Best Pull Out Chair Bed

best sleeper chair

Why Everyone Should Get A Chair Bed In Their Home

best sleeper chair

Chair today, bed tonight. Sit now, sleep later. Transforming regular, unassuming items such as sleeper chairs have never been this popular. And they could very well be more than just a passing trend.

Modern homes, regardless of their size and shape, often do not only combine the two elements of style and function in their furniture, they also add versatility to the design game.

A fold out chair bed that sits well

The chair bed is all that, but it’s not just an extra seating in the house. Or a lazy-boy while you chill, read a book, or watch TV. Even when you’re not using it, a sleeper chair will blend nicely with your other decor, making it a beautiful living space.

It could be an accent chair in a cozy nook, that adds a striking silhouette and color to your real estate. Yet, it doesn’t end there – it serves another purpose at night, as a sleeping bed.

So, if you’re coming home to a place without this movable and convertible wonder, stop the dilly-dallying – it’s time to get one!

Ok, there are countless, dizzying options in stores. If you think about it, there seems to be no right or wrong choice when it comes to buying a chair bed. However, you may lean towards a particular type, quality, size, or color depending on your aesthetic and goal.

But, a fold out chair bed no matter what it looks like, will almost always find its way to fit in the grand scheme of things that make up your home interior. Nonetheless, I will walk you through on everything chair bed and more.

The sleeper chair for all seasons

Sofa bed, convertible couch, bed chair, z bed, day bed, davenport – these are just some of the names the chair bed is often referred to. It is not your typical couch or chaise longue that could dominate an entire living room with their cumbersome size and weight.

It may sound like an oxymoron, but sleeper chairs are these “flexible fixtures” in tiny homes, condominiums, apartment, and even in moderate-size houses. These furniture wonders are generally affordable and occupy little space, which is a premium for many homeowners nowadays.

Adding comfort to beauty

You might think that hey, a pull out chair bed cannot be that good. That it will still not replace a “real” chair and bed in terms of quality. While chair beds in the past have been rather uncomfortable, it’s a different scenario today.

Just like many innovations, the fold out chair bed has evolved, too. From their springy ancestors, the latest chair beds can be the most comfy pieces you can sit and sleep on.

Being interchangeable, its basic form could either be a chair, or a bed. What’s amazing in many of these sleeper chairs is that when they are used one way, say a chair, you will never see it as an improvised item that would make you go, yeah that looks like a bed that’s been made into a chair, and vice-versa. Or no, that’s one funny-looking chair.

You would like the sleeper chair to look as seamless as possible, especially when transforming it into another object. I guess that would be an extra feature you would want so it fits perfectly in your home.

More sleeper chair attributes

When it comes to space, you can count on a pull out chair bed to do you a big favor because it will not stick out like a big sore thumb that hogs every precious square foot you have. It even promises to be a cunning solution to surprise guests and be that gracious host just the same.

Having a chair bed makes it possible for a visitor to sleep comfortably even when it’s not a conventional bed. Depending on the size, it may be able to accommodate 2 slender adults and then some.

And that is storage, at least, there are fold out chair beds with this additional feature. Your guest can have a spot where he can place his stuff during his stay at your house. The possibilities seem endless don’t you think?

Types of sleeper chairs

A versatile pull out chair bed comes in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Find out which of the following types is right for your home.

Fold out chair bed

This one’s a clever choice to have in the house. It can also be a great camping equipment that is, if you’re getting the inflatable kind. But truth be told, it can be a challenge to find this type of chair bed that’s nice yet comfy.

You should consider several factors such as the height and weight of the person who will be using it, and the quality of the mattress. Some sleepers are flexible enough that they come with mattresses that adjust to the height of the individual.

It is often that sleepers have a very thin foam resting on metal bars that can impact one’s comfort. Having a thicker mattress may help solve this issue, as well as adding a foam topper to compensate for the thin mattress.

When you consider a fold out chair bed, there are two things that will be foremost in your mind: it can be stored and it should be comfortable. After all, the main reason you are getting one is most probably because of limited space.

This type would have a firm mattress and a bifold structure which makes for easy handling and configuration. This pull out chair bed boasts of being able to combine weight, foldability, and comfort. It usually has a narrower profile because of the folding feature, but can weigh up to 500 pounds to accommodate two persons, even more.

Drawer chair bed

Having three functions for seating, sleeping, and storing, the drawer type is the ultimate choice for a multipurpose piece. Similar to a fold out, the added storage is heaven-sent to the space-challenged.

There’s also a fixed kind which comes pre-formed as a chair, but has the standard length of a single bed, and has bonus drawers underneath, behind a seated person’s leg.

