Best Platform Bed Frames

platform bed frame

Platform bed frames have long been known to men from as early as the Egyptian civilization evidenced from the platform style bed of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen which is on display at the Cairo Museum in Egypt. The early Egyptians made this type of beds using exotic woods, and ivory inlaid with gold and metal. The bed was a revered piece of furniture, and they often included it while burying the dead.

Structurally, a platform bed frame is referred to the type of bed that has a rectangular frame with a raised base. The structure is supported by slats and horizontal rows of wood or metal which provide support to the mattress without the need of a box spring. The rows of woodwork or the lattice structure provide ample support and also ventilation to the mattress. Modern platform beds frames come with in-built storage space underneath, like a hidden chest of drawers and are therefore also called the chest bed or a cabin bed.

Advantages and Benefits of Platform Bed Sets.

  1. Cost Effective.

Unlike a box spring bed, a platform bed frame can be very affordable without compromising on the quality. Apart from the mattress, the frame itself can be a very affordable option for many people.

  1. Accommodate any mattress.

A platform bed frame has the added advantage of being able to use a mattress of any size, shape or form, depending on your requirements. Generally, a memory foam mattress and latex mattress is considered the best fit for a platform bed but you could also use a futon, innerspring, a waterbed mattress, anything that suits your taste in weight, height, and comfort. The modern choices also include such mattresses as organic, hybrid and gel mattresses.

  1. Style and design.

A platform bed frame is a very versatile piece of furniture. It can blend perfectly or add a touch of personal taste to the whole room. You can pick anything from old traditional designs to modern and contemporary looks. It can a low form, high form, floating design, with drawers or without, anything that you so desire.

  1. Support and comfort.

This bed frame is usually low in height making it more stable which is essential for providing support while giving you a comfortable sleep. It is sturdier than any other form of beds.

  1. Easy maintenance.

A bed that comes with a Platform bed frames don’t require exaggerated upkeep like an upholstered bed which needs regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. The overall structure makes cleaning the bed very easy and accessible. The usual laundry for the sheets and covers will be enough; you don’t not have to worry about staining or accumulation of dust and grime.

Types of Platform Bed Frames.

  1. According to variations in features and designs:
    1. It may or may not include a headboard and footboard.
    2. It may have a solid top or a slat-top.
    3. It may carry a floating design. A bed with a floating design has a broad top and a narrow base which portrays the illusion of a floating mattress.
    4. The bottom can be open or closed. It may or may not include drawers for the storage.
    5. The ground clearance can be designed according to individual preference.
  2. According to material:
  3. Wood Frames.

Wooden furniture is often admired for their natural beauty and organic design. They are not only versatile in functionality but extremely durable if well cared for. A wooden platform bed frame can be low profile to suit your minimalist taste or trendy for a modern contemporary look. You can even choose a bamboo framed platform bed for an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

  1. Lacquered Frames.

Lacquered furniture is one with a high gloss finish. This bed frame is not as popular in the market yet, but this is an excellent choice to consider while furnishing a large house like a penthouse. You can pick anything from the traditional black and white or muted colors to striking bright colors to transform your space into a visual delight.

  1. Metal Frames.

Traditionally, iron and steel are the choice materials of metal frames for their durability and stability. With the input of modern technology, lighter metals are also incorporated to make metal frames for platform beds in recent years.

  1. Upholstered Frames.

Upholstered furniture holds unparalleled beauty and comfort. With a wide selection of choices available in the market today, you can have the option to pick anything to suit your indulgent tastes in bedroom furnishing. You can even have them custom made to add a personal touch to your sleeping area.

  1. MDF and Particleboard Fiber Frames.

MDF or Medium-density Fiberboard frames and particleboard frames are not considered as conventional materials for furniture. But these can offer an excellent option for platform bed frames as they are very affordable. They are not the best choice if you are looking for longevity in a piece of furniture but are sturdy and can lend a modern and trendy touch to the room.

Is Platform Bed Frame Right For You.

The main reason why most people choose a platform bed frame over other types of beds is the advantage of not requiring the box spring or a foundation. However, while deciding to invest in a bed, it is essential to consider all the pros and cons, your lifestyle and your sleeping requirements before you decide on a platform bed. This bed may be the perfect choice for you if:

  1. You like the more contemporary and clean lines in an item of furniture as well as architectural designs. A platform bed frame is not fussy but has a classy appearance. It is also perfect for individuals who like a touch of Oriental influence.
  2. You are not very sure about investing in something plush and luxurious and high maintenance as an upholstered bed.
  3. You need firm support for your back while sleeping. It is because the mattress can be installed that is tailored to your requirements.
  4. If you are someone with limited mobility. A platform bed frame can be extremely helpful while considering people who have problems moving in and out of bed like the injured and the elderly. This bed can also be a perfect choice for young children.

