Convertible Sofa Beds: Buying Guide

convertible beds
Convertible Beds Buyer’s Guide

Not everyone lives in a big house with a guest room. For those who live in the urban metropolitan setting sometimes you need to be creative to create space in your living area. A convertible sofa will save you from this headache. You can use it as a regular couch during the day and transform it into a bed at night. A convertible sofa will fold out forming a bed quickly. They will be convenient for your small space making you and your guests comfortable.

Types of convertible beds

Pullouts or Hide a bed sofa

These are the more traditional sofa beds with underneath mattresses. They are best suited for sitting on, therefore providing very comfortable cushions. To adjust the bed, you will need to pull it out from the center and flip forward to reveal three folding sections.

The frame underneath is made of metal and spring loaded. Its bed frame then snaps into place and pairs of legs that automatically comes out to support the mattress. Unfortunately, the mattress that comes with these types of sleeper beds can be thin and uncomfortable. It is usually half the size of a standard mattress.It is essential to check out the mattresses before purchasing. Read our article about pull out sofa beds.

Futon Sleeper Sofas

Futons are sofa sleepers that fold out easily. All you have to do is open it, and the back support and the base which is the seat lay neat to each other. They form a flat and horizontal sleeping area, and the mattress is conveniently on the top. Opening it up requires you to pull out the hinge on the seat base, the back support then opens up and flattens automatically. Its wooden frame has the look of a standard sofa.

When unfolding it, pull away from the wall to prevent damage. There are three essential types of futon frames. The Bi-fold frame allows the mattress to be folded in half the long way. It accommodates the queen and smaller sizes of the chair. The love seat frame is suitable for small spaces and use a two-piece type of mattress that can fit full size or a twin bed. They fit perfectly is the smallest of space. The Trifold frame enables the frame thrice upon the frame, and for this reason, only thin models of the mattress can fit. It is a bit more complicated than the other two models.

Daybeds with Trundle

These sofa sleepers are generally more of beds than a sofa. Daybeds with trundle can be turned into single and double beds with the chance for you to choose a mattress that is most suitable for you. They also come with storage in form of built-in drawers. Their frames are mostly wooden or metal. These beds come with a mattress that is comfortable and allows you to use throw pillows on the back support especially when using it for sitting.

Trundle Daybeds come in different types. The flat ones have nothing on the sides but has an upholstery with sleek lines. The lounger ones have a back on the sides making it comfy and adaptable. The built-in ones occupy a lot of space but have an option of storage while the Spartans are closer to a bench with no upholstery but thin fabric. Putting a lot of cushions will make them comfortable.

Electronic sleeper beds

For those who have trouble bending or are generally lazy, this is the perfect sleeper bed for them. The electric bed is very convenient since it allows a user to employ the use of electronic controls to transform the sofa into a bed. At the touch of the buttons provided, the couch opens up automatically. By pressing the first button, the front cushions slide out of the sofa for some feet. Pressing the second button will make two more pillows slide out making a complete bed. This is a very convenient bed since you get to sleep when the cushions and backrest are still on. You can use it as a bed and couch simultaneously.

What to consider when buying convertible beds

When you decide to get a sleeper bed, you will need to get the perfect one to accommodate your needs. The market is flooded with multiple beds. To identify the one that will fit your unique needs, you should look out for the following:


It is the most crucial part of your sleeper.It is the part of your couch that will ensure you or your guest’s comfortability and the quality of sleep. You should know there are different types of mattresses and you should choose the best one depending on your kind of sleeper and comfortability.

The memory foam mattress provides comfort through the soft materials that compress in proportion to your body. Its recommended for side sleepers or those with awkward sleeping positions. The spring mattresses are made of a coil supporting structure. At the top of the mattress is the polyurethane layer that makes it firm and at the same time springy. The air coil mattresses are filled with air and adopt the style of innerspring mattresses technology that offers additional comfort.


You should consider the purpose of your sleeper bed before purchase. If your intended use is primarily for accommodating guests or sleeping at night, a couch with innerspring mattress would be most preferred since it can handle the weight of the sleeper accordingly. For those who want to impress their guests with comfort, memory foam is most suitable.

If the significant use of your couch is sitting, a sofa with a foam mattress is best. It will take away the pressure on your backside and offer you comfort as you watch TV or catching up with friends.


A good sofa bed should be made of kiln-dried hardwood which a very durable material. Buying a sleeper bed made of pine or any other wood will make you go back to the furniture store sooner than you imagined. Other wood will not last long and will wear out faster

A frame is a skeleton that supports the entire couch. It changes back and forth as it serves double purpose frequently. It is therefore easily exposed to tear and were. Getting the one with durable materials will support your couch for a prolonged period. Also, check out the edges of the sofa, they should be smooth. Rough or sharp edges are not preferred since they can tear your bed sheets or blanket as well as the fabrics of your sleeper. These couches do not come cheap and considering these things will help you get a suitable sleeper couch that will give you value for your money.

Conversion mechanism

Sleeper bends come with different operating mechanisms to enable you to choose the one that fits your unique needs perfectly.

The folding mechanism is suitable for frequent use. It allows the use of innerspring and memory mattress. It is foldable in two motions from its base and is ideal for long-term usage. The frame mechanism needs you first to pull the couch away from the wall from its lower front panel. It’s a shaped in structure and offers a flat sleeping surface. The clic-clac mechanism requires you to push the back forward slightly and foldable downward to make a bed. The corner couch comes with an extra platform that pulls from underneath the sofa making it a double bed. The life and pull mechanism needs you to lift the seat vertically making the lock release after which you pull it down to form a bed.


Put in mind the space of the area you intend to put the sleeper. Sleepers come in different sizes, and you will need to get the one that fits perfectly. You do not want to get a couch that is too big or too small for your space. For a small area, the futon is the best pick since it saves on space.


Consider the design you want to achieve in your room. You will need to get a sleeper that matches your other designs and is comfortable. For instance, you can go for cheap microfiber for your study since comfortability will matter more than looks.


You should consider the amount of money that you are willing to spend on a convertible sofa bed. However, the price should not deter you from getting the best couch in the market. Consider all the factors that are making it cost a particular amount. You can find a less expensive sofa that fits all your need is comfortable and durable.

Do not forget to: Test the bed

Before paying for the convertible sofa ensure that you lay down on it and test all the features.Sit and lie on it to make sure it is as comfortable as you need. Make sure you check it in all ways including when pulled out as a bed and when pulled in as a couch. As you test it to make sure the hinges are intact and do not make sounds.

Final word

Sofa sleepers are very convenient for anyone looking to accommodate a guest and does not have a guest room or anyone who is short of space.A good sofa bed should be durable, reliable and fits all your needs. This buying guide will help you pick the best sofa for you amongst the many sleepers in the market.