Best Blow Up Beds. The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Air Beds

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Air Beds

best blow up beds

Sleeping in a mattress that offers total comfort is a bliss. Imagine getting the perfect combination of support and comfort in a mattress; it’s like you are sleeping on the clouds. Some find this level of satisfaction in a traditional innerspring mattress or the newest memory foam one. But for some, they are finding it difficult to have this comfort in the two mattresses. For those with varying comfort preference, they can compromise on a mattress that has the qualities they prefer, or they can choose the best air beds with the perfect level of comfort.

Air beds are also called dial mattresses and sometimes adjustable air mattresses because they use air instead of the coil system or the foam for its core. There are several air chambers inside the bed which allows you to adjust and set your preferred firmness. You can set the firmness by adjusting the amount of air in the air chambers. A more sophisticated air mattress can have a dual zone technology which allows each sleeping partner to improve the firmness according to their choice.

Some blow up beds have taken customization to a whole new level by compartmentalizing the level of firmness in the different zones of the mattress. This option is highly recommended for those with a weak neck or bad back because there will be more air in areas of the body that needs the support the most.

What to Look for When Buying an Air Bed?

An airbed can provide a one-of-a-kind experience for the sleeper which makes it different from other mattresses. Unlike the innerspring which has steel coils for support, memory foam and latex mattresses that have polyfoam as their support cores, it has air chambers. These air chambers can be filled with air using the electric pump that also functions as an adjuster to customize the amount of air inside for the right support and firmness. Other older models of blow up beds have manual controls to adjust while the newest models have a portable remote control and some even have the latest app for the smartphone.

There are a limited number of airbeds around compared to a latex mattress or an innerspring mattress. Their price points are also above the average; however, they have great reviews and above average ratings from customers. This is due to its customizable controls, longer lifespans, and their pain-relieving abilities.

But how can you find the best air beds from the number of brands claiming to be the best? Lucky for you we have made a compilation of the features to look for in an airbed.

Most blow up beds have the main sleep surface and minimum of two internal air chambers as their support core. Beyond these features, here are the criteria that you should keep in mind when you are opting to buy an air bed.

Comfort Layer

This layer in the airbed is typically made with memory foam, latex layers or polyfoam. Many of the airbeds available today have one or two layers that comprise the comfort system and measure between four to five inches in thickness.


Most of the airbeds sold today have several configurations. There are no standards set when it comes to settings, as a quick look into many airbeds has unique settings that can do anything between 20-100 and 50-60 inches on the average.

Number of Air chambers

Generally, airbeds should have a minimum of two chambers to contain air. Some have more especially in the more sophisticated models. No matter how many air chambers are inside, they are aligned symmetrically to both sides of the bed. If you have an airbed with two chambers, each chamber is on either side while if you have four, you will find two of them on each side.

Aside from the components of an airbed, you will also consider the key attributes that made it provide a great sleeping experience. What we mean here is how the airbed feels when you sleep on it.

Flexible Comfort Layer

How an airbed would feel to the touch depends on the type of materials that are used on its top layer and not on its chambers. In some airbeds, the comfort layer is made with foam while in others, this layer is wholly removable or with cover only.

Adjustable support and firmness

Aside from the customizable firmness, airbeds also feature adjustable support. This is caused by the number of air chambers in the zones. For airbeds with more than two air chambers, it is usually designed to aim for the different parts of the body for relieving pressure and pain.


Some airbeds have small gaps in between the chambers as its design. This is counterproductive because if there is ample space, it can cause decrease support on its center and sagging. Many sleepers complained of back pain and unpleasant experience. Some manufacturers removed the gaps altogether to compensate for the trench effect.

Construction of the air chamber

The materials used in air chambers vary with each manufacturer. Some are made with vulcanized rubber while others are made with cotton or latex. This, however, have no effects on the supportive quality of the mattress; at least it is not noticeable.


The inflatable beds are thicker compared to the other types of mattress. It comes between the range of 10 to 15 inches in thickness. This thickness is associated with the components of the comfort layers. However, what is constant in all airbeds is the air chamber, and that is between five to seven inches.


The noise is the chief complaint of users of airbeds due to the whirring and buzzing of the air pumps when electrically operated. Majority of the models also make a squeaking sound when it is supporting the weight.

When can you use inflatable beds?

There are many advantages that blow up bed offers. It can be transported and stored easily; you can use it whenever you need them for a limited period and with minimal time for assembly and disassembly. It is also great when you have overnight guests, a camping trip, a beach trip or a weekend at your favorite festival.


You can use airbeds indoors and inside your bedroom as an alternative sleeping solution. It can also be used long term and will not compromise the level of comfort it provides.


If you love taking an outdoor adventure or camping, then an inflatable bed can come handy. They are easy to inflate and makes your camping comfortable. Deflating is also easy, and you can store them in the RV.

