Best Sofa With Chaise

A Buyer’s Guide To Sectional Chaise Sofa

sectional sofa with chaise

The word “sofa” was derived from the Arabic word “suffah” which means a platform to sit. Over the years, several models of Sofa have graced the furniture industry and some have become very popular. Although these looked luxurious in living rooms, these took up way too much living space and made the rooms look cluttered. We see alternatives of everything coming and going in this busy world. There is one among the few alternatives, which have been widely loved by people for it’s creative and that is sofa with chaise. It is basically the sectional sofa, which is an L shaped couch, that usually improves the view of the living room. The fun fact is that it is not just L shaped couch, it is adjusted according to the needs of your room. Hence, sectional sofa is considered to be one of the best pieces of furniture you can get for both small and large rooms alike. You can choose the way the pieces are arranged, according to what fits your home, the room and the layout. A sectional sofa with a chaise is a recent invention made according to the needs of the people.

In older times people had ample space in their homes so they did not have to worry about managing space. Gone are the times of the Victorian era, today people live in small spaces where adjusting a sectional sofa, has become very easier. Today, if you want to host a party of large family members or there are many family gatherings at your house, you want something sophisticated with a streamlined version, covered with velvet, a sofa with a chaise is the best. This is an alternative to the standard sofa and consideration if you are planning to buy a sofa for your home.

Why do you need a sectionalsofa with a chaise?

It can go with almost any room

People think that sectional sofa or sofa with a chaise, only go with larger rooms. But this is completely wrong as you can maximize the seating options even in smaller rooms. If you have a small room you can place it in one corner and for large arrange it can be placed at the centre. These sofas are designed in such a way that it can ideally sit in small space as most of the families live in small apartments.

Ample seating

With sectional sofa, there will be the perfect family to get together, with extra seating, and several people can adjust conveniently and easily. It is perfect for lounging, and it provides ample space than a conventional sofa can offer. The best thing about these sofas is that you can sit comfortably with legs pulled up.

Opens up the floor plan

When you arrange the pieces of furniture in your home, it can create a different dimension, and make space look larger. At the same time, by placing a sectional sofa with chaise which generally has broad size will create distinct spaces within a large area. You can easily divide a large area into separate rooms by placing a sectional sofa.

What are the different types of designs on a sectional with chaise?

There are many options when it comes to sectional sofas or sofas with extended Ottoman attached to it. There is L shaped, curved, modular, U shaped and various others.

Chaise: In this, it has a sectional sofa attached to one side, basically it can be called as simplified L shaped sofa, which goes with almost every place. For better understanding, these are sofas with extended ottoman attached to one side.

Curved: Curved sectional sofas have an appealing elegance which makes it look like a piece of art installed in a room. The only drawback is that it requires a little more space than L shaped or chaise.You may need a larger room for adjectives before you cannot make it sit against a wall, and it will require a larger space. These can make perfect beauties for large rooms.

L shaped: The most versatile of sectional sofas, as the name suggests, L-shaped looks like two sofas merged into one at a right angle. The common style found is three cushion styles with two cushion style. The size is not resisted to just that as large four with three cushion styles are very popular nowadays as these look majestic. It goes well with working places, and homes alike and perfectly fit into any corner as well as can be placed in the centre.

U-shape: It is more like of curved sofa, and is good for intimate conversation due to the close extended arms facing each other. If you have a large area to fill, then this is the type of chaise sectional you should go for.

Sleeper: This is highly multifunctional and is very comfortable for sitting and sleeping and at the same time. This is mostly a section of chaise-style. These come with a pull-out, mattress and folding bed frame with can be stretched when the user wants to lay down or can be stored inside the sofa when not in use.

Modular: In this style, the sectionals are a combined form of few pieces of sofas, which means you can easily rearrange them according to your need.

Stationary: This type of sofa does not have any moving parts. These cannot be configured according to the users need but some can be detached for the purpose of transportation.

What are the things you must keep in mind while getting a sofa with chaise?

When you are buying bigger furniture there are more things that you must keep in your mind. Knowing the furniture is very essential.

