U Shaped Sectionals: Our Picks & Guide

An exhaustive guide about buying u-shaped sectionals

u shaped sectional

Are you looking for a sizable alternative to the traditional sofa? Well, if that is the case, then the sectional is a worthwhile option by all means. The sectional is an ideal choice for those who often host crowds or have a large family.

The interesting part is that the sectionals of today are sophisticated. You will witness slipcovered linen styles, and you will also get to see streamlined versions upholstered in velvet.

The sectionals are a versatile option and work well in a cavernous living room or small study. Let us figure out why they are the ultimate when it comes to functional seating.

Why you should opt for a sectional

There are times when you have a large floor, and you are keen to create distinct rooms. The structural shape of the sectional is such that you can create the rooms in a large area. Plus, the sectional helps you to maximize the seating area in a small room also, and this is what makes it better than a conventional sofa.

Uncovering the designs

The good news is that there are plenty of designs when it comes to a sectional sofa. You can get hold of L-shaped, Curved, Chaise and U-shape sectional sofa. If you are keen to fill a huge space, then you can opt for U-shape sectional also.

It has extended arms that face each other making it an ideal sitting space for conversations. When you are about to buy a U shaped sectional sofa, then you need to keep some essential aspects in mind.

They are not as round as a conventional sectional sofa. The interesting part is that the U-shaped couches are a bit bulky than their counterparts, and this is why they suit large living rooms.

Choosing the right style for your U shaped sectional

Now, you can get hold of a variety of designs for the U-shaped sectional. When you buy a U-shaped sectional, then go for the one that enhances the design of your room.


You also have the choice to go for modern U shaped sectionals. These sofas are sleek, and they have updated touches to them. For example, they have leather and metal legs. What you will notice is that the modern sofas are boxier in comparison to the traditional sofas.

However, if you have a modern décor overall, then the U shaped sofa will fit into the home décor without a problem.


If you believe in out of the box décor, then you can even try to opt for the mid-century U-shaped couches. They have clean lines and thin legs. They add this airiness and element of lightness to any room in your house. These sofas offer plenty of room to sit, but they do not have a lot of visual weight.


You can go for a Traditional U-shaped couch also. They have curved lined and daintier legs. Well, this is one of the reasons that the piece looks small and light.


There are times when you want your U shaped sectionals to be a perfect combination of traditional and modern. Well, the Transitional U shaped sofas fit this definition. They focus on the sophistication of the design, and they do not focus on the ornamentation.


If you are keen to be innovative, then you can go for the farmhouse U-shaped sectionals also. They have comfortable cushions, durable fabric, and light colours. They look perfect in any room and are designed to last for a long-time to come. The best part is that farmhouse sectionals do not require a lot of care.

Different materials to consider for the U shaped sofas


You can go for a polyester U shaped sectional. When you buy a polyester sofa, then you can be confident of the fact that the sofa will last for a long-time to come. Plus, the polyester sofa does not get stained easily. It is easy to clean also.

The best part is that when you have a polyester u-sectional, then you do not have to worry about the sun-bleaching also, and it can be placed in front of any window. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind when buying a polyester sofa, and that is it can be difficult to clean the grease, so you need to be careful not to drop any greasy element on this sofa.


The microfiber u shaped sofa use tiny fibers in their construction. The best thing about the microfiber sofa is that they are stain resistant. Plus, the microfiber u-shaped couch does not collect dust.

Genuine leather

It will be a great idea to buy a genuine leather u shaped couch. The reason is that it looks great as it ages, and it is amazing to touch. However, when you go for a genuine leather sectional, then it will need professional cleaning. A mild discoloration may take place as the sofa ages, but it looks great for sure.


You can get your hands on velvet u-shaped sectionals also. However, velvet tends to wear out more quickly than other materials, but this material has a soft touch and is comfortable. One thing you need to keep in mind when opting for a velvet sectional is that it will require a steam cleaner so that you can remove the stubborn stains without a problem.

Most people prefer solid colours when buying a sectional, but you can buy floral fabric sofas too. There is no denying the fact that these sofas look more elegant, but you need to be careful in selecting the pattern because it needs to go with the overall décor of your room.

Twill fabric u shaped couches also work well because the twill helps to hide the stains. It is an ideal choice for busy families who do not have the time to indulge in an extensive cleaning job. The good news is that the twill fabric is water-resistant also, so this is yet another reason to go for it.

Selecting the appropriate back style for the U-shaped couch


You have to pay attention to the back style also when buying the U shaped sectional. The best approach is to go for pillow-backed sectionals. They are comfortable and have removable pillows. It also makes it easy for you to recline on these pillows.