Another type is a chair bed which has drawers that serve as an extension of the chair to form a bed. And when the chair itself rests on legs, this support is also collapsible in order to level out with the detached drawer; if not, the drawer has the foldable legs to balance its height with the chair.

Automatic chair bed

For those with more money to spare, you can go high-tech with an automated type. With just a button press either on the side of your chair bed or, using a remote control, you can transform your chair into a bed without breaking a sweat.

This chair bed is also suggested for elderly users to save them the hassle of manually folding and unfolding. While in operation, its electric motor usually emits a sound as a safety alert. No need to worry as this type does not require special maintenance whatsoever.

Armchair bed

The no-fuss shape of an armchair bed provides a clean silhouette that would make your interiors look super cool and contemporary. Its slim box frame holds a deep seat that is supported by wooden feet for stability.

The armchair bed is a good alternative to a comfortable single size bed that’s ideal for modern living.


On the other side of the budget spectrum, a futon can be a cost-efficient chair bed pick for the smart buyer. Designed after Japanese traditional bedding, a set is comprised of a pliable mattress and duvet. This makes for hassle-free folding and storing.

A futon may be a large wooden or metal couch that opens to the base so its backrest can be laid flat. It may take a bigger space than one would prefer, but it will make for a comfy bed at night.

Benefits of a sleeper chair

Surely, a sleeper chair given its petite size, is all that and more. Not to be overly dramatic about it, but when you have efficient household furniture such as a pull out chair bed, it fosters closer interactions at home with family members and friends. Who knew a sleeper chair can be instrumental to a loving and happy home?


Needless to say, having a separate chair, bed, and drawer can eat up space which otherwise can be used for something else. Let’s face it, many houses today do not have the luxury of real estate space, especially in the bustling metropolis and industrialized cities.

Merging the three functions into one neat piece by getting a sleeper chair allows you to be more creative with efficient use of the space you have.

More bang for the dollar

Instead of paying for three separate furniture, you get all for the price of one. In fact, many fold out chair beds are even cheaper than a regular sleeping bed. Moreover, you’ll be able to do different activities on a sleeper chair than without it.

Whether it’s configured for seating that allows house members to kick back by playing video games or having a fun conversation, or a bed that’s perfect for naps and even for a full slumber at night, a sleeper chair can’t be any more versatile. And the money savings you get can be used for other worthwhile reasons as a result.

Guest accommodation

You know when you have a small house with no guest room, it makes it difficult to invite family or friends over from out of town because you can’t host them at your place?

With a sleeper chair’s flexibility, you can have something to sit on while you catch up with your guests and at the same time, they can stay the night and don’t have to book in a hotel. All you need is to remove some cushions so that it transforms into a dream-inducing sleeper. It even makes for a fun and memorable experience for people who you rarely get to see in your life.


Something comes up, or an unplanned event unfolds, which may sometimes derail your scheduled path. This could mean a new baby on the way, or a relative suddenly needs to move in with you.

Such changes would usually get your budget out of whack if not, make your current living space insufficient. A sleeper chair may not solve your problem altogether, but it may somehow help ease it off. It will offer an additional sleeper in case you need it temporarily or permanently.

On the other hand, even for those with leaving household members, your fold out chair bed can remain as a chair, or can be stored until you will need it again. And it can be sooner than you think.

Things you should look for in a sleeper chair


With the popularity of the memory foam, you can use it as your fold out chair bed mattress so you enjoy the same comfort of sleeping in a platform bed. You can also get one of those foam toppers that have cooling beads in them, which can help during hot summer days and nights.

Size and weight

Depending on your needs, you can get a single size sleeper chair, especially if you will only be using it as a just-in-case item, and you don’t have much room in your house. Twin-size and queen size pull out chair beds are an option if your space permits it.

Also, how heavy is it? Is it something that you can easily move from one spot to another? These are just a few things to note when considering a purchase.


You might want to test this yourself before buying just by sitting on it, or trying to lie down on your back and see how it feels. Is it strong enough to support you and perhaps another person?

It would be best to steer clear of metal frames which may be sturdy, but will most likely be a pain to sleep on with a thin mattress. The best framework material is deemed to be kiln-dried hardwood, which is very strong yet it’s not too harsh when sat or slept on.

Final thoughts

The sleeper chair is no longer designed as an afterthought, it is now considered a major piece of useful furniture at home that can also add beauty to your home setup. It is one of those things that you can buy on a whim which you will likely not regret. You may not have any use for it at the moment, but you will definitely thank yourself for thinking ahead. You’ll never know when somebody pops in and needs a place to crash for a night or two. Consider your future problem solved!