Best Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed – Give your tiny tots a safe and comfortable bed

minnie mouse toddler bed
minnie mouse toddler bed

The tiny tots are often the joy of your life. When kids are toddlers, you do everything that you can to make their lives comfortable and safe. The bed rooms that you redesign for your toddlers typically have designs and décor that make it more appealing and kid friendly. The same goes for the beds. The bed you choose for your toddlers need to be safe, sturdy, comfortable and interesting in appeal to make it enjoyable for the kids. The most adorable beds are those that will prevent your toddlers from rolling off the bed, that offer the perfect support and that have the most pleasing colors. Here is an unbiased review of five of the best toddler beds in the market.

Top 4 Best Minnie Mouse Toddler Beds on the Market Today

Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed

This bed comes with high safety features that include two guardrails. The construction of the bed is of high quality materials. You get a sturdy steel frame supported by superior quality plastic. The appeal factor is enhanced with the 3D design at the foot of the bed. The size of this bed is standard, which means that you can opt for any standard size toddler mattress or crib to go with this. The dimensions of the bed measures 53.94”L x 29.13”W x 26.18”H, and the assembly of the bed is pretty simple. It does not require specialist assistance for putting it together.

This bed meets the most crucial aspect – the safety standards. Your toddlers need to sleep on beds that conform to high standards and this bed is JPMA certified as laid down by the CPSC & AST. The graphics on the bed are bound to make this more attractive to your kids. Kids love the feel and looks of cartoon characters and the manufacturer has pulled out al the stops to make this bed loaded with favorite cartoon characters. The 3D accent at the foot of the bed makes this even more interesting.

The safety features, such as the guardrail and the top quality materials give you peace of mind while the tiny tots sleep in peace. This is an important aspect, as is not only the weight of the occupant that matters but also the possible actions on the bed. Kids love to jump or stand on the bed and the best bed is on that will support actions with sturdy design. The height of the bed is also important as your toddler needs to get onto the bed without any assistance and get off it with falling. The low height of this model makes suitable for tiny tots.

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Room Set

This is a complete set of furniture that you can set up in your toddler’s room. This 6 piece set comprises a toddler bed, one bookcase, one side table, storage bins apart from a set of sheets. The best part about this toddler furniture set is the fact that it is themed – this makes it more appealing to toddlers who are bound to love the concept of having their favourite characters on all the furniture. The set is suitable for toddlers upto the age of 15 months and the beds can support total weight of 50 lbs. The dimensions of the bed are standard – 30.25”W x 26.25”H x 56.25”L and you can choose standard mattresses to go with the bed. This bed covers all the safety aspects admirably – the height of the bed, the restraining side boards and the quality of the material. The bed is made from durable material that makes it extremely stable and sturdy. The height of the bed is low enough to permit your kids to get on and off it safely without the risk of falling off – you will find that the kids can place their feet on the floor form the beds. The bed comes with restraining sideboards, which means that the toddlers will not roll off the bed during sleep.

As the bed comes as part of a set of six pieces, you will find the additional pieces interesting and useful. For instance, the side table has four shelves that and comes with an open cubby space where you can easily fit in a storage bin. The tabletop is artfully designed and you can place books and little cups for ease of access. The bedding set comprising sheets and pillowcase are reversible in design, offering greater convenience. The storage bins are utilitarian and can be folded and stowed away when not in use. The design is novel, and the foldable fabric handles make it extra convenient to carry little objects safely.

Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

This toddler bed from the same manufacturer is another model that comes with an appealing set of features, in addition to the standard features. For instance, the safety aspect is fully covered with the attachable guardrails . Similarly, the high quality construction boasts of superior materials, ensuring that you will receive a sturdy bed. The difference is in the design. The soft hues and the subtle detailing makes this elegant and gives your tiny tots absolute bliss. This bed is ideal for toddlers up to the age of 15 months and will easily accommodate 50 lbs of weight. The dimensions measure 53.94″L x 29.13″W x 26.18″H and you will find it easy to put this together without having to call a specialist for assembly. The model conforms to the highest standards of safety when it comes to kids beds furniture, that is, the CPSC and ASTM standards, with JPMA certification.

The headboard sports designs that make the bed more appealing to the kids, in addition to giving you an eye catching appeal. The height of the bed is thoughtful and lets your toddler clamber onto the bed comfortably and without any problems. You need not have apprehensions of the tiny tots falling off the bed or injuring themselves as the height is just perfect. The dimensions are just right and you can easily match the bed with a standard mattress. The designs and the comfort levels makes this the ultimate piece of furniture that you can give your toddlers. You can also opt for matching pieces of furniture like a theme to spruce up the interiors of your bedroom. The colors are carefully chosen to make it soft and gentle on the eyes, in shades that your kids will love, at first glance and every time they get on or off the bed.

Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

This model, made from durable wood is another toddler bed from the same specialist manufacturer of toddler beds featured here. This model has additional features that make it alluring and more functional. For instance, you can actually jot down a checklist on the footboard of the bed and use that every night to see if you have done everything. For instance, you can check if the tiny tot has been taken to the washroom, if oral hygiene actions have been completed or if the little one needs some medication. You can actually wipe off the checklist easily and make a fresh one whenever you want. This and other additional features makes this toddler bed pretty useful and appealing.

This is suitable for kids up to the age of 15 months and will support weights upto 50 lbs like standard toddler beds. The durable wood finish adds to the appeal of the bed with adorable artwork that will let children live out their dreams. The cartoon characters and the 3D detailing at the footboard makes this the ultimate design. Another cool feature of this bed is the interactive clock that actually makes learning more interesting. Your tiny tots will find it easier to understand all about reading and calling out the time. The designs are kid friendly, which mean that the toddlers will not fall off the bed as the side boards will keep them fully safe. Ascent and descent is also totally safe – the low height of the beds give you complete peace of mind about the kids getting off the bed when you are not around. This wood model toddler bed comes with an interesting set of features that makes this unique – the interactive features, wood, side boards, and cartoon character detailing in the right shades. This bed can be matched with furniture of similar color or designs to make a themed bedroom.

When you choose a toddler bed, bear in mind to look at these features – the safety, the dimensions, the durability and the appeal. All the aspects are equally important and cannot be overlooked. Safety is paramount. Look at the material that is used in the construction, look at the guard rails and the height of the bed. Dimensions are important considering the size of the toddlers and the size of standard mattresses. This is also important considering the age group of the toddlers who are likely to use the beds. The appeal of the beds are equally important as it is necessary to create a fun atmosphere for the kids with the right kind of artwork and detailing.