An Ultimate Guide to Buying A Microfiber Couch

microfiber couch

Microfiber is one of the best excellent upholstery options for couches. As a matter of fact, this material provides comfort, durability, and style, thus, there is no surprise that you will see plenty of microfiber couches on the market today.

With that said, choosing the best microfiber can be a confusing and challenging task. Because apart from the myriads of options to choose from, there are also lots of things and factors that must be taken into consideration.

Either way, if you are planning to buy a microfiber couch, but don’t have any idea where start, you are in luck because you have come to the right place. In this buying guide, we will completely cover everything that you need to know about purchasing a microfiber couch.

Without further ado let’s get started.

What Are The Advantages of Microfiber Couches?

A microfiber couch is actually one of the most comfortable kinds of couches that you can purchase for your house or apartment. On the other hand, the small fibers present in microfibers provides various benefits which makes a microfiber sofa more desired compared to traditional couches. In fact, this is a great alternative to leather couches. Nevertheless, here are the advantages of microfiber couches that might not know up till now.


This couch is built to last for a couple of years. With microfiber sofas, you will not have to worry about the tear and wear which usually happens in other couches. On the other hand, these couches only need minimal maintenance and unlike others, microfiber couches are more durable.

Stain Resistant

One of the common advantages of microfiber couches is that they are highly resistant. Apart from that, they ward off the water. As a matter of fact, with this couch, you will only need a simple spot cleaning to get rid of any stain or spills.


Compared to leather couches, microfiber couches are relatively cheaper. You may possibly like the leather’s feel and look, but your budget might not fit. Nevertheless, if you are planning to buy a couch that looks like a leather one but not too expensive, a microfiber sofa is worth considering.


Apart from being a stain resistant, a microfiber couch doesn’t collect dust as well. In fact, it is highly beneficial especially if you have an allergy. Always remember that sitting on a sofa that gathers dust between vacuuming may make your life dejected and uncomfortable if you are allergic to either lint or dust. Furthermore, the fibers present in other couches aren’t fine thus collecting dust and lint particles become a lot easier. And with a microfiber couch, you don’t need to worry about it.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

A microfiber couch doesn’t require you to use a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner when cleaning. In fact, these are the common methods used in cleaning a non-microfiber sofa. When maintaining and cleaning a microfiber couch all you need is a mild soap that is designed for couches, water, and a clean cloth.

Though some manufacturers recommend a particular cleaning solution, you don’t have to worry because it is as easy as smearing to the area and dusting it with a cloth.

Now that you already have an idea about the advantages of a microfiber couch let’s move on the things that you need to consider when buying one.

Things to Consider When Buying A Microfiber Sofa

  • Color

The color of the couch should be one of your top priorities when making a purchase since it has a big impact on your home décor. Make sure to choose a color that you really like and will make you happy for a long period of time.

If you prefer a bigger sofa or have a small room avoid choosing very bold colors. Generally, neutrals are the safest options because they have a tendency to satisfy over time. However, a delicately colored sofa most especially if you have pets or kids.

On the other hand, if you want to strike the correct mood you might to consider the temperature of the color. As a matter of fact, cool and warm colors affect the room’s mood and this facet must be part of your acquisition decision. It is also highly recommended that you avoid any trendy color because it tends to look outdated easily.

  • Frame

Another important factor that you need to consider is the couch’s frame. Keep in mind that a durable frame means a resilient and long-lasting couch. Softwood like pine is affordable, but after 5 years or less, it may possibly shake or warp. More expensive hardwood, on the other hand, are more durable.

On the other hand, avoid a frame that is made of metal, particleboard, as well as plastic because they tend to crack and warp. Moreover, the legs must be held on with dowel or screws or part of the couch’s frame. But make sure they aren’t glued alone.

  • Springs

Aside from the frame, you should also consider the springs. The majority of couches have serpentine or sinuous – preassembled pieces of trembling wire. As a matter of fact, they are very supportive though they sag as the time passes by or push on the frame.

Often high-end microfiber sofas come with springs that are 8-way hand-tied. However, such couches are comfortable but they are quite expensive.

Nevertheless, to avoid buying the wrong and uncomfortable make sure to feel or test the springs over their upholstery. Further, the spring should be firm and at the same time close together. More importantly, don’t invest in a microfiber couch that doesn’t have springs because this model is flimsy and not comfy as well.