Platform bed frames are not right for you if:

  1. You move around a lot.

Platform bed frames typically come as a single unit making it difficult to move around for transport. If you are someone who changes homes or residences often, this bed is not for you.

  1. You don’t agree with spending a lot of money on a mattress. Platform beds have the advantage of being able to use any mattress, but because the frame is practically empty, you need to add a quality mattress for it to be a comfortable bed.
  2. You have knee or back problems and need assistance getting in and out of bed. Without the spring mechanism, this bed will not be a good choice for you.

What to look for when buying a platform bed frame.

When you decide to buy a platform bed frame, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons before you exchange hands at the store. You cannot be blindsided by all the advantages and its benefits and finalize the purchase. Here are things that you should look while choosing the desired bed.

  1. Construction Quality.

The construction and the overall craftsmanship of the bed are equally as important as the aesthetics. The consensus is that mortise-and-tenon joinery is the best for defining the quality of frames. The quality of the construction will decide the frame’s stability, sturdiness, and its durability. For a slatted platform bed, the recommended space is no more than 6 inches apart, and center support that runs from the head to foot is a necessity. If you choose a platform bed frame with a solid top, look for ones that will provide ventilation. This will prevent molding and mildew formation between the bedding and the structure. It is also a good idea to look for wood on wood or metal on metal construction at the rails as they will undergo the maximum stress in the lifetime of a bed frame. A pretty bed does not equal comfort and longevity, so have a close-up inspection before you buy one. Many companies also offer assembly parts that can be set up at home. If you decide to buy this category, make sure you understand the manual and ask for a demo at the store.

  1. Material used for construction.

It is always better to choose a naturally occurring material over industry made resources. Human beings are known to spend a third of their lives in bed sleeping. When you spend that much amount of time in bed, it is worthwhile to consider whether the materials making up your bed is natural or toxic. You might have a natural and organic mattress, bed sheets and pillows but if the bed frame is cramped with toxic glues and chemicals, it can be hazardous to your health. It is good to ask questions because your health comes first. Metal frames are generally neutral as they do not emit any gaseous substance, but if you want a wooden frame, choose the ones with little or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) or even one that is unfinished. A veneered frame or a particleboard frame can be readily available and affordable but consider if they are worth the health risks involved.

  1. Size.

Picking the right sized bed that fits into a room is a factor that some people overlook. It is important that your bed fits in the proportion of size and width and height with the room aesthetics. A bed with high ground clearance in a low ceilinged room is not a good choice, both regarding functionality and visually. Likewise, a double sized bed for a child’s bedroom is not a smart choice. The size and fit of the bed should complement the overall design of the room and ultimately, the house.

How to clean and care for platform bed frames.

  1. The heat and humidity from the body can accumulate over time and this can cause mildew and mold which is neither hygienic nor good for your health. If you have wooden bed frames, it is essential to air them every four to five weeks. Take off the mattress and open the window to let natural air do the cleaning. While doing this thing, it is also a good idea to inspect and check for any signs of bedbugs and termites. If you live in an area where critters are common, it is best to know before they infiltrate the home and home and furniture. Metal bed frames as such do not require to be aired, but it pays to check for possible rusting if you’ve had the structure for some time.
  2. A mattress is an integral part of your platform bed frame so consider rotating it in 180 degrees from head to foot after every six months or so to avoid denting and depression and also to promote even wear. Regular cleaning of the bed linens will take care of the rest but it also advisable to use mattress covers to protect it from staining and increase its lifespan.
  3. Do not let the children or adults jump on the bed. Strong support comes from the foundation of the frame and jumping on it can cause loosening and sliding over time reducing the longevity of the bed frame.
  4. Be careful while moving the bed around. Every once in a while you might feel the need to rearrange the furniture in the room to redesign or to refurbish. It is not advised to subject the bed to undergo rigorous pushing and pulling as it may damage the slats and rims. Consider hiring a professional help if you must move the bed around.

As with everything else, it is always good to explore your options before you decide to buy a platform bed frame. Whether buying at a store or off an online retailer, ask for questions, clear your doubts, read reviews and be educated about the advantages and disadvantages. If you know what you are looking for and decide to invest in a platform bed frame, it can be unrivaled regarding support and stability.