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pull out couch bed

A Buyer’s Guide to Sleeper Couch: A Convertible Couch with Pull Out Bed

pull out couch bed

Choosing the Best Sleeper Couch: A Convertible Couch with Pull Out Bed

Convertible furniture like a couch with pull out bed is versatile, space-saving and saves you a lot of trouble. They have come a long way from bulky and uncomfortable furniture to sleek, stylish, and comfortable furniture that can provide your guests with a good night’s sleep.

It is always a good thing to care about friends and families and allowing them to have a comfortable night’s sleep at your home if at all the situation arises. But not everyone has the luxury and means to afford a separate guest room in their house. For times like this and others, which are bound to keep happening, having the option of a sleeper couch in one of your rooms can save you a lot of trouble.

Though you can quickly decide when you need a pull out couch, there are specific details that you need to understand before you start browsing so that you don’t commit a blunder while purchasing. This is because many manufacturers are producing and selling thousands of sleeper couches that vary significantly in terms of quality, design, functionality, and most importantly, cost. It is, therefore, important that you know what you need and what will fit your room.


You can find a couch with pull out bed in any style and design you want. The only difference will be the cost factor. You should also take into account the decor of the room you intend to use it. Keep in mind certain elements like the design, color, and other articles like furniture piece or artwork in the room so that your sleeper couch blends in seamlessly with the room. For this, your work is cut out because of the numerous options that are available out there.


Besides the style, one cannot overlook the material of the mattress. The mattress has to be durable and comfortable if you want your guests to sleep well or for that matter yourself. Some of the mattresses that you can find out there are innerspring, cotton, and foam.

If you’re looking for premium comfort, memory foam or gel foam should be your preferred choice. They are more superior than other foams, and your guests will not feel the coil and support bar in the bed frame of the couch.

The other option to provide more comfort is to use a mattress pad on top while using the pull out bed couch for sleeping.

Nonetheless, the technology used in innerspring nowadays has improved by leaps and bounds. Though they are not as good and comfortable as memory foam, if you’re not going to use your sleeper couch often, there’s no harm in opting for an innerspring mattress as they can also provide sufficient comfort for your guests.

A newer option of a mattress is also available on selected pull out couches called the air-over-coil. As the name itself suggest, it has an inflatable air bed on top over innerspring. Using this type of mattress, you can have increased thickness for optimum comfort. The portion of the air bed is also tucked away inside the couch once it’s deflated.

The final important thing to do is to test all of the mattresses contained in the sleeper couch you’re interested in. If you’re buying through online, read the reviews carefully to see how the mattresses fair.

Opening and closing mechanism

Your couch should easily fold out and fold in seamlessly. There should not be any grinding or jamming in the mechanism. If the transition isn’t smooth, that sure is a red flag. Once the couch is folded out, there should be a proper lock-down to ensure stability. If possible, do check to see if the joints and parts are sturdy.

On selected products, you can find electrically operated pull out bed couches that don’t need to be pulled out and in manually. You’ll only need to press a button to operate. This type of operating system will be convenient for those who have physical difficulties in manually operating the couch.

Cost factor

Depending on many factors the costs of sleeper couches vary greatly. Some of them are:

  • Size: If you want a couch that is bigger than standard size, the price will also increase because the size of the mattress inside the couch will also have to increase.
  • Upholstery: Materials like leather, velvet or unique fabrics/colors will drive up the price of the couch. If you don’t need them, you can opt for the standard basket weave linen or cotton twill.
  • Opening mechanism: If you’re opting for an automatic mechanism for opening and closing your couch, it will raise the price of the couch.
  • Mattress material: Memory foam or air-over-coil mattresses are costlier than the standard innerspring. So, the cost of the couch is also directly proportional to the quality and material of the mattress used on the couch.

Tips for buying

Apart from the above-stated points, you should consider certain aspects before you decide to make your purchase. As a customer and homeowner, it is essential to know how much you need to be spending for a pull out couch and what is not worth spending. So, here are some things you can take into account:

