Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Finding The Best Patio Loveseat

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Patio loveseats are usually designed for couples to be used outdoors. However, there are a lot of different models on the market. What this means is that choosing the one that is ideal is far from an easy task. Well, we are here to help you. Today, you will learn all you need to know about this piece of furniture.

Buyer’s guide for The Best Patio Loveseat

As we have mentioned already, a patio loveseat is a simple yet versatile piece of furniture that can be used outdoors. As the name suggests, they are designed for two persons. However, there are some models that can accommodate three people, if you are in the love triangle. There are a lot of additional factors you need to take into consideration and all of them will be explained below, to the smallest detail.

Set or a separate unit?

Some of you will want to get just a patio sofa. Others will want to match it with a table or a chair. There are two alternatives out there. The first one is to get a set, which includes a loveseat, a table and possibly a chair. There are so many options on the market that this matter definitely can’t be generalized.

The second alternative is to get one unit. This means that you will get the loveseat only and you will have to match it to your existing patio furniture. It is a more affordable option and it may be ideal if you want to save money while making this investment. Also, you can find a unique unit that will match your furniture perfectly.


Yes, loveseats are designed for two people, but this doesn’t mean all of them are the same. As a matter of fact, the size varies significantly and you can get a bigger or smaller model, according to your need. We should add that the size varies between 50 and 70 inches in length. There are smaller and bigger models out there as well.

Ideally, you need around 50 inches of length. This is considered to be the most compact size which offers a decent level of comfort. You two will be a really close one to another, which can be a major advantage.

Water resistance

Due to the fact we are referring only to the patio loveseats, water resistance is a crucial factor to consider. Here we can see that there are two main options. The first one is a group of products made from synthetic wicker. They are extremely durable and they look realistic. However, they are more expensive option.

The second option is a group of loveseats that are coated with resin. They are generally more affordable, yet they can last for a long period of time. The biggest issue is when or if the resin is damaged. The material under it isn’t water resistant, which will be damaged by water.


Almost all models of this kind require some type of assembly. You can get a pre-assembled model, but the shipping cost will be much higher and there are just a few models of this kind on the market. In other words, you will likely have to assemble it manually.

Larger models require more time to be assembled. You can invest up to one hour to complete the task. Smaller models are better in this case scenario and you can assemble them within 30 minutes. Look for a detailed user manual or even better model with online videos regarding the assembly process.


You may believe that loveseats come in various styles. Actually, there are 3 of them and they are considered to be the main ones. There are additional, sub-styles which can’t be generalized but they are usually members of one of the three main styles. You can choose between:

  • Traditional

These models are elegant and stylish. You can see plenty of wood involved and you can see a high level of attention to details. We also like the fact traditional models come in dark colors which makes them stand out from the crowd. The weight is higher and the price follows it.

  • Contemporary

Models of this style are neutral. What this means is that you can use them literally anywhere and at any given moment. You can match them to existing furniture and they will blend in just right. On the other side of the story, we can see that they are not very elegant and they look ordinary, which is the main advantage for some users.

  • Modern

Modern loveseats come made from steel, with low ground clearance and with advanced shapes, possible thanks to the modern technology. In essence, they are reserved for advanced users who want to have furniture which looks like it came from the future. In addition, some of these models are extremely lightweight and others are not very comfortable.


Believe or not, you need pillows in your loveseat. Reasons are obvious. Almost none of these models come with lumbar support and this is a huge issue for people who already spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Pillows are also known as lumbar pillows and they can make a massive difference. You will enjoy sitting longer and you will enjoy spending time with your soul mate. Without lumbar pillows, you will have to decrease the time you spend there or you will have to get lumbar pillows additionally, which increases the cost of the loveseats.


Frame is responsible for keeping your loveseat as it is. It must be made of steel. Luckily most models come with this advantage and they are valuable choices. However, the steel must be coated with powder or heavy-duty paint. After all, your patio loveseats will be exposed to all weather elements and conditions, so the coating will protect the material from rust.

Models which are damaged or get damaged while use, need to be repaired as soon as possible. Rust can spread across the frame and significantly damage the frame. The situation is the same if you go for a frame made from iron. Only aluminum is immune to rust.


There is nothing more important than the color of your loveseat. A good thing is that there are countless options out there. The best and the most desirable models are available in all kinds of colors. You can choose the one that matches your existing furniture or your décor and maximize the effect. It is something you need to take into consideration as soon as possible and to make the right match.


All loveseats need to be properly maintained. It is an easy task that requires from you clean the furniture and make sure it is dry. Models with lumbar pillows require far more maintenance if they are made from fabric. If they are made from vinyl or leather, then they are very durable.

Wooden elements of the furniture must be coated with paint in order to prevent damages and to stay in perfect condition. The same applies to the frame. It must be protected from the elements as well.

UV protected

High-end loveseats come with an interesting feature which is known as UV protection. This doesn’t mean you will be protected from the UV rays. It means that the materials are capable of withstanding the UV light and stay in perfect condition. Always choose a model with this advantage due to the fact it will make sure the look stays like brand new for a long period of time. Models without it usually fade after 6 months.


Some units offer storage space under the seating bench. The amount of space is typically 25 gallons for 2 people loveseats and up to 50 gallons for three people models. Storage is hugely popular today and it allows for you to store the pillows and other items easily. This is a mandatory element if you have a low amount of space and you are looking for additional practicality. In addition, make sure that the seating bench doesn’t let water pass or place only water resistant items in the storage under it.

Weight load

All models have a weight load. Luckily, it is usually a high weight load that can be irrelevant in most cases. For instance, some models offer a weight load of 550 pounds which is impressive. This is possible due to the implementation of the materials. As you should know by now, loveseats for outdoor usage are made from steel and heavy-duty elements so they can last for years, even when exposed to the elements. Just to be certain, check the weight load of the specific model you are planning to purchase.

The final word

The patio loveseat is the one that meets all of the factors we explained above and it is reasonably affordable. There are plenty of models like that on the market and you will definitely be able to find the best possible one for your applications. If you have read all the factors you are ready to start the quest.