Which Is Better: Platform Beds Vs Box Spring Beds

platform beds vs box springs beds
platform beds vs box springs beds

Sleeping is important to everyone, not getting enough of it will put you restless in the morning or if worse, body pains and soon fractures. The best and fastest solution to get a good night sleep is sleeping on a very comfortable mattress. But, which amongst the mattress is best for you? There are many types of bed to choose from, but there are two leading the pack – Platform Beds and Box Spring Beds.

Which is better? Below is a quick description of both:

  • Platform bed: Made of lifted wooden mounting, with wooden planks on top establishing a platform where mattress may be placed. Platform bed is perfect to almost all kinds of mattresses, from memory foam to innerspring
  • Box spring: This is made of rectangular wooden mounting with box spring positioned inside it, then mattress is placed on top of it. For maximum comfort, it is necessary that the box spring matches the spring of your mattress.

To further discuss each in detail, read through below.

Platform Beds

This type of bed is lower in stature and show offs a simplistic design and a modern look. The frame surrounding the bed is most of the time made of steel, yet you have large assortment to consider.

In terms of the price, platform beds are generally around the price of box spring unless you want solid wood, where prices can hit you big time. Platform beds are easier to assemble than box spring that needs assembly, but it is possible that you can get box spring ready to use, hence easier to manage.

Some think that visco mattress, or for others they call memory foam, is not compatible to platform beds, but actually, it is. Mattress foam teamed up with the sturdy wooden surface radiates to the user and makes him/her maintain a good posture with absolute comfort, giving sleepers a good night sleep. There are many other types of mattresses to use with platform beds, but you have to take further consideration using latex mattress if you are overweight. Latex mattress alone is heavy, adding your weight to it may break the foundation of the platform. Ask your supplier about the maximum weight the platform bed can carry without breaking.

Most of the time, there is a space below the bed’s platform, hence for others, they use it as additional storage space. Other platform beds might come into view without spaces or gaps, but do not get deceived as there is. All you have to do is carry them up to reveal the available space underneath.

But since it is low, some people are not as comfortable getting on and off the bed, especially those who have knees or back problems. Most of the time, this type of bed is not as easy to move around, particularly solid wood, as it is heavy.

Box spring beds

These are boxes that are most of the time created of wood frames. They come exactly in the same dimensions as mattresses. Inside the boxes are almost the same spring foundations as innerspring mattress. They are higher compared to platform beds, and that characteristic made this type of beds more in demand.

Some think that box spring beds are only compatible to innerspring mattresses, but actually that is not the case, as this can work to almost all kinds of mattresses. The base of the mattress and the springs in the box framework, when together can give you a very comfortable feel and can absorb shock better, hence perfect to sleepers who love to turn and toss at night.

This is not the most expensive when purchased, but in the long run, since it does not have longer life compared to its counterparts, it is considered more expensive than the rest. Compared to platform beds, this does not have a space underneath, hence those who prefer extra storage may not consider this option.


The information said above is enough for you to decide which among the two to choose, but before you get too excited, you may want to consider other factors below when choosing between the two:

  • The decoration at your house: Do you want a modern, sleek and low look, choose platform bed. Box springs is heavy and has a traditional look, that others actually prefer
  • Your overall physical condition: If you have issues with your knees and back, you may want to choose box spring beds as they are higher than platform beds
  • Budget: If you are looking for stylish, solid wood platform bed, this is a more expensive option, but if you are contented with standard ones, the price is just the same
  • Storage area: If you prefer additional storage area, choosing platform beds is better

Now that you know almost everything you need to know between the two, it is time to go out and enjoy your bed shopping.

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