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Four Poster Beds

Buying the best 4-poster beds

Four Poster Beds

You might have seen some periodic movies in which the protagonists sleep on a bed that has four columns and a canopy at the top. It is called the Four Poster bed, which obviously looks like a king or queen’s bed because of its luxurious design. Even though you might wonder that 4 poster bed frames are not too trendy today, a number of people wish to have them in their bedrooms.

People are attracted towards the luxurious appeal of the 4 poster bed. They think it is a unique choice as a bed that everyone does not have. Many people want to buy it because they want to add some luxury to their sleeping space. Whatever the reason is, a four-poster bed would always be one of the best furnitures you can buy for your home. Continue reading and you will reveal some really interesting details about the 4-poster bed frames.

Why so many people are attracted towards the four poster beds:

A recent survey was conducted in London to reveal how many people would like to buy a 4-poster bed. About 23% people reacted that these beds look more luxurious than any other kind of bed available in the market. About 33% people said that they want to sleep like a queen or king and that’s why they want to buy a durable four-poster bed.

It is not just London, people from all across the globe consider 4 poster bed frames as the best. Many believe that this kind of beds eliminate the need of insect killing devices because they can close the curtain and sleep calmly. Different people have different reasons of buying a four poster bed, but everyone loves it. Let’s dig deeper into what features make poster bed frames so attractive for the buyers.

The size of the bed:

If you compare the size of a standard contemporary bed with the poster bed, you will find that four poster beds are much larger in size. It is what makes them more attractive than modern beds. People like to have extra space on their beds so that they can sleep comfortably. It seems like a grand structure over which you can sleep like an emperor without worrying about disturbing the other person. Four columns attached to the four legs create a sense of safeness that ordinary beds do not offer and it is an advantage of having a four poster bed frames.

Available in four different types:

People often say bigger is better when it comes to comfort and things get uglier when they get bigger. The first phrase suit perfectly to the four poster beds but this kind of beds look more beautiful because of their large size. Even though these beds are larger in size, the furniture designers have introduced them in a variety of designs. The four poster frames are sturdier than many modern beds. In addition, their solid structure ensure years of unproblematic service.

There are some great options in 4 poster bed frames designs which you would like to check before buying one for your bedroom.

The half tester beds:

If you really want to feel like a king or queen while sleeping in your bedroom, choose the half tester bed. It is a bit different from what a normal four poster bed looks like. The posts on the foot of the bed will be lower and post from the head side would be much higher. The canopy will also not cover the whole bed because it will be at the top of half bed. This design is unique because this kind of beds look like a royal bed designed for an emperor.

Traditional four poster bed:

A traditional four poster bed or you can also call it an ordinary four poster would have four posts of the same size. These posts are connected to a canopy at the top. These beds are heavier in weight and sturdier because highest quality woods are used to prepare them. The traditional 4-poster frames can come with decoration or a simple design.

Pencil post bed:

There is not much difference between a pencil post bed and a traditional four poster bed. The only feature that differentiates both types of four-poster frames is that pencil posts are much thinner and rounded in comparison to posts of a traditional style 4-poster. This design is more contemporary and that’s why it would be a great choice for your bedroom if you do not want a too classic design.

Canopy bed:

Unlike any other type of the four poster bed, a canopy bed offers more room to endorse the decorative fabric used embellish the entire frame. This kind of beds can be a bit expensive because premium quality fabric is used to prepare them. Your bedroom will look too luxurious, when you will equip it with a bed that is decorated by silk fabric. That’s what canopy beds offer.

A 4-poster bed makes your bedroom look wonderful:

As you have read in the previous point, you can have some great options in 4 poster bed frames. All of them look pretty stylish and phenomenal. It would be pretty easy to find a four-poster that suits the best to your bedroom’s interior. It will not only offer a comfortable space for taking rest but it will also add more stars in the beauty of your bedroom. Your bedroom can look like a master suite of a luxurious hotel and that’s why many people get it.

Regulating temperature:

Along with aesthetical benefits, a four poster bed can also provide some utilitarian benefits. This type of beds has a canopy at the top and four posts attached to four feet of the bed. You can hang some additional linen on the canopy to keep you warm during the winter nights. The same solution you can apply to keep yourself cool during the summer days. Your bedroom will be a very comfortable place to sleep if you have temperature regulating four poster bed in there. It is a very rarely discussed feature of 4 poster bed frames that make it more impressive.