If you want to be innovative, you can customize the pillows from time to time.

Tight backs

Are you looking forward to giving a modern touch to your living room? Well, in that case, you can go for tight back-style u shaped sofas also. What makes these sofas stand out is that the backs are streamlined. They have smooth edges and straight lines also.


You can buy tufted u-shaped sofas too. There are tufts on the back pillows, and they blend in with the overall pattern. They give this visual interest also to the sofa.

Picking the appropriate arm-style for your sectional

When you make up your mind to buy U shaped sofa, then you have to focus on the arm-style also.


The arm-less u-shaped couches are becoming quite popular. They look perfect in a modern house. However, you will need to consider how you will sit comfortably on the ends of the sofa.


U shaped sectionals are available with round arms also, and they help to offer a lot of support to the person who is sitting on the ends of the sofa. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the round-arm sofas can take a significant amount of space.


Flared arm sectionals are also in trend these days, but they do not offer a lot of support.


If you have a mid-century sectional, then the square arms will go well with it. What you will appreciate about the square arms is that they never look squashed.

Now, after reading these details, you need to consider the style, material, back style and arm style of the u shaped sofa before buying it. Now, we will look at some of the best U-shaped sofas available in the market.

Our Picks: Best U-Shaped Couch & Sofa to Choose

1. Meridian Furniture Tufted 3 Piece U Shaped Sectional

Are you keen to indulge in fine living? Well, this three-piece Gail sectional is truly a classic. It has two Chaise ends and gives a comfortable feel to your living room. It has tufted velvet upholstery along the sides and the back of the unit. The grey velvet is perfect for giving a sophisticated look to your room. The chrome leg finish is also immaculate.

The best part is that the pillows are also included with this three-piece furniture set, and they add up to your convenience. The height of the seat is about 19,” and the depth is about 24”.

What you will appreciate about this Meridian Furniture set is that it is easy to clean and is resistant to scratches. The couch is beautiful, firm and looks very stylish to the onlooker. If you are keen to upscale your living room, then, the three –piece Gail sectional will not let you down for sure.

2. Microfiber sectional sofa set by Stendmar

The five-piece sofa set is ideal for all those who are looking for modern styling. It has an Ottoman, Armless Chair, Left Sofa, and Right Sofa. It has a perfect two-tone colour. It has a touch of dark grey and grey. The sofa set has a microfiber finish.

The Stendmar sofa set is designed to suit the comfort of the user, and it addresses the needs of a big family. You will not have to take a lot of pain if you need to clean this sofa set. The manufacture has introduced metal legs with this sofa set to strengthen the balance.

Plus, you will not have to buy pillows separately because they already get packaged with this sofa set. The seats are designed to perfection, and you will not have to encounter any sagging issues with the seats.

You can invest in this sofa set because it will last for a long time to come.

3. Modern Bonding Leather U Sectional Sofa Set

If you value durability, then modern bonding leather sectional sofa is suitable for you. The upholstery is made from bonded leather. What makes this sofa set so exciting is that it has a sleek design. The vibrant white colour of the sofa gives a spacious look to the room.

Plus, the brown tinge in the pillows compliments the overall look of the sofa set. However, there is one thing that you need to keep. Since the sofa set has a bright white colour, so you will have to ensure the fact that it remains spick and span all the time.

4. VIG Furniture Contemporary Bonded Leather Sectional

If you want to spark up the beauty of any room, then what you need to do is decorate it with a mesmerizing black VIG sectional. There is finesse to the design of this furniture set. The bonded leather upholstery ensures the durability of this sofa set.

The sofas have a 23 inch seat, and the height of the sofa is about 17 inch. What you will love about this sofa set is the aesthetic lighting on the side wood end table.

The back of the sofa is designed using high-density foam, and the frame is made from solid wood. Another exciting feature of this sofa set is that it has a pull-out storage drawer beneath the armrest.

Plus, there is a bookshelf on the side of the sofa. The truth is that the exclusive features of this VIG furniture set should be enough to compel you to buy it.

5. Suncrown Outdoor Sectional Sofa

The contemporary outdoor look of this sofa is enough to steal the spotlight. It is comfortable enough and accommodates about 4 to 6 people with immense ease. You can easily machine wash the cushion covers. What makes this sofa set superb is that it is designed using high-quality raisin wicker so you can opt for it without a problem.

Follow this guide when buying your u-shaped sectional sofa, and you will be able to make an excellent choice by all means.