Canopy Bed Frames

Canopy bed frames

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Canopy Beds

Canopy bed frames

Any bed with some sort of canopy draped over it is called a canopy bed. In terms of structure, these beds characteristically have posts that extend up to around four feet from the floor or the mattress. This structure gives a unique look to the bed. A decorative fabric is draped over the space between the top of the posts. This creates a sort of ceiling right over the bed, justifying the name of canopy.

These beds have a cozy and an inviting feel to them. If you are looking to buy a bed such as these, it is important that you know your choices while shopping around. There are lots of different options available these days

Canopy beds add a sense of luxury

Whenever you hear anyone mentioning canopy bed, it is likely that you would immediately think of it as a luxury. It is actually associated with royalty and affluence. Having said that, nowadays, these beds are quite common in households. More and more people are looking to include it in their bedrooms.

These beds are quite unique as they help create an atmosphere of relaxation and extravagance. They can completely transform your bedroom, giving it a magical feel. These are the reasons why canopy beds are appreciated so much by their owners. Most people having these beds would brag about it.

The many uses of canopy beds

Originally, canopy beds were primarily used for creating a sense of privacy for the owner. A lot of these beds can be draped with curtains, which helps in reducing noise, retaining heat and blocking out unnecessary noise. Nowadays, these beds are available in different designs and style. They fall into the contemporary or traditional category.

Apart from privacy, these beds were also initially used for keeping out the unwanted visitors. There is a security aspect to it. The canopy is helpful in protecting its owners from mice, insects or other creeping rodents. As a matter of fact, in the middle ages, these beds were mainly used for this purpose only. Even today, in some parts of the world, canopy is used with beds for getting a peaceful night’s sleep.  

Since canopy beds have posts in four corners, they are also perfectly suited for installing mosquito nets. These nets serve as a protection from mosquitoes, allowing you to sleep peacefully. Most people think that such nets don’t look great around beds. However, nowadays, different designs of multi-colored bed nettings are available. These nets enhance the look of your bed, rather than degrading it.

Despite so many uses, canopy beds nowadays are more a symbol of luxury and style, rather than a necessity. Homeowners who want an elegant touch in their homes use such beds in their bedrooms.

Canopy beds types

Most canopy beds can be personalized and styled as per individual choices. However, you should know the different types of such beds to find the one that work best for your home. Common types include:

  • Four poster canopy bed :

This is the most basic type of canopy bed. These beds basically have extra long posts that extend above the bed. You can string sheets between the posts for creating privacy. Essentially, these posts add a touch of elegance to a standard bed design.

  • Square frame:

These have a similar structure the four post beds. However, they also have bars that connect across, thus creating an actual frame for canopy around the bed. Sheets can be hung from the frame for creating the canopy. Other decorations can also be used or it can even be left empty.

  • Antique:

These are beds that have a vintage feel to it. As the name would suggest, they create an antique look, usually featuring dark stained woods with ornate carvings. These beds require additional care on your behalf, particularly if they are indeed old. It even makes a great piece of furniture for an antique collector.

  • Captain’s:

The name might suggest that this type of bed would have a naval theme to it, but that’s not the case. What distinguishes these beds from others is the fact that they have drawers at the bed’s base. Hence, such beds are great for tight spaces or smaller rooms. With the additional storage space at the base, you won’t need any space for a dresser.

  • Bamboo:

These type of canopy beds has a rustic appearance, with the distinctive look of the woods further enhancing that appearance. In the recent times, these beds have been a popular choice. They are made of wood that is soft to touch and has a warm hue to it. They fit perfect with other decors as well.

Types of bed materials

For canopy beds, some of the most commonly used materials include metal, wood, aluminum and also plastic. For the base of the bed, wood is generally a common choice because they last long and have a great money value. There are numerous options available for buyers. With elaborate woodwork and right finishes, the overall structure has a strong and elegant appearance.

Canopy Wood Beds

Each type of canopy bed has few advantages of its own. In case of wooden beds, the most obvious advantage is the fact that it is lighter than their metal counterparts. Hence, they are easy to lift and move around. Furthermore, if you need to the move the bed, wooden bed frame would cause little or no damage to the carpet. Of course, they can be taken apart before moving the bed for added convenience.

