread weight when used with a bed frame, making it convenient for plus-size people. It doesn’t bend under any weight (at least not under average human weight) and provides excellent support.

The solid metal frame is very durable, and you will not need to purchase another box spring after a short period. At the same time, it is light enough and easy to move around if need be. The Zinus Jayana 9 inch has perfect elevation and very beautiful general aesthetic look.

Mainstay Half-fold Metal Spring Box Full (Queen)

Mainstay Half-fold Metal Spring Box Full measures 74″ x 53″ x 7.5″; folded 53″ x 4.17″ x 44.13″ when assembled. It is made of strong and durable heavy-gauge steel making it not only sturdy enough for any human weight but also natural bed bug resistant.

The package gets folded into half the length of the full length hence very easy to move from one point to another. The half fold also makes it easy to be transported to far off places and while moving it within your house, you don’t need to be worried about your walls being scratched or paint peeling off.

Mainstay Half-fold Metal Spring Box Full need zero assembling, all you need to do to set it up is just flipping it over from the upside down fold position it comes in, and it unfolds to its correct size. Zipping in the cover is quite easy and doesn’t require lots of force as the fabric perfectly fits.

Once put up, it is very sturdy, and because it is has a solid build, it offers complete support without any squeaky sounds. Mainstay Half-fold Metal Spring Box is very comfortable and doesn’t bend under the weight of a heavy mattress. It also doesn’t weigh down even when used by plus-size people.

Spinal Solution 8 Inch Fully Assembled Split Queen Foundation Box for Mattress

Spinal Solution 8 Inch Fully Assembled Split Foundation Box for Mattress has a Length of 79 inches x Width-59 x Height-8 Weighs-22 lbs. Ships in 2 Boxes, Dimensions: measuring 79x39x8 each box. It is manufactured from strong solid wood, with light but dense lumber making the box strong and keeps your mattress in the right position.

The 8-inch spinal solution split foundation box is very portable and ships fully assembled. It can easily get moved in spaces where it would otherwise be challenging to move the regular queen size beds such as staircases or even houses with narrow hallways. It comes in two separate but equal splits, which makes the queen sized bed. The splits are lightweight. The light weight makes it very easy to handle without any extra help.

A mattress perfectly fits on it, and you cannot tell that it is a split box spring just by looking at it. Once the two splits get put together and a mattress placed on them, they become very firm, and there should be no worry about them sliding apart and creating a gap in between them. Even under the weight of a large mattress or a heavy person, it still stays in place and doesn’t squeak or break easily

The splits are great for weight distribution and offer one of the most comfortable feelings you can get from a foundation box. The wooden frame is generally firm, easy to handle, and also looks very attractive.

Zinus “Walter” 4 Inch Low Profile Queen Metal Box Spring with Wood Slats

The Zinus Walter 4 Inch is made of strong steel structure with extra support of wood slats. It measures 78.9 x 59.7 x 4 inches and very easy to assemble since it comes with all the necessary tools. In the package, you find the nuts, bolts, Allen key, and the cover. To avoid slipping of the mattress and squawks, the steel frames are all foam padded.

Once fully assembled, which doesn’t take a long time, you will notice that The Zinus Walter 4 Inch is very strong and doesn’t creak at all. The metal frame and the wooden slats inside offers the much needed more support making it very firm and provide extra comfort.

Do not worry about the wooden slats shifting from one place to another because they sit on very sticky Velcro which firmly holds them in place. The fact that there is a fabric cover over it means the Velcro cannot lose integrity by accumulating dust or dirt. The Zip fits perfectly without any struggle since it stretches out, and the cover is of outstanding quality.

The product is made from very few materials, efficient packing, and reasonable simple design. The slats are close enough together that you don’t need to add a solid board to support any type of mattress. The Zinus Walter 4 Inch adds extra height when needed. The product is quite affordable and gives value for your money.

Best Price 7.5 inch Steel Box Spring Mattress Foundation Queen

The Best Price 7.5 Inch is one of the best queen size box spring anyone can ever wish to have. It is made of heavy-duty steel with a cloth cover. It comes in measurements of 78.7 x 59.5 x 7.3 inches with the steel enclosed in a shielding fabric and can work with all types of mattresses. The materials used for manufacture makes it solid and strong enough to accommodate any human weight.

The product comes pre-assembled, you don’t need to do a lot of things to set it up. There is entirely no assembly involved, all you need to do is get the two separate parts out of the box, and you are good to go. There is no cutting or tools involved.

It comes packaged in two separate parts which are very easy to handle. The two parts make it easy for it to pass through narrow stairways and hallways without any trouble. Ease in transportation is also one of the critical things which stand out among its many features, which is a good thing for those who might be moving from one area to another.

Being a metal frame with no bolts involved, it is very silent and offers a very peaceful environment to sleep. It is one of the best and most sturdy foundations that anyone could use. Another one of its outstanding features is that it is very straight, and people with back problems can use it without any trouble.

Best price 7.5-inch new steel box also comes with a fabric cover which hides the metal frame and gives a beautiful finished and attractive look.

In conclusion, lack of adequate and comfortable sleep can lead to several health problems such as back problems, to have the much desired sound sleep, we must always start with having a good foundation for our mattresses.

As we have seen above some of the things we have to look for when purchasing a box spring include;

• Easy to assemble, it should have instructions on assembling to make it easier for the person putting it together

• Good quality material. Having a good quality material will help you have a durable product which you don’t have to replace after a short period

• Take note of how sturdy it is after assembly

• If it has slats, the slats should be more to make it more comfortable and also so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the mattress.

• Fabric cover should always have heavy and good quality material. It is even more critical for box springs with slats and Velcro since it is the fabric cover which protects the Velcro from losing integrity.

• Check on how easy to move the product is. This will make it easy for you in moving your box springs around your house.

All the box springs listed above have this and many more features which make them the best queen size box spring you will ever get.