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A Complete Buyer’s Guide for a Cabinet Bed

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Are you struggling to buy a bed? Are you in search of a bed but then you are getting confused in deciding the kind of bed to buy. Also, you are facing the challenges of limited space. It is obvious that you will give a second thought before investing your money on anything. Here is a complete buyer’s guide for murphy cabinet beds, which will assist you in decision-making.

Let us start by knowing what a cabinet bed is

A cabinet bed, also known as horizontal murphy bed or bed chest, is a sleeping solution, which saves space. A cabinet bed is a bed, which can be folded after its use. After folding, the bed gains the shape of a cabinet and hence, the name. A bed chest helps in saving a lot of space as they can be folded after their use, thus, they are the perfect choice in case of studio apartments and small houses. Also, these beds can be kept at home as a spare bed which can be used at special occasions such as when some relatives are coming to stay over, kids have planned a night out and at other such occasions when there is a need for an extra bed. Thus, the murphy cabinet bed is an instant bed for guests. It does not require any installation and it can be unfolded from a cabinet to a bed in seconds.

The Murphy bed chests have versatile and ingenious furnishings. The beds appear stylish and can be placed anywhere as they occupy very little space.

Let us now take a closer look at the features of the murphy bed chest

Easy to install

The bed chest is very convenient and easy to install. The installation requires only a few seconds. Hold the knob and pull it. Your instant bed is ready to be used. The bed comes with the cabinet, which is already assembled. You do not need to fix the bed or install it. All you need is to unfold the cabinet to make it a bed. Furthermore, there is no need for fixing it on the wall or anchoring it with anything.


The horizontal murphy bed is not anchored or attached to the floor or to the wall. The cabinet is placed independently and you can move the cabinet easily. You just need to fold the bed into the cabinet, and the compacted cabinet can be moved. Also, the cabinet is light in weight and small in size which makes its transportation easy. Moreover, you do not need to assemble the parts of the cabinet again and again after each time you shift it.

Different color and sizes

The bed comes in different color and sizes. The different sizes of the bed chest range from twin, queen to bunk beds. Along with this, the beds come in several colors and shades. Also, you can get your bed personalized according to the color and texture of your choice. The twin or single bed will be sufficient for a child’s room. Furthermore, the queen sized bed accommodates two individuals comfortably. Also, you can use the bunk beds when you need to share the need with someone. You can buy the size of the bed as per your requirement.

Built-in USB socket

Some models have integrated USB socket within it. Thus, you can charge your phones or work on your laptops on the bed. Furthermore, you can connect your nightstands with the socket. Also, you can connect a bulb or study lamp with the socket. This illuminates the bed and you can study while relaxing on the bed.

Stylish appearance

The bed chests have stylish appearance. The aesthetic design of the bed gives it a classic look. It appeals the observer. Moreover, it enhances the look of the bedroom or living room with its sophisticated design and architecture. You can personalize the Murphy cabinet bed as per your preference. Also, you can add texture to the bed or get it colored according to your like. Furthermore, you can get a texture, which matches the wall of your living room or goes in contrast with your bedroom to enhance the appearance of the room.

The space for storage

The murphy bed chests can be used for serving various purposes. For example, the beds when folded form a cabinet. This cabinet acts as a table and it can be used for keeping things on it. You can also place a television on the cabinet. Along with this, you can also integrate shelves with the bed. The shelves can be used for storing various items, which are used frequently. Also, you can use these shelves and the side table for keeping your phone or nightstand while sleeping. Along with this, the drawer of the cabinet can be used for storing pillows, blankets, bed sheets, and other pieces of stuff.

Apart from this, the horizontal murphy bed is made up of a platform of wood on which the mattress is placed. Moreover, the platform can also be of mesh wire. The wooden platform and the mesh wire prevent the bed from sagging. Along with this, the structure of the bed is designed to provide immense comfort to you.

What are the benefits of having a horizontal murphy bed ?

Space saver for a child’s bedroom

The bed creates enough space in the bedroom for your kid to play. The horizontal murphy bed can be folded into a cabinet and the child to crawl around in the room and to play can utilize the space of the room. Along with this, the chances of your baby getting hurt by the edges of the bed gets reduced. You can unfold the cabinet into a bed whenever your baby wants to relax and sleep.

It creates multifunctional space

When you choose a murphy bed chest instead of a traditional bed, you create a lot of space for doing other tasks. The bed can be folded into a cabinet and thus, the room in the space can be used for doing whatever you like. You can use it for dancing, meditating, exercising, and also for doing art. Why not try the home office! The extra space can be used for doing your office work. Thus, space, which was dedicated particularly to bed, can be converted into a multifunctional space.

Ease of carrying and installing

The bed does not require to be assembled or anything. You just need to unfold the bed and your bed is ready. This is a matter of just a few seconds. Isn’t it time-saving! Along with this, you can carry the bed wherever you want. The bed is not anchored or fixed to the wall. And thus, it is movable. Furthermore, the bed is not much heavy which makes it easy to shift the bed to get your instant bed wherever you want.

Moreover, you can store your bed chest the storeroom and take it out whenever there is a need.

The bed can be used to serve multiple purposes

The bed can be utilized for various purposes. The cabinet of the bed can be used for keeping things. You can keep your television set on the cabinet. Also, the shelves provided in the bed chest can be used for storing several items of daily use. Furthermore, you can also place your phones and chargers in the storage spaces provided in the murphy cabinet bed. Furthermore, the bed also has an integrated USB socket. You can charge your phones and laptops form that socket. Also, you can use your laptop sitting on the bed and charge it from the socket integrated into the cabinet bed.

Instant bed for guests

The bed chest can be used as an instant bed. All you need to do is to roll down the cabinet into a bed and you are all ready with your instant bed to be used. There is no harm in having an extra bed at home. Also, having a bed which does not acquire much space is a bingo. The bed can be useful at various occasions such as when there is a sleepover at your home and you there is a need for an extra bed. Also, when you have some guests staying at your home you can use the instant cabinet bed.

Thus, the Murphy cabinet bed can be used as an instant bed when there is a need for an extra bed. Also, it is suitable for apartments whose size is small and the space of the floor is limited. Also, the bed chests are useful when there is a toddler in the house. Furthermore, you can do you work on the laptop while sitting on the bed as the cabinet has an integrated socket in it. Also, the cabinet has several shelves which can be used for storing things and it can also serve the purpose of a television stand.