Best Tri-Fold Mattresses in 2019 – Buyers Guide

tri-fold mattresses

When you go to a sleep over or enjoy camping, chances are, you’re not going to sleep on a proper bed. An appropriate substitute is therefore necessary to ensure you get sufficient nights rest without compromising the quality of your sleep or sleep environment. Sleeping lying next to a rock or on a couch might result in unwanted cramps and aches and probably a bad mood from a bad night. Foldable mattresses are a great way to enjoy the perks of a proper sleeping environment without the bulkiness of an actual bed. There are numerous makes of trifold mattress options out there and you might get somewhat confused by what you should pick and what you shouldn’t.

Top 5 Best Tri Fold Mattresses – OUR PICK

Take a tool at our top 5 trifold mattresses that are great for camping sleepovers or any time you just want do not want to sleep on a conventional bed.

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress 4.6 75 x 31 x 4 inches Foam
Tri-Fold Folding Mattress 4.6 75 x 25 x 4 inches Firm cushion padding (foam)
Full Trifold Mattress Topper
4.2 Comes in all bed sizes Small, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California king Memory Foam
Best Choice Products Tri-Folding Mattress 4.6 Comes in Twin, Full and Queen sizes Gel + memory foam
Zinus Memory Tri-Fold Mattress or Floor Mat
3.8 80 x 27 x 4 inches Foam combinations

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress, 75″ x 31″

The MIliard Foam tri fold mattress is a foam based mattress that is four inches thick. It is convenient for many instances including various floors in your home or even mobile homes. This bed can easily accommodate most people sleep needs. Because it folds neatly, you may store it away when not in use, one of the perks of a tri fold mattress. The therapeutic and cozy attributes of foam make this mattress a supportive and comfortable option for many sleepers. it is ventilated to help regulate sleep temperature and maximize air flow while you are asleep. This is a great option for any foam lover seeking temporary sleeping conditions.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lays directly on to the floor


  • Thickness is great for kids not the best for adults on the heavier side

Cushy Form Tri-Fold Mattress with Storage & Carry Case

This tri fold mattress by cushy form is a versatile option and a great replacement for air mattresses. The hassle free fold and unfold mechanism makes this mattress great for any instance when an extra sleeping bag is needed. The mattress is made with premium quality materials for a comfortable night sleep. This mattress is made with tested and certified materials. it is both plush and breathable with a high foam density, making it optimal for back and neck support. You can easily remove and clean the ultra soft cover. It is also machine washable. This way your mattress will remain fresh and stain free. The tri fold mattress can accommodate children and adults alike.


  • Comes with bonus storage and carrying bag
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum support


  • Middle section slightly smaller than the rest of the mattress

Best Price Mattress 4″ Full Trifold Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The ‘Full’ is a 4 inch thick mattress that is 1.5 inches memory foam and 2.5 high-density base. This combination maximizes on both comfort and support. It is great for a number of instances including camping, sleepovers and trips. The material is CertiPUR-us certified and quality tested. In addition to the high quality building material, a 100% poly-Jacquard cover with a slip proof bottom covers the mattress. This highly versatile mattress makes it ideal for any and all households. You may enjoy a goodnights rest wherever you are without worrying about a back ache or other sleep associated pains that result from sleeping away from the bed setting.


  • It is made with certified materials for safe comfortable nights
  • It comes in different sizes ranging from small to California king


  • It is spot clean only; you cannot clean the covers as thoroughly as you’d like

Best Choice Portable Tri-Folding Memory Foam Gel Mattress Topper with Removable Cover

This is also a combination mattress that uses both gel and memory foam constitutive elements for a resulting high density foam. It comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed. You may appreciate the different sizes that this tri fold mattress comes in including twin, full and queen sizes. The mattress is 3 inches thick and meets all the CertiPUR-us standards for emission, content and durability. Equipped with two handles, this mattress is easily transportable and comfortable to carry. You are advised to open the package in an aerated room and wait for the harmless odor to dissipate. You are then to wait 72 hours until the mattress id fully expanded


  • Very comfortable mattress
  • Easy to clean and transport


  • The chemical smell may be unappealing to most

Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Portable Folding Mattress

What do you get when you combine 1” memory foam, 2” viscolatex responsive foam and 1” high density base support foam? The Zinus memory tri fold mattress, a 4 inch piece of sleep heaven. This twin sized mattress is great for camping, sleepovers or any sleep activity where a proper bed is lacking. In addition to using certified foam for performance, durability and content, this mattress has its foam infused with natural ingredients to absorb moisture and eliminate any odors. It remains fresh no matter how heavily you sweat on it. This mattress is not only comfortable, but also easy to transport and convenient to use. You may have to give a new mattress some time to recover its plush state after being packaged in a compact manner.


