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Our fascination with everything ‘metal’ shows no sign of waning anytime soon and this time, we set out to discover the best iron beds. ‘Iron? Are you out of your mind?” gasped an ardent woodworker in the team, who had to be dragged out half dead from his cherished 16th century four-poster wooden bed. To be fair we have nothing against wooden furniture. Only, we seem to love iron a tad more these days. And why not? Iron is ethereal, more durable than most other furniture materials, lightweight, affordable and there are tons of designs to choose from.

Ah, we are sure you get the gist. We’ll talk about some key variables to consider while shopping for iron beds in a bit. For now, here are the results of our painstaking research to single out the best iron beds in 2019.

People often emphasize the importance of getting a good mattress when talking about what makes a good bed. However, finding a good bed frame is also just as important.

Iron bed frames have been a popular choice since the 1700s and it’s not hard to see why.

Iron beds are known for their durability – a good iron bed can easily last you a lifetime. What more, this type of bed frame is also easier to assemble than wooden bed frames. They are also relatively lighter which makes them to move from one room to another or one corner of the room to another.

Another reason why iron frames are popular is their cheap cost. You can have a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing bed frame for a fraction of the price of a wooden bed frame of similar size. Iron bed frames also come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. You’ll surely find one that’ll accommodate your mattress while blending in well with the look of your bedroom.
With all these choices available, choosing the best model becomes a bit difficult and overwhelming. But worry not, here is a short guide detailing the things you need to consider when buying your first iron bed frame.

Keep the following things in mind when buying an iron bed frame.

Type of iron material:

Cast iron: Usually used in bed frames that have a clean and contemporary look. It is formed through the pouring of molten iron in a mould and can be painted over or stained to better its appearance.

Wrought iron: Usually found in bed frames with an antique appearance which mimic the style elements of bed frame way back in the 1800s. Wrought iron bed frames are usually painted black or a patina that gives it an aged look.

Since iron is prone to rusting which could ruin a frame’s appearance, most manufacturers coat their bed frames with various substances to protect it from rust. These coats creates a protective barrier on the frame’s surface to keep moisture (which cause rust) from making contact with the iron. Most manufacturers coat their frames in multiple layers of epoxy primer and polyurethane.

Iron bed frames are joined and kept together by joints. Since bed frames need to carry the heavy weight of mattresses, the need to be as strong as possible. Durable joints contribute greatly to the bed frame’s strength. When buying an bed frame, don’t forget to check whether the frame’s joints don’t have any visible cracks or defects. If you’re buying online, check the joints’ integrity right away after receiving the package.

Of course, you’ll need to match the size of your bed frame with the size of the mattress you already own or you intend to use. Mass marketed beds come in standardized sizes that will accommodate usual sizes such as king, queen, single and double beds. Be sure to check the available sizes of your preferred bed model before buying it.

Top 15 Rod Iron & Metal Beds Reviews

Leggett & Platt Home Textiles Doral Complete Bed

The Leggett & Platt Home Textiles Doral Complete Bed is a queen-sized bed frame with a classic look. It is designed with metal panels and has dark walnut wood posts and is done in a matte black finish.

The bed also includes a headboard, a footboard and four posts which need to be assembled.

This Leggett & Platt bed frame measures 51 inches by 62 ½ inches by 86 inches and also comes with a one year limited warranty.

People who bought this bed frame like it for its affordable price and its easy assemble instructions. You can easily put this bed together in just 30 minutes.

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Hillsdale Furniture Chesapeake Rod Iron Bed Set

If you’re willing to splurge some money for your first iron bed, we recommend that you check out the Hillsdale’s Chesapeake Bed Set. The bed’s design combines delicate scrollwork, imposing posts and finials which create a grand and elegant final look.

You can be assured of this bed frame’s sturdiness as it has a fully-welded construction with foundry-poured aluminum castings and heavy gauge tubings.

The bed also comes with both a headboard and a footboard.

We can confidently say that this bed looks just as expensive as it’s priced. You can also see your money’s worth as this bed is sturdy and well-constructed.

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Elegant Home Products Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed

This platform metal bed from Elegant home products is for the minimalists. There’s no scrollwork or floral filigree. Instead, you are greeted by a rustic looking bed frame with a barebones headboard and footboard design. It has a metallic powder-coated grey finish (no risk of rusting) that gives it an industrial-themed appearance. Perfect for a man cave or a home with a retro-chic design theme. It comes ready to assemble with neatly labelled parts and even if you are mechanically challenged, you should have no problems setting this up alone.

