Best white bed frames – Spruce up your bedrooms with classic white frames

white bed frame

White is one of the most popular colors among individuals for furniture and objects as it blends anywhere. White is the most elegant and classic of all colors and has been the first choice in locations where hygiene is a priority. It is easy to mix and match white beds with any décor, linen or mattress. Bed frames of any material can be in white, which help to bring out the distinct qualities of the material. For instance, if you were to choose a metal bed frame, white is certainly a good choice, as it helps to give a blemish free smooth finish. You will find it easy to fit in a white bed frame with any theme in your bedroom, without it appearing as odd or out of place. Here is an unbiased review of eighteen white bed frames across three different categories.

18 Best white bed frames that bring elegant and classic look in your bedroom


It is hard to beat certain qualities of metal. The durability, the ease of maintenance and the natural protection from WDOs make metal a great choice. Cleaning a metal surface is a lot easier than wood, and the durability of metal is virtually unmatched. Here is a look at eight of the top metal bed frames available in the market.

Zinus Geraldine White Metal Platform Bed Frame

This is highly durable with steel slats for support. Measuring 80 x 59.5 x 12 inches in dimensions, this comes with a headboard and footboard and fits Queen sized mattresses. Beneath the bed, you get eleven inches of storage space which can be used for stowing away objects that can be retrieved conveniently. The elegant white color bed frame does not require any special tools for assembly and you also do not need to go in for an additional support system for the mattress. In other words, you will not have to invest on a box sprig or a Bunkie board. This comes with a manufacturer warranty for five years and the foam padding will ensure that you will not have to put up with noise from the frames when there is movement on the bed.

SimLife Twin Metal Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard

This is one of those heavy duty models that will last really long. You will require a box spring with this frame to support the mattress, and you will therefore get top enjoy greater bounce and comfort in the mattress. The six legs in the bed frame offer maximum stability, and you will never find the bed frame shaking or wobbling. The headboard and footboard offer the right kind of detailing that makes the bed more comfortable and luxurious. With more than 12 inches of storage space underneath the bed, you will experience greater convenience in stowing objects. The easy to assemble frame measures 77.4″ x 36″x 34.7″in dimensions.

GreenForest White Metal Bed Frame Twin Size

This six legs white metal frame comes with two headboards and does not require any foundation for the mattress. You can do away with the Bunkie boards or box springs and have this bed frame for maximum comfort. Like most of the other bed frames, you get the advantage of 12 inches of storage space beneath the bed to stow away articles that need to be retrieved fast. Measuring 77.55 Inches x 38.97 Inches x 34.84 Inches in dimension, the powder coated metal ensures greater durability. The classic white will maintain its elegant appeal for long. The whole unit comes with a detailed set of instruction and tools that are necessary for assembling the frame.

Mellow Queen Metal Platform Bed Frame

This model comes with steel slat support for the mattress, offering you a firm and sturdy foundation that will maximize your comfort levels. The steel offers a sturdy build which will last really long, dispensing with the need for frequent replacement of bed frames or foundation. The additional legs ensure that you will not have to put up with noise. After you have assembled it, you will find the frame to be very sturdy and stable. Like other metal bed fame models, you get to stow away objects underneath the bed, which offers you 11 inches of storage space in the frame measuring 80 x 60 x 14 inches.

DHP “Brooklyn” White Iron Bed

This is a versatile model that gives you the options to adjust the height from 7” to 11”. This means that you can keep the profile high or low as desired. The model dispenses with the need for any Bunkie board or box springs as the slats take care of the support requirement. Your mattresses will remain in shape for a long period and you will get to enjoy deep slumber on a comfortable mattress for long. This full sized bed frame in white adds a touch of elegance to rooms and the combination of headboard, footboard, side rails and center metal rail ensures that you will enjoy maximum durability in the sturdy frame.

Naomi Home idealBase White Platform Metal Bed Frame Queen

Measuring 14″ H x 60″ W x 80″ L in dimension, this bed frame dispenses with the need for a box spring or a foundation. Made from high grade steel, the bed frame lasts really long and you will find the esthetically designed unit blending perfectly into your bedrooms. The white frame is suitable for mattresses of queen size and offers you ample storage space beneath the bed. With 14 inches of storage space, you will find it easy to place and retrieve objects easily in the frame which does not require any specialist skills or tools to assemble. The mattress foundation can be folded, making it a lot more convenient when you relocate.

SimLife Steel Platform White Metal Bed Frame Full

Another model from the same manufacturer featured above, this also has 10 legs making the frame one of the most stable. This is a full size bed with two headboards that requires a box spring. Measuring 77.4″ x 55.9″x 34.8″ in dimensions, the frame does not require any special tools for putting it together. The manufacturer offers one year warranty on the product, and the sturdy metal frame will actually last longer. The sheer white color makes this easy to match with any theme or décor in your bedroom. The use of a box spring as a foundation will increase your comfort levels as the profile increases with a box spring.

Zinus SmartBase Queen Bed Frame

This queen size bed frame offers 13 Inches of storage space beneath the frame and does away with the need for any foundation or box spring for your mattresses. The firm support ensures that your mattresses are nice and comfortable and remain in proper shape for long. The metal frames are sturdy and will not deteriorate in looks or stability over time. Measuring 80 x 60 x 14 inches in dimension, this is ideal for queen size mattresses and for most users – typically those who are of average or above average weight. Like most of the other models, this does not require any special tools or training for assembly and can be put together easily.


The appeal of wood is unmistakable and the charm of wood finish cannot be replicated by any material. With the right design and finish, a wood frame can be the centre of attraction in your bedroom and can outlast most other objects in your home. Here is a look at four of the top wood frames in the market.