Guests in the house

When you have friends and family who stay over, and you need an extra sleeping mattress, an air bed can come handy. It provides excellent sleeping experience compared to camping mats.

Travelling Companion

Blow up beds are compact and portable which makes it a great traveling companion. It is also easy to set up when you need an extra sleeping option in your accommodation. It is an easy and comfortable sleeping option that will save you money.

Festival Goers

For people who love to go to music festivals, the whole day of fun can be stressful for you. An air bed is a better option to get a good night sleep to enjoy music without back pain.

What are the benefits of using an blow up bed?

The most obvious benefit you can get from an blow up bed is the maximum level of comfort and support it can provide for your back. This is due to the air-filled mattress that can provide the kind of cushion and firmness for your back. With an inflatable bed, you will wake up feeling relieved and refreshed. With the level of comfort, it can provide, you will have a good night sleep with feeling cranky in the morning. You will become healthier as well because you are well rested each night.

Aside from the comfort, it provides along with the health benefits; air beds are also very convenient and easy to prepare by merely inflating it. After using it, you can deflate it and store in your closet. This is best for people who are living in limited space and loves to go on traveling or outdoor adventure.

You will also love this type of mattress because it does not contain any materials in it and an affordable option to the regular or the standard model of mattress. Therefore, an air bed will not only give you the good night rest you need but also help you save space and money as well.

What are the types of blow up beds?

Air mattresses are not created equal, and there are numerous options available. Here are some of the types of air beds and a brief description of each to discern which type fits you.

Heavy-Duty Air Beds

It is considered this type if the blow up bed is made of high-quality and puncture -resistant fabric. It also has some more sophisticated features like a high technology design or a leak-proof pump. Besides, it can also be made for more extended periods even on rugged outdoors without suffering from frequent used.

Automatic/Self-inflating Air Bed

Majority of the air beds has built-in pumps and either self-inflating or automatic. This is important because of convenience. You only need to turn it on and leave it to inflate. This pump is either plug-in or battery operated. You can also have a different setting in one option, and another has preset firmness, and you only need to turn it on.

Portable Air Bed

One of the reasons why air beds are appealing is because of its portability; they are all easy to travel with and store. The weight plays a significant factor; this is worth paying attention. Inflatable air beds can weigh between fifteen to fifty pounds.

Luxury Inflatable Bed

This type of blow up bed can be as luxurious and as expensive as your innerspring or memory foam mattress. It inflates automatically to the right amount of firmness, memory foam as accents, pillow tops, and even has its own pillows. Luxurious air beds are usually a high-level raised type. But this is applied to all; there is also some low-profile air bed that is as luxurious as their elevated counterparts.

Cheap Air Bed

This is an air bed that is a great and inexpensive alternative. They can be long-lasting and convenient to store and usually has external pumps instead of built-in. Although the price tag is relatively low, that doesn’t mean that it has compromised its quality.

Electric Air Bed

This is packed with features, and even cheap versions are available in the market today. This is the best option because you can select the firmness, turn it on, and it will inflate itself. It also maintains its pressure and is easy to inflate or deflate. The electric air bed is best for indoor use especially if you want a permanent one in your home. The only downside for this bed is you will not be able to use them in your outdoor activities.

Pillowtop Air Bed

If you think that airbeds are not as comfortable as your standard mattress, then you should think again. There is an inflatable air bed that has a pillowtop option. It can be permanent, or you can zip it off to clean and store. It also has a range of thickness and softness to help you achieve a good night’s sleep. They are quite expensive though but getting more popular and has lower their prices.

According to Thickness or Height

Platformed or Raised

Air beds can come different thickness and height for easy accessibility. The raised air beds are of similar height as your standard box spring mattress. This design come about to help the user away from the floor and have a regular sleeping experience.

Low Profile

These are thinner, or lower air bed that is made without the base. Since it has no support, it more compact and cheaper. You can store them easily or pack away in your car. In terms of mobility, size and price, they are very similar to the folding mattress only more convenient because you can pack them, and they are more comfortable to sleep in.

According to the Type of Pumps


The external type can further differ based on their source of power. It can be powered manually, powered by battery or simply plug-in. With the pump not connected to its body, you can misplace them or pack them too when traveling.

Internal or Built-in

This air bed is great because it has pumps built-in and adjustable comfort level that you can set. You can turn it on, set and leave it to inflate or deflate. They also inflate faster because you are using a battery or electricity. Most of the best blow up beds have automatic deflate too, so it’s easy to keep away.


Buying an air bed should not be a careless endeavor or something that is purchased spontaneously. It should not be done with severe thought too. As there are many types of blow up beds and brands to cover everything you need, you must determine what is best for you with careful research and thorough comparisons of the available options. While inflatable beds can be a god sent gift for someone who is frequently traveling, it can also be a nightmare to another who bought an air bed that does not fit the purpose he/she had in mind.