It is worth mentioning if you want to buy a completed wooden bed, it will cost you more. This is because wood is more on the expensive side. In particular, if you go for a high-quality material, you should be ready to spend a heft sum of money. Choosing the cheaper wooden canopy can be problematic for some. This is because it might not have the desired quality and could even fall apart soon.

Metal Canopy Beds

Initially, when they were introduced, canopy beds were made of wood only. Over time, different materials and styles were taken into consideration. Even though wood is most commonly used even today, there are other options available. A really popular alternative to wooden beds happens to be metal. The biggest advantage with metal beds is that they are highly functional and offer a great value for money. They can easily be designed, modified and customized as per the individual’s requirements.

Not only that, these beds are quite strong, meaning they last for a long time. The fact that you are getting good money value doesn’t necessarily mean that metal canopy beds would look bad. Whenever you search for metal canopy cot, you can find some of the fancies designs on the base and headboard. Having said that, for some people, wood is still the preferred option. Regardless of the design of metal bed, they can never match the finish of a wood.

Another option available, in terms of the bed material is plastic. It is particularly the preferred option if the bed is for young kids. Small canopy beds are also available for infants, and they can be placed beside your present canopy cot.

With plastic, the advantage is that they are quite inexpensive and can be maintained easily. Disposing them of is also no hassle at all. Hence, if you are looking for a cheap bed that you won’t use for long, plastic canopy bed can be considered.

Different fabric and design options

Aside from the materials, another factor you have to take into consideration is the fabric or cloth used. A huge range of materials can be used for making the canopies over the bed. From heavy lined velvet to shear, flowing gauze, and different types of materials make for a good canopy. There are different types of nettings, covers and curtains available. You can even get ribbons for holding the netting together. Other accessories are available as well.

In terms of design, the most common ones today include the crown, the half-crown and the four-poster canopy. Each of these design types has their own styling elements, providing a unique ambience in the room. However, at the end of it all, it comes down the preferences of the individual. It goes without saying that the more ornaments and details you want in your bed, the higher would be the price.

With so much option available, you can always find the right canopy bed. It all depends on your tastes and the size of your room. Buying a canopy bed can seem to be a risky endeavor. However, if you choose the right one for your bedroom, it will certainly catch all the attention.

What to look for while buying a canopy bed

Before you buy a canopy, there are a few things you have to put into consideration. First and foremost, you need to measure the room you intend to put the bed. This will give you an idea of how much space you have and how big a bed you need.

If you already have a bed and want to put a canopy frame over it, take measurements of your bed. Canopy bed frames are made of iron or dark stained woods with knobs on all the four posts. Add at least 3 inches to what you measure, because you might need some space for additional fixtures. Also, you might need the extra room for getting in and out of the bed easily.

It is true that canopy bed helps create an elegant look. However, it doesn’t do it alone. The style of the room overall, its interior design, the accompanying furniture, paint, wallpaper and curtains also play a role. So, when you are buying a canopy bed, you have to consider all of these as well. Make sure the bed you buy would be the perfect fit for your room and matches other elements in it.

Choosing the right placement of bed in the room

One of the most important considerations is the placement of the bed. Placing your bed in the right spot is essential. You can choose to put your canopy bed up against a wall or right in the middle of your room.

Placing it in the center makes it the focal point of the room. The bed would immediate catch the attention of anyone who would walk into the room. In particular, beds with a heavier designed are better when they are placed in the middle of the bedroom.

On other hand, pacing canopy beds against a wall gives the bedroom a more intimate feel. Ideally, when you are putting it against a wall, you should make sure that there are no photos or any type of decoration on the wall. Canopy beds are likely not to look good if placed against a wall that has architectural details like molding. Since these beds are high, it can block the view of the molding.

Another factor to consider when placing the bed against a wall is the direction of sunlight. If the bed is placed near a window, the direct sunlight can damage the canopy’s fabric. Not to mention, it would also affect your sleep.

If you are putting the bed in a large room, it is recommended to place it against a wall. This is because it would give you additional space, which you can use for storing clothing or other such function. In case of a smaller room, you won’t have much arrangement choices. You can make space for adding other furniture in smaller room by placing the canopy bed in the middle.

It is important to make sure you put the bed in the most ideal place possible. That way, you can get the best out of the visual appeal and aesthetics of canopy beds. Not only that, the placement of bed determines how practically and efficiently you use the space in your room. You can experiment yourself with the arrangement of other furniture. Try out different things until you achieve a look for your room that suits your taste the best.