Murphy Bed Hardware Kit Buyer’s Guide & Best Of Reviews

Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

If you are seeking a Murphy bed hardware kit it is probably assumed you are at least somewhat familiar with how they appear and operate.  That said, it can be a daunting task if you are unsure of where and how you plan to mount it, and the sizes of mattresses they can hold appropriately.  The good news is there are multiple options for consumers in the form of style, dimensions, and affordability.  So what are some of the more worthwhile Murphy bed kits available?

Top 3 Best Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

Create-A-Bed Deluxe Queen Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

The Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed Kit is a simple to assemble assortment of gear to get your sleep space up and running in no time.  With straight-forward directions, the included tools effortlessly come together to create a framework that will last a lifetime.  This is because the kit utilizes solid steel for the pegs, as well as nylon washers.  With seamless welding, the pivot hinge performs with the snap ring design flawlessly to fold up and down with zero frustration.  The gas pistons are silent when they are put into motion, and the bracket points and steel pivot pin work in conjunction with the folding metal legs to ensure that the surface is counterbalanced.  Upon completion, the bed is soundly secured while accomplishing the goal of needing little to no maintenance in the future if put together properly.  To hold your hand through the process, an instructional DVD is included along with a traditional set of directions.  With minimal pieces and a comparable price point to its competitors, the DIY kit is a revelation and stands the test of time even from frequent use.

-Available sizes: twin, full, queen

-horizontal and vertical wall mount

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DIY Murphy Wall Bed Hardware Kit

Falling at the more affordable end of Murphy bed kits, this collection of tools assemble to complete installation of a sturdy vertical or horizontal mount applicable to most walls.  Its professional grade components are proudly on display through the square tube fold up legs and piston system that is of the ‘easy lift’ variety.  An added bonus is a quick release strap that keeps your mattress in place, and is adjustable to fit odd shapes and sizes, as long as the dimensions fall into the 60″W x 80″L range.  For the frustrated builder in all of us, online videos simplify the process by demonstrating each action one step at a time.  Additionally, 3 booklets covering cutting, construction and assembly guarantees that every potential pitfall you may face is laid out.  Worth noting is that the kit boasts the fact that not only is it painless to erect, but also can be taken apart swiftly if you plan on moving it.  Each piece has been crafted with precision in North America to promise endless efficiency.  The Murphy bed kit is rounded out by a full lifetime warranty, should there be any unlikely issue with the reliable set.

-Available sizes: twin, full, queen

-horizontal and vertical wall mount

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Murphy Bed Depot DIY Frame

The DIY frame by Murphy Bed Depot proves the old adage that you get what you pay for when it comes to luxury.  This top of the line option is all-inclusive, meaning that it has the complete set in place without the need for additional items.  At a height of over 84 inches, and a width of 60 inches, it is perfectly adept at settling into a closet or cabinet.  It also gives users the autonomy to erect it as a standalone frame as well, something competing kits cannot claim.  Bent wood slats and a spring counter-balance system make the process of raising and lowering the sleep space not only a fluid exercise, but quiet and efficient.  A self-actuated leg promotes an even surface to reduce sleepless nights, and the white powder-coated frame is steel and carries a lifetime warranty along with it.  The DIY structure can comfortably house mattresses 11 inches thick and under, and it takes up very little area being only 17 inches deep.  A nice touch is that the mount brackets can work just as well on the floor as they can the wall.  The frame weighs 100 pounds, but little to no strength is required to pull down or lift up since the springs incur the brunt of the force.

Available sizes: twin, full, queen

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Buyer’s Guide

What Are Murphy Bed Hardware Kits And What Are Their Benefits?

Murphy bed hardware kits are a specific set of pieces and tools that form together to create the basic framework to hold your mattress.  A Murphy bed differs from standard sleeping spaces because it incorporates a ‘folding’ mechanism to simplify the amount of space it is taking up.  Murphy bed sets of hardware typically all have the essential components included to them, such as hinges, accentuated legs, pistons, or springs.  They are beneficial for a myriad of reasons, most notably appearance.  Because a Murphy bed can be stored against the wall in a cabinet or hidden from view in a closet, they maintain the aesthetic of a living area while still being practical.  It is advantageous to incorporate these kits because they are the lynch pin to having your mattress secured, as well as operating as the tool that allows you to fold the bed up and down.  Though Murphy beds can be used anywhere, they are predominantly found in cramped apartments and houses to provide the smallest footprint available.  Since space is at a premium, Murphy bed kits allow your room to seem bigger and less crowded.  Another bonus to these hardware kits is they rarely, if ever, need replacement.  Since the process with which the system functions is straightforward and relies on minimal maintenance, it is difficult to ruin a set to the point that changing it out becomes necessary.  It should be noted that another reason why Murphy bed kits are worthwhile is because they can be broken down much easier than a large bed set.  This is perfect for people that move frequently or merely want to cut out as much assembly as possible.  Breaking down the framework for a Murphy bed is a stress-free undertaking that is simple to execute.

Types Of Murphy Bed Hardware Kits

Obviously a bed frame can only have so many variables, but there still are pieces that can differ from one set to the next.  Usually this comes in the form of the types of springs or pistons used, the steel components, and how the welding is carried out during manufacturing.  As far as its visual appeal, some kits will have wooden slabs, or no side paneling at all.  The proper choice for you will ultimately depend on your surrounding decor, but if you have no preference as to the frame’s final look, going the cheaper route may be prudent for you.  The sizes Murphy beds can hold are twin, full, and queen mattresses. 

What To Look For When Buying

Though Murphy bed hardware kits are one of the easier pieces of furniture to put together, you should still have a keen eye before moving forward with your selection.  Initially, be absolutely certain the dimensions of your mattress align with the set you are coveting.  You do not want all of your time and effort you put into assembly to go to waste for a bed that will not even fit.  More importantly, however, always decide beforehand where you plan on having your Murphy bed rest when not in use.  Whether it is a cabinet or a closet, be mindful of the fact that the mounting brackets may not attach properly to every surface. 


Like all of our furniture purchases, the higher the price tag, the more bells and whistles you are getting.  Most hardware kits fall in the same range as far as cost, which is the basic skeleton for your mattress to lay on.  The price begins to go up if you are seeking a set that includes sheik wooden pieces, or certain types of steel.  In truth, most kits can withstand plenty of wear and tear, but if you want to guarantee it is a lifelong buy that will never need replacement, choosing a high end brand may be in your best interest. 

Who May Need It?

If you are contemplating using a Murphy bed, there is simply no way around not having a hardware kit to fulfill your mission.  Luckily, since they are DIY-friendly, the learning curve is small.  For those who prefer to avoid any construction whatsoever, a lot of labels offer expert assembly for an additional cost.  Though this may hit your wallet a bit harder, your concerns about an uneven or improper setup will be put to bed (pun intended).  Murphy beds are a logical choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their living space as far as the amount of real estate that is free.  Studio apartments in particular beckon their use, since the dimensions are tiny and intrusive.  Additionally, in using a hardware kit to erect your bed set, you can also restore some order to the decor.  Cabinets that hold the unit are sleek and unassuming, and can effortlessly contribute to the desired style you crave.