Know what you are buying: If you are buying a chaise sectional sofa, it is important to make a choice, if it is left facing or right facing so that you don’t make a mistake after purchasing it. Make a rough drawing of what suits your home, according to the ambience and gets it. For this stand in front of your sofa and decide accordingly. If you want the extension of sectional to be on the right side, then choose right-facing sofa; if you want the extension tobe on left side, then choose left-facing sofa.

Do some research: Know your home well, and draw off the floor plan with the piece of furniture you are deciding to buy. Know the exact dimensions and shape of the sofa, so that it won’t disrupt the traffic flow in your home. A sectional sofa placed on the wrong side is a pure nuisance as it will create hindrance in easy movement through the room. After you buy it, it should not feel like a burden. Know the colour, which suits the best with the walls, so that it does not look out of place. Considering the arms of the sofa are very important.

Size of the sectional: This feature is decided depending on the size of the room you want to place the sectional. If you have a large area to be filled you can go for any size chaise sectional sofa and that depends on how you want to decorate the room. There are 3 main sizes available: Small sectional, Mid-sized sectional and large sectional. Small sectional is a two piece sectional that can include a combination of two sofas or a chaise and loveseat. Mid-sized are usually three-piece sectional in U shape and can accommodate three to six people. Large sectionals are 3 or 4 or 5 piece sofa perfect for large events.

Consider the corners: The design should suit your home and moreover ensure the user’s comfort. The sectional sofas with L-shaped or U-shaped corner seats will need extra space on the chaise side otherwise only a little space will be available for lounging making it uncomfortable for use.

Back preference: While purchasing a chaise sectional sofa look into this feature carefully. Decide whether you want pillow back or tight back. This is totally a personal preference. Get your cushions, which complement your sofa. It should be in shape and fluffed. The fabric used on top of the sofa should be durable. It should be able to stand up dirty paws, and sticky hands.

Upholstery: These sofas come with three types of upholstery. Fabric, faux leather, leather blend and bonded leather. Fabric sectionals are inexpensive and feel pleasant to touch. Faux leather is the best alternative for genuine leather and feels standard. These are durable and long- lasting along with giving a stylish look. The only issue with using such upholstery is when there are kids or pets at home, which can result in tear and damage of the material.

Fabric: Another personal preference. If you want to decide the fabric, make sure to get swatches as the colours you see on your computer screen will vary from the original one. If you have kids or pets at home, make sure you go for fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. However, if you are planning to buy this sofa for office or other formal area buying linen or velvet fabrics will add to its elegance.Also, consider buying bright coloured fabric contrasting your room colour to bring out the elegance.

Pillows: This is another accessory to be considered if you plan to style your sofa. This is not a compulsory requirement for these sofas. If you are planning to buy, and then make sure you buy enough number of pillows depending on the set of sofa you have. The pillows are usually placed on corners and centre. These are arranged in such a way that each pillow sits in between each cut of the sofa cushion. Buy a colour that compliments your sofa in general.

The number of people you want to adjust: The layout of your sofa decides how many people will be able to adjust. Also, you have to consider the price of the sofa because it will be the most important furniture in your living room. Also, the measurements should be considered while buying one. Measuring up your space, which you can offer to the sofa, is essential as it should not look something very extra.

Consider the configuration: Sofa with chaise is very versatile, it can go with everything. But certain spaces look best with a proper setup, so you have to consider what works for best for you and your home. At the same time, do not be afraid of floating it. You can rearrange the sofa and place it in the centre as you like. Let the interior designers in you decide on how you want the furniture to stand out in your living space.

Bottom line: Furniture is a very subjective topic. Deciding the right furniture for your house or office is not that easy, no one can help you in deciding the right piece of furniture for your requirement. There are certain points to consider before purchasing furniture like chaise sectional sofas. There are several sofas in the market, but finalizing on one piece that suits your need will require some investment of time and money. When you are getting a super with a chaise, there are a lot of things that you might want to consider. Avoid leather because if you have pets in your home it can be easily clawed, and it can rip off very easily. If you have small kids in your home, go for materials that are easily washable. How your room is getting used so that it blocks the least amount of foot traffic is very important to consider. Always plan ahead before going to purchase a sofa with chaise as these are expensive and bringing in the wrong design will only make things worse. Also remember that, as this requires investment, make sure to go for the best you can get in your budget. Do not compromise on the quality of the sectional sofa. They are like the ornaments of the room, which can enhance the overall appearance of the area.