Best Split Queen Box Spring – The ideal option to go with your adjustable beds

split queen box spring

Split Box Spring beds are among the most sought after by buyers who look for three specific advantages – its suitability for use with adjustable beds, extra bounce and extended durability. Split box spring offers the convenience of two sections that can be joined to make one single section. Adjustable beds offer couples unmatched advantages. You get to be together on a comfortable queen size bed, but have the freedom of sleeping peacefully on a sectioned portion within the bed. You will not have to involuntarily feel disturbed when your partner moves. You will find it easy to relocate without having to worry about the size of doors or alleys. Here is an unbiased review of seven of the top split queen box spring models in the market.

Top 7 Best Split Queen Size Box Springs in 2019

Night Therapy 9 inch Bi-Fold Box Spring Split Queen

This offers you the look and feel of a single box spring, despite the convenience of the two sections that comprise this 9 Inch High Profile Split Queen. The folding foundation offers convenient mobility and storage options, enabling you to relocate without any hassles. The split queen box spring does not require any specialist resource or knowledge for assembly. It is as simple as sliding the foundation, and unfolding it. On unfolding it, it will assume the shape of a traditional box spring. The company offers a limited warranty of five years which makes it a good choice. The dimensions measure 80 x 60 x 9 in, making it spacious and similar to the regular queen box spring size.

The whole unit is sturdy and durable. The size is just perfect enough and permits users to quickly haul it up narrow alleys and doors. The two sections of the box spring come together easily and can be help in place by sheets that have elastic bottom. The covers of this model come with a lengthy zipper that makes it a lot more convenient. This model offers all the advantages of a split queen box spring, in addition to superior quality construction and a perfect fit.

Spinal Solution 8 inch Wood Low Profile Split Box Spring

This model offers just the right profile height to make your bed comfortable. The 8 inch foundation is sturdy and easy to carry and install. You can get over the woes associated with relocation, where a traditional box spring would be difficult to move into homes with small doorways. The split sections make this ultra convenient and light enough to be handled without any problems. The highlight of this model is the wood structure that makes it sturdy and durable. The dense material is light enough to be carted around, yet strong and resilient. This ensures that the mattress receives the right kind of support and offers maximum comfort the occupant.

The firm support offers mattresses the right kind of support and bounce, and is compatible with all mattresses. This dispenses with the need for special assembling or tools and can be handled by anyone without additional training or skills. The standout advantage of this box spring is the enhanced comfort levels that occupants will enjoy, as the foundation is ideal for high profile mattresses. Measuring 80 x 60 x 4 inches in dimension and weighing 50 pounds, the size is just perfect. The designs prevent the foundation from slipping or creating any problems in fusing the two sections together.

Spinal Solution 8-Inch Queen Split Foundation Box Spring

This is a fully assembled model, with 8 inch profile, that offers you durability and comfort. The wood ensures that you get sturdy support, and the mattress will not lost its shape. Mattresses that do not lose shape are bound to offer you greater comfort and sound sleep and will last longer than those that lose shape quickly. The two sections of the spit box spring are easy to carry and install. You can easy fuse the two sections together and create a traditional size box spring without hassles. The size of the sections makes it compact enough to carry through smaller spaces. The compact size and the sturdy build combine with the luxury of the right profile of the mattress to give you better experience.

Measuring 79 x 60 x 8 inches in dimensions and weighing just 50 pounds the split box spring suits all mattress sizes. The height makes it the perfect size for low profile requirements. Putting the two together is as simple as possible and you can be sure that the fused portion will offer complete comfort without any gaps in between. For those who are looking for a compact and sturdy model that will offer the ultimate experience, this is the perfect choice and will last long enough to offer value for money.

Mattress Solution 4-Inch Split Box Spring Foundation

This is one of those low profile models that are compatible with all types of mattresses. The 4 inches and the low profile make it the perfect full size mattress that is easy to cart around and install. One of the biggest problems faced by home owners was the size of the traditional box spring mattresses which made it tough to be shifted into new homes. Wherever the approach was narrow or small, individuals found it difficult to shift mattresses. This helps to overcome those issues with the two sections that can be fused together to form a traditional size box spring.

Measuring 74 x 54 x 4 inches, this product, manufactured in the USA, conforms to the highest possible standards in industry. Shipped in an easy to assemble condition, you will be able to put it together in seconds without the need for any instruction manual. Weighing all of 56 pounds, this is one of the models that offer ultimate comfort in a low profile design. There is a certain class to low profile beds, in addition to the safety that one offers. The bounce offered in this model will make it extremely comfortable to sleep on.

Continental Mattress 8-Inch Split Box Spring/Foundations Set

This is a regular profile queen size box spring that is compatible with mattresses of all sizes. Measuring 80 x 60 x 8 inches, and weighing 50 pounds, the 8 inch profile of this set will make you comfortable with the extra bounce. The ready to assemble model does not require any specialist skills for putting together and the twin sections that combine to make the traditional box spring are manufactured with a high degree of precision. This effectively means that the two sections fit perfectly, to create a single seamless section.

You can easily move it through small spaces and quickly install it to enjoy maximum comfort. The highly durable set prevents the foundations from slipping off or moving, with the right edge frames that keep the foundations in place all the time. This will also ensure that you will not be disturbed by the movement of the other occupant in the bed.

Continental Sleep Split Foundation Bunkie Board Queen

This is one of those ultra slim Bunkie boards that come in two sections. Measuring 79 x 59 x 2 inches in dimensions, the two sections are firmly held in place and prevent any kind of slipping or movement. You can swiftly assemble it and uninstall it whenever required without any assistance. This means that when you relocate, you can quickly move this to your new place, without any expert assistance of uninstalling. One of the biggest advantages of split foundation bunkie boards are the ability to carry them easily through smaller doorways.

The compact sections are lightweight and durable and offer the right kind of support to the mattresses. The mattresses will not sag, as will remain in shape for a very long time. Your spine will receive the right kind of support and you will experience lesser fatigue as a result of sound sleep in the right position. This is suitable for daybeds and works perfectly well with a slat system for greater support to mattresses. The advantages of the compact size combine with the sturdy support to make this set one of the most cost effective options.

Mattress Solution 4 Inch Split Box Spring – Foundation Set

This low profile model is highly durable and ships in a ready to assemble model. This queen size model is compatible with all mattresses and is made from high quality wood. This effectively means that the set will last really long in addition to offering the right kind of support to the mattress. Your mattresses will remain comfortable for a very long time as the flat foundation offers firm support. The sturdy box spring and the dense lumber combination give the set its exceptional durability. Measuring 80 x 60 x 4 inches, this mattress brings the traditional feel of a box spring into a compact model.

You will now not have to worry about transportation and installation. Complicated and large beds require installation, in addition to the woes of having to negotiate narrow staircases. The two sections fuse perfectly and you will never know the difference.