Additional Tip: Firmly sit down on the outside edge or corner of the sofa you are planning to buy. Creaks, as well as squeaks, are obvious indications that the springs are hitting the frame or they are placed incorrectly.

  • Size

Considering the size of the couch that you are planning to buy is very important as well. Make sure not to buy a microfiber sofa that consumes too much space especially if your room has a tight space. However, if you want to fit the couch along the wall, it actually makes sense to make sure that the wall is lengthy to accommodate your new piece of furniture. If space is too tight there is a big possibility that the furniture’s back and sides will be damaged,

  • Budget

Before making a purchase it is highly recommended that you determine how much you’re willing to spend to avoid overspending. Nevertheless, whether you are willing to spend too much or not don’t disregard the product’s quality. In other words, purchase the best quality that you can afford because you will use your microfiber sofa for a couple of years. As a matter of fact, a high-quality couch may last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

  • Comfort

As we have mentioned a while ago, microfibers offer comfort. But always keep in mind that not all microfiber sofas that are currently available on the market offer comfort. A few of them are made of fake of microfibers so be careful when choosing because you may not get the comfort that you need.

  • Style

Similar to the color, you should also pick a style that perfectly suits your current home or room décor. On the other hand, when choosing the right style you need to choose wisely. Do not choose a style based on what is popular or trend at the time.

If you prefer a formal and traditional feel, a microfiber couch with a rounded or high arm is the best option for you. But if you want to opt for a contemporary or modern look a modular configuration and a strong shape can help you a lot. But if you want a minimalist visual choose a no arms or straight couch that has clean lines. Nevertheless, the legs of the couch have a huge impact on the complete style as well.

  • Cushion

When buying a microfiber couch don’t forget to check its seat cushion. It should be durable and firm, and more importantly, fit comfortably in the couch frame. To determine if the cushion has a good quality, simply press it down and let go. If the cushion regains its shape then you can opt for that couch as long as it suits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to clean a microfiber couch?

A. As what we have mentioned a while ago, keeping your microfiber couch free from crumbs and dust is very simple and easy. If you smudged food or dirt on your couch, you can start cleaning it by reading the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Even so, if the instructions say that your couch is water-resistant, you can make use of dishwashing liquid. All you have to do is place the liquid on a clean cloth and gently rub it on the stain. Make sure to rub it in a circular motion.

Q. Microsuede and Microfiber: What’s the Difference?

A. Many people are confused about the difference between microsuede and microfiber. In the actual fact, microsuede is just a kind of microfiber. The majority of microfiber weaves have a soft and smooth feel.

Q. How to extend the life of your microfiber sofa?

Here are some useful and proven tips that you may want to consider especially if you want to prolong the life of your furniture.

Keep your microfiber couch clean

By cleaning up dirt, crumbs, and dust you will be able to stop stains from damaging your couch. Vacuuming on a regular basis using brush attachments will make cleaning easier and quicker. If you have dogs or other pets at home, you need a lint roller that is sticky so that you will be able to remove the hair. However, if you’re wondering how often you should do this, well it depends on how many pets and people you have at home or how often you utilize the couch. Usually, it is a great idea to do this each time you vacuum the area where your microfiber sofa is located.

Immediately clean spills

One of the simplest things that you can do in order to extend the life of your couch is to clean any spill instantaneously. You can soak up moisture and let it dry before using your couch again.

Deep clean your microfiber couch occasionally

A microfiber couch, if taken care of properly will stay clean. This couch, on the other hand, needs deep cleaning occasionally to get rid of oils and dirt. When doing this, make sure to follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer. By reading the instruction carefully you will be able to determine if your couch is water-based you need to use microfiber solvents when cleaning.

Nevertheless, applying a cleaning product in low-key areas of the couch first check the material’s color-fastness before cleaning the whole sofa.

Occasionally brush your microfiber sofa

When the microfiber fabric gets wet or at times after cleaning, the material may possibly feel a bit stiff. This is for the reason that the small fibers become entangled. Either way, by simply brushing your couch using a fine-tooth comb, you will be able to revive the upholstery.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing something like a microfiber couch may look simple and easy, but it becomes more and more confusing as well as challenging when you feel dazed by the myriads of options out there and the things that must be taken into consideration.

Most of the time, buyers will purchase the wrong style, color, shape, as well as size. Or they spend a huge amount on a thing they do not truly like. But nevertheless, all the information provided in this buying guide you will be able to buy the best and right microfiber couch that suits your personal needs and style.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this buyer’s guide.