Some people might say 4 poster bed frames are not suitable for modern style interiors, but what if you get this kind of beds in modern styles. A number of furniture designers have done some experiments and introduced very luxurious four poster bed frames. These modern style four poster beds look too trendy and luxurious. You would love to buy one for your bedroom and you would also love to transform your bedroom’s interior in order to make the bed look perfect. That’s how beautiful the modern style four poster beds are.

Things to consider while buying a 4-poster bed:

If you agree four poster bed frames will offer the most luxurious and comforting appeal to your bedroom, you should go for buying one now. You can get many great options in this kind of beds if you search online. That many options may simply overwhelm you. You may get confused between a few impressive 4-poster beds and the only way of removing that confusion is checking the below explained guide. So, follow the below explained 4-poster bed buying tips.


Different furniture manufacturers use different material to produce this kind of beds. It is the material that increases the cost of 4 poster bed frames.

  • Metal:

A 4-poster or canopy bed, featuring a metal frame can provide a sleek and shiny appeal to the bed. Metal frames are sturdier than bed frames built of other material. So, if you want to buy a bed that you can use for many years without maintenance, you should buy a 4-poster bed that has metal bed frames. It will come with additional support at the center to keep the whole structure strong.

  • Wood:

The poster beds frames are in use since the 13th century. Most of these beds are built from wood because it is the most widely chosen material for building furniture. Wooden canopy beds offer more stylish designs and traditional look. So, if you are willing to equip your bedroom with a luxurious canopy bed, it should be built of wood and not of metal. That’s how it will look like a bed from classic movies.

Along with the frame material, you also need to consider the fabric used to decorate the canopy bed. The headboard upholstery should feature leather and linen work if you want a luxurious bed. The curtain fabric can be linen because it will make the bed look more beautiful and appealing. If you are not willing to get too traditional and royal look, a simple 4 poster bed with no headboard would suit the best to your bedroom.

The design:

Once you have chosen between metal or wooden 4 poster bed frames, now is the time to select he design. You will be glad to know that a variety of designs are available out there. However, most of them can be categorized in four categories.

  • Contemporary:

Everybody might not find the traditional style canopy beds pretty appealing. Therefore, the modern style contemporary beds are designed. These beds are pretty stylish and suitable for all kinds of modern interiors. So, before you think a poster bed may not suit the best to your modern bedroom, consider the choices you can have in modern canopy beds. You will get some great options in material, design, and the design of the headboard.

  • Traditional:

The traditional style poster bed frames are popular for being sturdier and more luxurious than contemporary style beds. You get these beds with ornate decorations and deep warm wood tones. It will seem exactly like a bed you have got from the 18th or 19th century. The fabric quality will be premium and the whole bed will look more luxurious than contemporary style beds. So, check this design now.

  • Gothic:

Thousands of people had replaced their old beds with the 4 poster beds during the gothic era. That time’s designs are still popular among the users. This style’s beds come with a unique design because the fabric is used to hide the posts around the bed. Most of the beds in this style will look traditional and unique.

  • European style 4-poster beds:

Many furniture designers also refer this style as romantic design. This design’s beds are mostly used by people in Italy, France, and the UK. So, if you want to turn your bedroom into a romantic suite, you should probably decide to buy the romantic design’s canopy bed.


Along with the style, you should also consider how durable your chosen bed is. It will obviously cost a considerable amount of money if your choice is pretty luxurious. You should make sure the bed frame is durable enough to weigh at-least two people’s weight. The manufacturer should offer a decent warranty on the bed frame and fabric used to decorate the bed.

Curtains or not:

It is true that most of the 4 poster beds come with curtains as a complete package. There are some beds that do not offer a canopy or frame to hang the curtains. You should consider this feature before you buy the bed. What if you are expecting poster bed frames with canopy and curtains and all you get is only a bed with four posts? It would be a terrible purchase and that’s why you should decide that you want curtains or not.

Final thoughts:

4 poster bed frames are still popular and pretty unique to find in bedrooms nowadays. People put a lot of thoughts into making their home and each portion of their home look unique, luxurious, and stylish. A four-poster bed is a great choice to turn an ordinary bedroom into a luxurious bedroom.

Even though you are confused among other types of beds and 4-poster bed frames, you can go online and check all the options. You will certainly find canopy beds more appealing because of their stylish and unique design. It is one of its kind and that’s what makes it quite unique and luxurious.