Zinus “Wen” White Wood Platform Bed Queen

For that ultimate look and feel of wood, this is a great model that comes with slatted headboard. You will not have to opt for a Bunkie board or a box spring as this comes with a firm platform that supports queen sized mattresses. The foam padded tape is a thoughtful inclusion and will eliminate noise as a result of movement on the bed. The sturdy wooden frame is durable and you will find that the white goes well with the décor of any room. Assembling of the bed frame is simple and does not require any specialist or technician to complete. Measuring 81.8 x 60.8 x 43.2 inches in dimension, this comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for five years.

Prepac Full Size Mate’s Platform White Storage Bed

This is an utilitarian model that comes with 6 drawers, offering you storage space in an aesthetically designed and finished white bed frame measuring 57 W x 18.75 H x 76.5 D Inches. You can put away objects that are required for your bed in these drawers for easy retrieval. The sturdy slats made of wood are positioned with the right gap in between ensuring that your mattresses are firm and in shape for long. The classic wood finish and the white color combine to offer a pleasing look that you will enjoy every time you get on the bed. The drawers come with finger pull options making it easy for you to open, and the whole unit can be assembled easily with the help of basic tools and a detailed instruction manual that comes with the bed.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size White Bed

Manufactured from superior quality New Zealand pine wood, this white bed frame is extremely durable and comes with pine slats and a metal support bar. The sturdy model brings the elegance of wood to your bedrooms in a stable frame that will not shake or make noise with movement. Measuring 80 x 43 x 37 in. in dimensions bed comes with headboard and footboard for increased design stability. The clean designs are certainly one of the best in the market and the storage space beneath the bed accommodates drawers that can be matched to suit the color and design. The mattress will remain in shape for long and give you complete comfort.

Home Styles Naples White Queen Bed

This is one of the classic models manufactured from mahogany hardwood. The exciting multi-step design elevates the white finish, making the frame one of the most desirable for your bedrooms. The smooth coat of white gives your bed frames greater protection and ensures that they will last for long with the same high quality finish. The raised panels on the headboard and the footboard make for a wonderful design. Due to the intricate design features, this requires assembly by those who are trained. The frame measures 82 x 64.8 x 52 inches in dimension and is engineered form superior quality wood offering a truly superior finish.


Upholstery offers comfort and luxury of an altogether different level. The finish of upholstery is often the biggest appeal in furniture and adds more value to the comfort. The combination of upholstery and white color makes the beds more special. Here is a review of the top six upholstered white bed frames in the market.

DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers Full

This comes with storage drawers making the model utilitarian to the core. The combination of white with faux leather gives it a special appeal and turns the contemporary styling into an elegant design that you would be proud to own. The structure is sturdy and durable, with metallic side rails, and legs adding to its stability. It comes with a center metal rails which helps to give greater support to the mattress. The frame dispenses with the need for box spring or Bunkie boards as the wooden slats take care of the support. The gap between the slats ensure that there is adequate flow of air, extending the life of the mattress, while maximizing the comfort levels.

Monarch Specialties White Queen Size Bed

This is a model in a contemporary style that enhances the look in your bedroom with the all white upholstery that looks like leather. The frame is nice and sturdy and offers maximum stability to the bed with superior quality wood. The frame measuring 86 x 64 x 46 inches in dimensions permits you to fit all standard size mattresses. This frame requires a box spring for support for the mattress, and the box spring will help to increase the profile and make more appealing. Additionally, you will experience greater bounce and comfort with the box spring, making this luxurious bed frame the best option.

DHP “Carley” Upholstered White Faux Leather Bed

This queen sized bed creates the ultimate lavish look in your bed rooms with its exquisite design and white color combination working together to cast a spell. The frame is sturdy and comes with a wood and metal frame, which will keep it stable all the time. You will not have to look for support for the mattress as the bentwood slats offer the right kind of firm support for the mattress. The metal side rails and the center metal rail keep the bed firm and grounded all the time and you will not experience any kind of vibration or instability in the frame. Measuring 64 x 84 x 38 inches in dimension, the frame is easy to maintain, ensuring that you will experience the finish for a long time.

Baxton Studio “Stella” White King Upholstered Bed

This is another tufted design that makes your bed look more stylish and modern. The white color combines with the upholstery to make the king sized bed appealing. Measuring 80 x 90.5 x 56 inches in dimensions, this bed with headboard comes with foam padding to increase the comfort and luxury levels. The foam padding also eliminates noise, ensuring that you enjoy deep slumber without having to put up with disturbances. The durability and stability of this sturdy model makes it a great buy which will stay with you for years. The model also dispenses with the need for a box spring for supporting the mattress as the slats take care of that need.

Kings Brand White Faux Leather King SizeUpholstered Platform Bed

The designs are outstanding in this King sized bed. The upholstery comes with embedded crystals that make the tufted design appear a lot more appealing. In combination with the elegant white and the leatherette, the whole design is stunning. The wooden slats offer perfect support for the mattresses, ensuring that your sleep is comfortable and undisturbed. You need not look for a Bunkie board or box spring, and more importantly the gaps between slats ensure proper airflow to the mattress. Measuring 87 x 84 inches in dimensions, this is the ultimate combination of style with durability and stability.

Zinus Misty Upholstered Ivory Platform Bed

This is a classic tufted and highly stylized bed that offers firm support for your mattresses to give ultimate comfort. The button tufted designs and the upholstery in white makes this the perfect frame for a modern bedroom. The frame supports queen sized mattresses and measures 84.2 x 62.8 x 43.5 inches in dimension. The manufacturer offers a five year warranty which makes this a prudent option. The wooden slats mean that y do not have to invest in a box spring or a bunkie board. The slats are positioned with right gaps in between ensuring that the mattresses receives proper air flow.