Z Beds: All We Need To Know With A Convertible Chair Bed

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Folding Hide A Bed Chair Buyers’ Guide

We often spend our weekends relaxing from the stress of our jobs by lying down our beds in our bedroom, or by sitting in our comfortable couches in the living room. This is the time where you and your family tend to watch some movies to enjoy your day-off.

There is no other thing more relaxing than sitting on a very comfortable sofa after a very tiring week. That is why choosing not just the good, but the best chair will guarantee you the right relaxation that can prepare you for another week of hellish job in the office.

There will be a bunch of different sofa-beds out there to select from, however, it will be the most difficult thing for you to decide and to choose the one that will fit into your taste. But there is nothing to worry about anymore because you are now able to use sofas and couches that can be converted into a bed. Imagine having a very comfortable chair within your living room that can turn into a bed that is just right into your place.

What Are Convertible Bed Chairs?

Nowadays, having a convertible chair bed in your household will help you save both money and space in your house. These bed chairs are also known as a sleeper chair or a z-bed that is almost identical to a sofa bed. They are completely different from any traditional couches as they can be converted or transformed into a sleeping bed by just unfolding its structure.

It offers a lot of benefits to any homeowners especially to those who have limited space. It will be a big help to you each time you will receive a guest to sleep at your place, just imagine the guaranteed convenience.

These easy to use pull out chair beds are so popular recently, that is because it was perfectly ergonomic and fitted to any household. Personally speaking, a piece of furniture like this will always come handy whether you have abundant space or less space in your house.

Such a good idea to have at least one, right? There is nothing to worry about a small apartment now, you will now be able to host a sleepover with this versatile furniture choice.

Different Types of Chairs That Turn Into Beds

Turning your living room into your own sleeping space is made easy by your bed chairs. But do not think that all bed chairs are the same because there are also different types of z beds. These means that there are various types to select from depending on its purpose. You can select from those who will efficiently use the available space you have, the best for your relaxation and comfortability, and the ease of converting the chair into a bed and the bead into a chair.

Sleeper chair beds

I consider this to be the most common type of a convertible bed chair. This type of chair bed often has back supports that create a cozy and wider space compared to a couch when transformed into a bed. Sleepers are so easy to use, you can quickly turn it to a bed just by unfolding the backrest until it gets flat. Sleepers also come into different designs such as the popular z-bed design that comes with an adjustable mattress.

Pull Out Chair Beds

This type of bed chairs does exactly what its name is. The structure is pulled out from the middle and flipped towards the folding sections. Some bed chairs of this type have a pair of legs that automatically come down once the body was fixed into a place, while there are some who do not have this feature. The mechanism of pull out chair beds usually works with spring-loaded frames that are placed underneath the chair.

Drawer Type Beds

This type of convertible bed is almost identical to the pull-out ones. The difference between the two is that this type of chair bed has a drawer on its bottom part with a comfortable mattress. Once the drawer is pulled out, it will become the extended side of the chair that will form a bed. And to level the height of the bottom and upper part there is an instance where the legs can be pulled in that will lower the main body. Although most of the time, the drawer can be adjusted by pulling up to fuse with the main body together with a pair of adjustable legs for supporting purposes.

Automated bed chairs

This one brings us the modern version of convertible chair beds. This type of bed chair is commonly operated with a remote control or with a dedicated button. The button will the z bed to transform automatically from a chair to bed just by simply pressing it. This is the best option of a chair bed for those who find a hard time using the other types of bed chairs, preferably to our elderly relatives. Though this choice might cost you more money than the other usual choices, there is nothing to worry about if money is not an issue for you.


Among the other types, a futon can be the most affordable choice. A choice that won’t cost you a lot without compromising its comfortability. It can be made from either a metal or a wooden material with the resemblance of a true couch. Cushions are placed on top to provide cozy feeling, and you can open its base to lay flat horizontally with its backrest.

Those are the different types of convertible bed chairs that you can choose from. And no matter what your choice will be, I am sure that it will be a good thing to have a piece of handy furniture at your place.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Hide a Bed Chair

Without considering whether you have a limited or a lot of space in your household, a pull out chair bed is a perfect ergonomic addition to your home equipment set. You can own one without compromising the arrangement of all your home furniture, you might also be able to discover and realize that this is a solution to abolish insufficient spaces in your living room. It does not simply turn itself from a chair to a bed and vice versa, it can also turn your own apartment into a comfortable bedroom in few easy steps.