The frame is constructed of durable steel tubing. And it features multiple slats in the middle for added support for the mattress. No need for a box spring. The hardware and joinery makes it stable and sturdy. You can use any standard bed frame and the bed doesn’t creak, which is a problem with poorly constructed metal beds.

By the way, this is one of the only best iron beds at this price point that offers a maximum weight load of up to 770 lbs. This means that you can pick the plushest mattress without worrying about the frame bending under the weight. Comes with a 3-year after sales warranty which is terrific!

Our view: This is a welcome change from the classic designs. It’s minimalistic, constructed from durable steel tubing and offers a max load support of up to 770 lbs. What more can one ask for?

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Fashion Bed Group Baroque Complete Wrought Iron Bed, Queen

Here we have another wrought iron queen bed frame. The Fashion Bed Group Baroque Complete Bed set is a carbon steel bed frame coated in a gilded state finish.

It’s got an imposing look with its ‘monstrous’ bed posts capped with large cast finials and sturdy feet.

The bed measures 66 inches by 67 inches by 90 ¾ inches and comes with a generous 10 year limited warranty.

People who bought the Fashion Bed Group Baroque Complete Bed were pleased with the product’s quality and sturdiness. However, they found the bed’s design a bit cheap-looking.

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Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal Bed

The Tribeca Home Giselle is a queen-sized iron metal bed frame set,  it includes a headboard, a footboard, a set of rails and three metal slats.

The frame features an antique bronze finish giving it a cool vintage look. It is also designed with beautiful curves with an antique dark bronze finish.

The frame measures 87 ¼ nches ling, 64 ½ inches wide and 51 inches in height. This Giselle antique iron bed frame will blend well with a rustic or traditional home interior design.

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DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed

The DHP Brooklyn Bed is a great choice for those who are on a budget. The bed retails at an affordable price and you get a full sized bed frame complete with a headboard and a footboard with support slats included.

The bed frame also has metal side rails and a center metal rail which ensures the bed’s stability and durability.
People who bought this bed say that it’s very easy to assemble. They also found the classic and sleek design perfect for their master’s bedrooms and even kids’ bedrooms.

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Hillsdale Mercer Bed Set

At first glance, the Hillsdale Mercer Bed Set looks like it was sourced from a backyard garage sale. The antique brown finish, the curving rails and the perfect scrollwork, everything screams vintage. It’s a very attractive design nevertheless. As you unbox it, you will be surprised at how heavy and sturdy it is. It is a complete bed set with the bed frame and the rails. Comes with detailed assembly instructions. The tubular steel used in the construction might make assembly a tad difficult though. An extra pair of hands will make it a one-hour assembly job. Once set up, the bed sits stable like a rock. There is no wobble or creaking whatsoever.

Some people are surprised at how large it is once it is assembled. The inner dimensions from headboard to footboard is about 83” in length and 77” in width for the Queen. Ensure that you have the space to accommodate the bed before you order it. Also, the bed sits very low somewhat like an oriental platform bed. There’s just 6.5 inches of under-the-bed storage space.

If there will be elderly people using the bed, then it might make it difficult for them to get in and out of it. You can check out some of our other options in this list of bed iron beds.

Our view: Another breathtaking design from Hillsdale. Extremely durable, as sturdy as they come and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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Fashion Bed Group Sanford Complete Bed

Sanford Bed with Metal Panels and Round Finial Posts, Matte Black Finish

Another affordable bed is the Fashion Bed Group Sanford Complete Bed. This queen-sized bed frame is made of carbon steel panel with ten castings and rounded final posts. It has a matte black powder coat finish.

The bed measures 52 inches in height by 61 ½ inches wide by 84 inches long and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

The bed is easy to assemble, looks great and feels very stable when used. It’s also great that the bed comes with plastic caps under the supports as they reduce the amount of effort needed to move the bed from corner to corner.