  • Usage: You should first ascertain how often you will be using the sleeper couch. If it’s only for those occasions where your guests might need a place to sleep, you need not shell out a fortune. You can opt for an innerspring mattress and purchase an additional mattress topper just for that added comfort. But if you plan to use it for yourself due to lack of space in your apartment, you should invest in it.
  • Size: Most important is to know the size of the room you’re planning to fit your couch into. Depending on that, you can opt for a couch with varied mattress sizes such as twin, full, queen or king. If there is any other furniture in your room that may reduce the operating space of your couch, consider that as well.
  • Budget: You may have the bucks to spend on a high-end pull out bed couch, but if you’re not going to use the bed often, one would say that you’ll be wasting money. Therefore, as mentioned above, it is wiser to save and buy according to usage.
  • Check for sharp edges: The parts of the inner mechanism of the couch should be smooth to touch. There shouldn’t be any rough edges or any protrusion that may cause damage to your bed sheet or blanket.
  • Frame: A good frame always ensures the durability of the sleeper couch. The two best frame options are kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of furniture grade plywood and hardwood. It is advisable that you avoid couch beds that are made of pine or other softwoods as they aren’t as durable as hardwood. High-quality metal frames are also better than softwood in the long run.
  • Testing the product: Always take your time to try out all the features in the pull out couch that you’re interested in. Try out different positions while sitting on the couch without folding it out. After that, check the opening and closing mechanism to see if it operates smoothly. Don’t feel uneasy about checking the parts inside. Lie down on the couch bed to see if it’s comfortable and whether you can feel the coil and frame parts underneath the mattress. Don’t let anyone, especially the salesperson, pressure you into hurrying your test. If they are pushing you, it may be a sign that the couch you’re checking out isn’t a good product. If that’s the case, just move on to some other product. For your online purchase, the reviews submitted by customers who already bought the product you’re interested in should be your guiding factor.
  • Weight: If access to your apartment requires you to climb up several stairs and you need to haul up the couch with great difficulty, a fold out couch need not necessarily be your solution. Provided your intent is to keep an extra mattress for unexpected occasions, you can opt for inflatable mattresses instead of a pull out couch.


Since some couch mattresses come fully upholstered, there’s every possibility to stain the fabric while you or your guests are eating or drinking on the mattress. Get yourself a mattress protector and a sheet to protect the fabric from preventable stains. This may seem like a small problem, but if you’re planning to use your couch bed for many guests, you don’t want them to be sleeping over a stained mattress. Nor will they be excited to see dirty stains on the fabric of your mattress. Hence, small actions like this show you value your guests sleeping over.


Proper maintenance of your foldout couch is essential for longevity. Moreover, once you’ve made an investment, you don’t want to be buying another one in a short span of time. Hence, you can perform the following actions:

  • Mattress rotation: Just like a standard bed mattress, if you are using your couch bed frequently, it is advisable that you rotate the mattress after every six months. This is essential to even out the wear.
  • Cleaning the interior: If you don’t use your couch bed frequently, vacuum it on a periodic basis to clean dirt and dust. Take out the mattress as well and vacuum it.
  • Surface cleaning: Vacuum your cushions on a regular basis to get more durability out of them. You should also promptly clean the spots where spills occur to avoid dirty stains.

Advantages of sleeper couch

The multi-functionality of pull out bed couches serves as an excellent space saving furniture. It is very useful for those people who live in small apartments or are sharing an apartment. Not just that, they are also ideal for families who live in small homes and find it hard to make space for mobility.

You can find a countless number of designs and sizes of foldout couches. With this option, you can conveniently mix and match with any decor and setting in the room. The wide collection of sizes allows you to adjust pull out couches as per the dimension of your room. Therefore, if you’re considering sleeper couch as an option for your room, be assured that there is no shortage in design and size.

Foldout couches are a much better alternative to futons or inflatable mattresses. The engineering aspects in these couches have also considerably improved to provide ultimate comfort when compared to futons and inflatable mattresses. Your guests will not be disappointed with their experience on pull out couches.

You can purchase sleeper couch at varied prices depending on your budget. So, there’s a couch for every interested customer with a particular budget.

Disadvantages of pull out couch

The fact that pull out couch is an item of multi-functional furniture adds bulky weight to this furniture. They are not easy to relocate from one room to another. Transportation and delivery can also become a hassle without help from the manufacturer. More problems will be faced if you live on the higher floors of a high rise apartment.

Despite their comfort level, they are not as comfortable as regular beds. The technology, despite drastic improvement, unfortunately, has still not caught up to provide the perfect couch with the perfect bed. So, if you plan to use a pull out couch like a regular bed, a better alternative may be to opt for a futon bunk bed.

The opening and the closing mechanism will wear out with time. For this, it is advisable that you carry out maintenance on your sleeper couch depending on the intensity of usage. Constant use of the couch bed will require regular maintenance.


Pull out couches, no doubt, are not a universal solution to small space. But their multi-functionality beats many other types of furniture, therefore, they rightly deserve the classy tag ‘convertible furniture’. But don’t spend unnecessarily on a sleeper couch just to have all the bells and whistles. Before purchasing, make sure you clearly understand the functions of a pull out couch, its inherent limitations, and most importantly your needs and limitations.