Here are the things you need to know before you buy one for yourself.

Think of How It Will Be Used

Considering how it was designed functionally to give comfort, there are also some several things that you should think and consider before owning one. As we should think like this for everything on our possession before we buy them. For a convertible bed chair, you must carefully think for its main purpose if whether it will mainly be a chair or if it will mainly become a sleeping bed.

If the purpose of having a chair bed in your house is mainly for sleeping purposes, look first for the materials used for cushioning and mattress. Look for a hide a bed chair that can be transformed easily together with the rightful material that can provide comfort while sleeping. We all know that different people have a different preference, especially with the fabrics and materials used for the bed or sofa we are lying in. there might be some materials that irritate our skin compared to others, and there might also be some who is not worthy of their price.

Obviously speaking, if you have the money to buy a bed chair with better quality you should go for it without any doubt and hesitation. Many manufacturers can offer you different designs, but you will notice the detailed difference in each brand. And to be honest, you better stick with the brand with a well-established reputation.

If You Think That You Have Sufficient Space

When you have enough space for any convertible z bed in your home, that’s a very pleasant thing to know. The most common size available for a pull out chair bed is queen size, you might be able to find it widely available for most retailers. Queen size bed chair will perfectly fit in your house if space has never been an issue. When we say queen size, can provide a comfortable seat for 3 people suited in watching a movie together with your small family. It can also serve as a well-spaced bed for two people.

There are a lot of different styles to choose from with different cushioning, mechanism, style and even fabrics used. Well, that is the only things you need to think about when you have enough space already, that is not to be considered trouble after all. For sure have a chair with a square area of 2 to 3 square feet with 5 to 6 feet bed expansion will be the best choice for you.

If You Think That You Have Insufficient Space

Of course, not everyone has a large place for everything in their houses. Well, chair beds are designed for homeowners with limited spaces. Twin size bed chairs are perfect for you, this will solve your issue with a very limited bedding space. Twin size bed chairs can guarantee you a comfortable night of sleeping when it was spread out to serve as a bed, as its size will not exceed more than 5 feet.

Another good news for you is that smaller chair beds mean cheaper cost compared to those z beds suitable for big spaces. But you don’t need to choose those who are too cheap, you also need to think if the quality is just right with its pricing. Sometimes cheaper products will cost us a lot more than those expensive ones.

The Right Time to Buy a z bed

You can simply describe a chair bed as a smaller version of a sofa. A hide a bed chair is designed to give homeowners a very ergonomic choice of furniture. It provides a lot of different uses and is proven to provide a more practical solution for everyone. But you may ask, when is the right time to buy a z bed? It will be very easy to answer that question because anytime is the right time for you to buy one.

Chair beds are less expensive than a complete set of sofas, they are even more affordable than buying a brand-new bed. You can choose the right bed chair for you that matches the decorations inside your house. You can turn a small vacant room into a very comfortable guest whenever someone dropped by for an overnight.


A piece of furniture that serves as a chair during daytime and serves as your own bed space during night time is possible for you right now, thanks to this wonderful multifunctional bed chairs. whether it is a pull out chair bed that will be fold-out or a bed chair that will be pulled off, the bottom line for us in having it is to save spaces. It does not require us to have a small place though, it is just something more practical than having a lot of unnecessary objects in our house occupying a lot of space.

Z beds are made to feel completely the same with beds, sofas, and couches. Built with the same purpose as everything in the list. They also come with traditional and contemporary designs, you can choose any of those two depending on your taste.

To be honest, coming up with a hide a bed chair is a very clever idea. Having two-way furniture that gives you two important things you need in a house. I just can not wait for a few more inventions to be devised in the future, what more ergonomically products can they make?

Another is that having a chair bed gives us a lot of choice of where to place it inside our house. Well, to be honest, we can put it anywhere we like except inside our comfort room of course. We can have it inside our master’s bedroom, entertainment room, living room, terrace and even in the kitchen to get ourselves a comfortable seat. For me, there is no reason not to get a chair bed especially if you can afford buying at least one.