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Leggett & Platt “Lucinda” Complete Metal Bed and Steel Support Frame

How about something made of iron that resembles your dark wooden furniture, for a change? This is the Leggett & Platt Lucinda complete metal bed and steel support frame and it comes with a beautiful marbled russet finish that will blend right in with the wooden furniture in your home. It’s almost a tan finish, that is complemented beautifully by the golden highlights on the castings that subtly slope into the design. We also loved the intricate scrollwork & the hint of sleighing on the headboard and the footboard, that is reminiscent of ancient Gothic revival furniture pieces. This ensures that the bed has a defining presence, even in large bedrooms.

This is a standard-sized queen bed made of carbon steel, an alloy with more carbon than iron. The difference is in the durability. It can easily last you a lifetime with minimal care. Assembly is fairly easy and there are older users (aged 60+) who have self-assembled it in less than a couple of hours. By the way, you can also use the headboard and footboard along with your own adjustable bed frame if need be.

Comes with a limited 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Our view: At this price point, the Lucinda Metal bed is an unbeatable proposition. Go for it!

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Fashion Bed Group “Dexter” Complete Bed with Decorative Metal Castings and Globe Finials

Here we have another one from Fashion Bed Group. This time it’s the Dexter Complete Bed with decorative metal castings and globe finals.

This is a twin-sized bed that is designed to resemble the look of vintage beds and has a hammered brown finish.

The bed frame measures 54 inches by 40 ½ inches by 80 inches and comes with a 10 year limited warranty. The set includes a headboard panel, a footboard panel and the bed frame itself. This bed frame is can accommodate box spring mattresses as well.

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Hillsdale Furniture Parkwood Bed Set

Four posters make for the ultimate statement pieces. And when the bed posts are extra-tall like in this Parkwood bed set, it’s reminiscent of the canopy beds of yore designed for the royalty. Only, there’s no canopy-frame in this one. The details are left open for the viewers to cherish.

Calling this bed gorgeous would be an understatement. Be it the elegant, scrolling details or the astute castings, everything adds the extra bling needed to make a statement in an otherwise bland décor setup. And it’s not merely about the aesthetics either. The bed is crafted from heavy-gauge, fully-welded tubular steel with a black & gold finish.

Assembly is fairly simple. But due to the build quality, having an extra set of hands won’t hurt. Once assembled, it stays rock steady even without a mattress. Doesn’t creak or move an inch. A tiny niggle (if you’d call it that) is that if you add a queen-sized mattress to the bed frame, there’s an extra 10-inches of space between the end of the mattress and the headboard/footboard. As a workaround, just tuck your comforter into the extra room.

Our view: Amazing construction, beautiful design, sturdy as a rock! Can’t beat the combo!

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DHP Tokyo Metal Bed, Classic Design

If you’re looking for an iron bed frame with a modern yet simple design, check out the DHP Tokyo Metal Bed.

This queen-sized bed includes metal slats for added support and durability. The bed measures 44 ½ inches by 62 1.2 inches by 83 inches.

This bed can be easily assembled as proven by the people who bought and reviewed the product. You can also rest assured that this is indeed a sturdy bed frame. It can easily accommodate up to two people plus the mattress. The bed’s floor height is also just right for most people.

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Dorel Living Queen Metal Bed, Antique Pewter

The Dorel Living Queen Metal Bed is a great mid-range bed when it comes to price and quality. At an affordable price tag, you’ll get a sturdy queen-sized bed frame designed with elegant arched silhouette with castings and made from tubular steel.

This is a very well-built and sturdy bed that would surely last long. It also has a beautiful antique pewter finish that’ll surely blend well with any bedroom design scheme. And unlike, some beds which are advertised to be easy to assemble but are not, this Dorel Living Queen Metal Bed is actually easy peasy to put together.

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Hillsdale Furniture Madison Bed Set

And for those of you who absolutely cannot do without a hint of wood in your furniture, here’s the Madison Bed Set from Hillsdale. (We can see our teammate weep with joy) It comes with a black metal bed frame and four square solid wood posts in a walnut finish. The combination is unparalleled in its appeal.

The design is a classic four-poster one. Although, the posts are not as prominent as in the Parkwood Bed set that we reviewed earlier. They are almost the same height as the sleigh of the headboard which gives the bed a very compact appearance. Perfect for small and medium-sized bedrooms as well. The curves and arches on the head and footboards are borrowed from classic furniture designs. But the overall appearance is modern.