  • Has three foam layers for maximum support
  • Easy to move and store


  • The cover quality is not too good and tears easily

Things to consider before you purchase a trifold mattress

Before you decide on the best foldable mattress option for you, take a look at the factors that you should consider.


The dimensions will tell you how large the tri fold mattress is and how well it will accommodate you. A well suiting mattress should accommodate your entire body without leaving parts hanging out. This goes for both length and width. If you are especially tall, then you must check o see that the mattress will cover your entire body length. That way, your whole body is supported while you sleep, not just the essentials.

Cover properties

Cover features of the foldable bed will determine if you can remove or wash the covers. Some covers are removable but can only be cleaned by spot cleaning while others are machine washable. If you prefer to regularly clean the covers, then the spot treatment might not be the best option. Either way, in both cases, the covers should be maintained in top conditions depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.

P.S there are trifold cover options that come with handles on the sides to ease carrying the mattress around.

Materials used

The materials used to construct these contribute to several aspects of the mattress itself. Some of which include support, comfort, durability and the likes. If the constituent materials are poor quality, these aspects will be influenced negatively. Tri folds with certified high quality materials assure that all these functions will be met. These materials also influence some of the mattress characteristics including the smells or lack of the same. While some mattresses use some materials that help mitigate odors or moisture, there are others that do not account for breathability or either of these things. They might end up being uncomfortable or unpleasant to use.


You may think height or the thickness is covered as part of dimension but it is an entire factor on its own. You might find well accommodating dimensions but without the sufficient thickness, the mattress will not be as comfortable as you’d like or prefer. The more the inches in terms of thickness, the greater the degree of comfort: if the user is an adult. While children and teenagers find 4 inches to be comfortable enough, as a fully grown adult you might require more.


Ideally, a foldable bed should be functional yet portable. a super heavy tri fold mattress defeats the purpose of a foldable bed. When looking at the features on your favorite foldables, do not forget to check the total weight of the mattress and consider if it a manageable number. While it is not among the more pressing considerations, it is still important to question if the weight will interfere with the use or your sleeping experience.

Budgeting for a foldable mattress

Purchasing on a budget is common with important items, the trifold mattress is no exception. Plan on a budget that gets you an option which comes with a majority of your prioritized considerations. This way you get your money’s worth. A good budget must get you the bare minimum and allow for a few luxury options.

How can you use your foldable mattress?

If you are still on the fence on whether or not you need a trifold mattress, here are some uses that should convince you why it is a great addition to your home.


Camping is probably one of the more common or known uses of the foldable mattress. Because of their portability and ease of use, trifold mattresses are top candidates when it comes to outdoor activities. What about inflatable air bags or sleeping bags? Nothing is wrong with those too. None of them however incorporate comfort and support into the design. A foldable bed on the other hand is both convenient and practical to have while camping.

Movie night

Not an outdoors person? Well, neither am I to be honest. That doesn’t mean you can’t pull out one of these foldables, gather some snacks and watch back to back episodes of your favorite movie, I’d recommend the lord of the rings trilogy. You have to be careful with this one, otherwise the comfort will lure you to sleep before finishing your movie marathon.


When you have surprise overnight guests and no space to accommodate them, you are usually obliged to give up your sleep quarters and let your guests rest in your space while you barely manage to toss and turn on the couch. With a foldable mattress or four, depending on how regularly you get visitors, you may set up nice sleeping quarters where neither of you has to sacrifice their sleep quality for the others sake.


The best part about sleepovers is the sleeping when you’re all exhausted from your sleepover activities and maybe tipsy from that 3rd bottle of wine and need to go to bed. Since you all can’t sleep on the bed, why not lay down a foldable mattress for each of your friends so you can al enjoy a much needed nights rest after all the fun and games. Be careful not to be the first to fall asleep, you might wake up with a permanent marker moustache.

Final word

Choosing a suitable tri fold mattress is an intensive process that requires much effort. They are clearly a functional item for all homes. Selecting one should be based on a combination of how you intend to use the mattress and what you prefer.

People also ask

Are foldable mattresses portable?

Many foldable mattresses are light enough to lift on your own. Others have handles to make the process easier. You should be able to carry a foldable mattress from place to place without much strain.

Can you carry a trifold mattress alone?

You should be able to carry a folded trifold mattress on your own. Because of its light weight and portability,

Do folded mattresses have memory foam?

Some trifold mattresses use foams or a combination of different foams as the constituent padding. Others have memory foam as the only padding material.

Which is the best foldable mattress?

Depending on your preferences, there are several options available on the market. They vary in size, material and a bunch of other characteristics that makes them different to suit varied tastes.