Assembling the bed is pretty easy. Although there have been a few occasions where incorrect parts were shipped. So, we recommend that you collect all parts and lay them out before you begin the assembly process.

Our view: Overall, the Madison Bed Set is pretty much what one’d expect from Hillsdale. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality at a very affordable price tag.

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Coaster Home Furnishings Sydney Queen Bed in Brushed Gold Finish

Enough of the dark, metallic finishes already. Here’s a beautiful queen bed from Coaster Home Furnishings that comes in a brushed gold finish. An excellent way to add some glitter to an otherwise drab setup. It’s just perfect for homes with all types of décor themes. This Sydney bed is a set of a headboard and footboard that feature motifs, crowns and delicate curves in a wrap-around design. It does not ship with a bed frame or rails. You’d have to buy a compatible one separately. It is made of a very soft steel (unsure about the exact variety) unlike some of the earlier models in this list of best iron beds. So, ensure that you assemble the bed precisely so that the joinery doesn’t start to creak after a few months of use.

Talking about the assembly, it isn’t the easiest, as mentioned by multiple people who have owned the bed. Thankfully, an optional paid assembly service is available. The bed is extremely sturdy and stable with no instances of creaking noises or the bed frame moving on a hardwood floor. Storage mongers will be thrilled to know that it offers a generous 12 inches of under-bed-storage space that can neatly tuck away clutter.

Our View: The classic design and the matted gold finish are just perfect for princesses who’d like to pamper themselves. At this price point, it’s a no-brainer choice really.

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TRIBECCA HOME LeAnn Graceful Scroll Bronze Iron Queen-sized Bed

First on our list is this queen wrought iron bed frame from Tribeca Home. The frame is designed with ornate and curving lines that lends a romantic touch to the room that it is put in. The frame also features distressed bronze cherry finish complements.

The frame measures 87 inches long, 64.25 inches wide and 53 ½ inches in height. Meanwhile, its headboard’s height measures 53 ½ inches while its footboard measures 38 inches in height.

This bed frame needs to be assembled. Some of the people who bought this bed frame say that it took them about two hours to fully assemble the frame.

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Things to consider while buying the best iron beds

Iron beds are the thrifty way to spruce up a frumpy looking room without paying through your nose for custom made wooden furniture.

What’s more, you can easily buy a head and footboard set that’s compatible with your existing bed frame. More Benjamin saved!

All said and done, there are enough variables to consider before shopping to overwhelm the first time buyer.

Here are a few of them.

  • The size: Where will you place the bed? Measure the available space in the room and factor in the additional space needed for you to move around comfortably. Most manufacturers offer beds in standard sizes like Twin, full, Queen, King and California King. But often, the décor work on the headboard or footboard extend the dimensions of the bed. Most cases of bed-sizing gone wrong occurs because buyers tend to judge the size of the bed based on pictures. Pictures can be deceiving. If you are unsure about the exact dimensions, ask the manufacturer. Also, getting the size right will ensure that you don’t end up with a bed frame that doesn’t match the headboard or vice-a-versa.
  • Complete set vs. headboard only: Check whether the bed is available in a complete set that includes the frame, the headboard, the footboard and the rail. Or it is only a set of headboard and footboard.
  • Type of metal: When a bed is described as crafted from ‘durable metal’, it’s a broad brush that they are painting with. Ask for more details. Is it wrought iron? Is it an alloy? If its steel, what variety is it? Is it tubular steel? Knowing the exact variety of metal gives you an idea of the durability and the chances of it bending with regular use.
  • Build quality: There’s nothing worse than a metal bed that starts to creak and croak after a few weeks of use. Look at the build quality. Is it sturdy? Will it support the weight of your mattress? If you have rambunctious kids, then the joinery will be tested for sure. Buy one that can last for years with minimal care.
  • Design: Metal beds are available in hundreds of designs. The most popular ones are the classic designs with floral motifs, flowing lines and castings. Four-posters in particular are still in vogue. But you can always find minimalistic and contemporary designs as well.
  • Type of bed: Are you looking for a classic bed with under-the-bed storage? Maybe one of the newer oriental-styled platforms catch your fancy. Pick a bed that blends seamlessly with the remainder of the furniture pieces.

To sum it up

That’s it folks. We hope you loved reading through this list of best iron beds. If you have a personal favorite bed that we’ve left out, then give us a holler. We’d love to hear ya!

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